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  1. Der_Gottkanzler

    Might sell xbox one

  2. Der_Gottkanzler


    amazing page! nice work. good luck guys`n girls!
  3. Der_Gottkanzler

    Keeping xbox running 24x7

    good question, a few times I asked myself "why in hell Im still checking this forum from time to time?" ... perhaps Im just curious how and when BDO will finally release. And otherwise there are still many unanswered questions like this topic here. for me it would be pain in the ass to run my xbox(es) afk to lvl. its not good for the equipment and not good for my electricity bill. in other words, its stupid and sometimes stress. "We must got" ... "Nooooo wait, I need to travel to xyz to afk lvl blabla, I cant turn my console off like in all other games" cause this would be a disadvantage. If there would be a solution for this, this could be a good point to play the game (for one or the other) ... it could make up another negativ point. For me as example, the 6 class release is still unbelievable. maybe most ppl are ok with that, I dont. Still a good solution for the afk lvling could erase the class problem. And second thing why Im still here, even if I dont plan to play BDO actually... some cool ppl are active here and I like to read what they say.
  4. Der_Gottkanzler

    What are you playing till BDO comes out

    ah well, I installed the beta but I didnt got any further than character creation. looked good but Im still disappointed about the classes. also I have bought to many games at black friday and game pass time. 😅 playing RDR2, World of Tanks (polish tanks coming soon), PUBG, Immortal Unchained and tomorrow Thronebreaker too. So Im not hyped for BDO at the moment. I think you will start directly on release? if BDO comes... in february/march?
  5. Der_Gottkanzler

    What are you playing till BDO comes out

    Yes Sir. From time to time. Whats up?
  6. Der_Gottkanzler

    Anyone on EU downloading?

    losing or not losing... dunno, Its like the whole time. communication s*cks. it could be told before beta... hey ppl download only at US Store... or only US/NA bla bla bla. take it easy as I do... play RDR2 and all the other great games and forget about BDO. 😉 only comes to forum to kill time. few cool ppl here. after announcing the amazing 6 class release the hype is gone.
  7. Der_Gottkanzler

    User of the month! (Poll)

    nothing more to say... vote ppl
  8. dont forget the ones like me... day one user, got sick of waiting and epic 6 class fail, not really active anymore... only reading from time to time. have a nice day
  9. Der_Gottkanzler

    The Need for this product.

    true story. nothing more to say.
  10. Der_Gottkanzler


    February, 5 - 2019 ... its nailed!
  11. Der_Gottkanzler

    Launch Classes

    thats the spiral of doom. thx PA for releasing the game with amazing 6 classes. I cant describe the fun a lot of ppl will have, while playing a class hundreds of hours they dont want, until the other classes are released. it will be awesome! Im sorry, but now I need to saddle my Unicorn to ride to work. ❤️ u all
  12. Der_Gottkanzler

    Dev notes #37: game cancelled

    insulting??? da faq! where?
  13. Der_Gottkanzler

    Saved Progress In Beta?

    In Lineage 2 the Beta Players/Characters wasnt deleted. ... that was the best beta of all time. It was not free to play a very long time. For me beta`s are only a buying decision help. I dont like to spend a lot of hours if my progress get deleted.
  14. Der_Gottkanzler

    Add a new class to launch

    well its pointless, I want to play Striker, so it should be Striker. But that will not happen. its more realistic that ppl which want to play striker, have to wait more than a year after release.
  15. Der_Gottkanzler

    Keyboard compatibility?

    I would never play with mouse+key on my couch. that would be console gaming ad absurdum.