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  1. To add to this: when I got home from work and attempted to log into Black Desert I was met with this error message you see in the attachments. "Disconnected from Black Desert servers. Please try again." Alright, sure. I tried again. Same thing. I thought, I guess I'll wait the 15 minutes and try a different server. I tried that and yet again I am met with the same exact issue. Foolishly, I waited yet another 15 minutes to try a 3rd server only to get the same exact message. So I have wasted over 45 minutes just banging my head against a brick wall here. So, I am at a loss. My xbox is definitely connected to the internet. I can get to the server select screen. I can get to the character select screen. But once I try to connect my character, it just hangs for about 15 seconds and then *poof* I'm back on the title screen with the aforementioned error message. If need be, I can provide video of the entire loop I'm stuck in here.
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