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  1. Hi all SixDegrees is now recruiting new and old members that will be playing on the EU Servers. The guild itself is a new guild and we will be based on the calpheon server, we will be a PvX guild so there is something for everyone that joins the guil. SixDegrees won't just be a guild it will be a place that you can call home and be apart of a family within the black desert coomunity, We will be a casual guild, the only thing i will ask from our members is that they will be able to put one night a week aside for doing guild activities to help progress the guild. So feel free to drop me a message if you are interested in joining the guild
  2. are you both ready for black desert sorry i havent really been here as just been busy with some personal things but anyway hope you both are well and if you want you can add me on xbox at ritchie1205 6dg
  3. kajiru

    Disappointed but not surprised

    Reason inam going to try find time and stream the 3 games as i know the community for streaming the divisipn 2 will be massive so it aint going to be good for someone trying to build a following, i know anthem will have a massive following also on twitch so probs black desert will probs be the best chance to start building a presence with on twitch
  4. kajiru

    Disappointed but not surprised

    See i agree i cannot pass up on bdx either thats why i just went with the standard edition because most of my xmas money has went on anthem and the division 2 and i had £30 left so that went to bdx. So now i will just habe to find the time to play and stream all 3 games hahaha
  5. kajiru

    Disappointed but not surprised

    See i am happy and gutted at the same time myself. I am happy that we can finally preorder this game and that we finally have a release date so we can holidays booked and what not, but i am gutted because i feel like they could have picked a better date to actually release the game instead of inbetween anthem releasing and the division 2 releasing. Dont get me wrong aswell as having anthem and the division 2 preordered i have also preordered black desert aswell as i have waited so long for this game to come to xbox so now i will need to find the time to try grind and try to stay up to date with gear and everything else and i know its going to be really hard
  6. hi sorry that is me just getting your message on this post as been really busy with tryin to get things sorted for christmas welcome to SixDegrees
  7. kajiru

    Keeping xbox running 24x7

    @lancia12 no one is saying be logged into your account on both xbox's at the same time.
  8. kajiru

    Enforcement strikes

    its hardly pearl abyss's fault for microsoft being cunts
  9. kajiru

    @[CM] Simon Helpp

    I agree its never a good sign when companies are really quiet with information. You think they would be giving as much information to get the community hyped for the game coming out on xbox. So yeah go enjoy yourself with your friends are the movies as you can watch live streams on twitch and videos on youtube to get the information you want on classes and that any time u want
  10. kajiru

    What will be available at the start?

    Well the na and eu regions on pc had tamer and valkyrie when it was released so thats why i thought we would have had them at release on xbox
  11. kajiru

    Loyalty system

    I was just wondering will black desert on xbox have the loyalty system that black desert has on pc or will there be no loyalty system for black desert on xbox
  12. kajiru

    What will be available at the start?

    Actually tamer and valkyrie werent brought into the game with the mediah update as they were in the game when it was released so i is kind of gutting to find out we will only bee getting the 6 classes at launch instead of the 8 classes that were at launch on pc
  13. kajiru

    What will be available at the start?

    That's **** i honestly thought they would have gave us the same things pc had at launch and that was the 6 classes we had in beta with addition to tamer and valkyrie and a bigger map
  14. kajiru

    Keeping xbox running 24x7

    Lol i have played black desert on pc and didnt spend any money on it and still had an amazing experience so i dnt know where you got this load of crap from
  15. kajiru

    Another Open Letter

    I think people are just wanting to know if they are still on track for a 2018 release so we can all be at ease because they havent really been forth coming in regards to information. Dont get me wrong i understand that the community managers hands are tied with how much and what kindnof informstion that they can gvie out due to the nda that they would have been made to sign
  16. kajiru

    Open Letter to Pearl Abyss

    See i agree that having they have been very quiet with regards to giving the community information and mibi they have a reason to why they have been quiet but i also understand giving the community updates on if they are on course to making the time frame they gave us wouldnt be a bad thing as it would put alot of us at ease that have been waiting for this game since they announced itnfor xbox See i hope that they do keep to their time frame and release this year as in my opinion if they decide to release the game in the first 3 months of next year then they will have a lot of competition from the likes of resident evil 2 remake and kingdom hearts in january then anthem in february and then the division 2 in march. So there will be some big games they will be going up against and personally i would love to get the game this year so i can play it before anthem and the division 2 comes out
  17. kajiru

    Everyones goals for BDX?

    My goal is to just fish everyday and become the number 1 fisherman in bdo
  18. kajiru


    Will there be na and eu servers or will everyone that plays the game on xbox all be on the same servers
  19. Like the post says everyone is more than welcome doesnt matter what kind of experience you have we are all here to have fun and learn together but as long as your willing to put one night a week aside to help with guild stuff then i dont see a problem and i would be more than happy to welcome you to Sixdegrees
  20. kajiru

    Have I found the price?

    Surely PA wouldnt screw over a whole community just to make a few extra quid specially when they gave pc players 3 bundles to choose from. I suspect they will give the xbox community the same choice on bundles with the same prices if they can
  21. kajiru

    Guild emblems on xbox

    Does anyone know if we will be able to import images to use as our guild emblem or will we have to just use the generic ones that are in the game
  22. kajiru

    Guesstimate for the price of BDX

    I bought the game for $20 back when it was first released
  23. kajiru

    @[CM] Simon Date

    Why dont you just release the game the way it is as i am sure the playerbase wont mind playing the game while your making changes and sorting it
  24. kajiru

    Enforcement strikes

    is streamed the game the first day the open beta was released without any problems but then went to stream the next day and twitch wouldnt allow me to stream it from my xbox but i havent had any emails from microsoft or that
  25. kajiru

    Welcome to the Black Desert forums!

    i have a question regarding the game will we have all of the same features as black desert on pc has or will there be a few features that we wont get for example we we be getting the auto-looping system on xbox