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  1. That's exactly how. Hold right thumbstick to get the camera distance you want, then go into photo mode to hide ui. Then use xbox screenshot.
  2. I'm sure a lot of you spent some time making your character. Post some screenshots! Here's my Vampire based DK
  3. Ahh, I've only done the one Mediah one. Must be bugged then.
  4. I rolled ranger knowing it's awakening it completely different style. I just hoped new classes came out before awakening so I can change to a different class, and they did! Hurray
  5. I see that now. Has all the quests I was looking for. Makes me wonder if it has to do with the Mediah crossroads quest. Siding with the one side blocks off this chain maybe?
  6. I've been trying for this quest for quite some time and haven't gotten a single helpful answer. Most people just say oh you gotta do the quest line, but that's all they say. I am assuming it's just bugged and can't be done on xbox currently. Since I have done the coop version off Illezra's Threat but can't proc the normal one. Some of the pre quests don't actually exist and some are renamed. So could be an oversight and it wasn't added, or it's a bug is my guess.
  7. Grunil or heve is best right now.
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