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  1. I let the guild officers know when to expect you, try to stay on the Bal 3 server (our home server).
  2. Yes! We have several members who have been preparing the materials and workers for crafting the Epheria boats, myself included. We also have some members working on their hunting life skill to try out the Blue Whale hunting, which is already available in the game. Please keep in mind, the Epheria boats will take a long time to craft even with multiple workers, so we probably won't be able to go sea monster hunting for a little while after the release, unless PA anticipates this and releases the boats a few weeks before the sea monsters. Let us know if you still want to join, we would be glad to have you. As an update, @Pallen0304 & @Apophis joined and we are still accepting more active players.
  3. Newbs are welcome, I let the officers know, NightimeComet should be in touch with you soon, if not already. Try to stay on the Bal 3 server (our home server). If you aren't on now, no worries, let us know when you can get on.
  4. I'll let the officers know to send you both an invite, try to stay on Bal 3. If you aren't on now, no worries, let us know when you can get on.
  5. Rok_Klimer

    Node War Time Alternatives

    I agree with the OP, there obviously isn't a single time that everyone is available, so there shouldn't be a single time for this huge game feature. I agree there should be a few different schedules available. I think they shouldn't go too crazy though, times that are way outside normal hours might be exploitable.
  6. Who in their right mind would take issue with a reduction of predatory monetization practices? (Obvious answer: someone who isn't in their right mind.) If you would, would you also take issue with reducing crime, sickness, poverty or war? If yes, congratulations the world is full of your favorite things. The ideal in not achievable, it is an ever moving target we must constantly strive for. There is always room for improvement, I am simply suggesting we attempt to make some improvements to this game that we all enjoy. It is our responsibility to voice our protest to the publishers and developers of this game by speaking out and by refusing to spend money on things that we feel are predatory. We speak loudest with out wallets, just in case, we should probably speak with our words as well.
  7. That is a great question actually. The answer is because changing to less predatory monetization practices may improve customer satisfaction and retention which translates to a higher potential revenue ceiling per customer and more money in the long term. As these big gaming companies try to build lucrative business models they seem to often forget about building sustainable business models. We are seeing a shift in the industry, these highly predatory practices that have made companies a lot of money in the short term are not sustainable and if those companies want to survive and thrive they will need to adapt.
  8. Black Desert has apparently made over $1 Billion in sales in around 4 years. I think its safe to say they can afford to relax some of the horrifically predatory monetization practices they employ. (But we all know they won't) For example, let us buy character slots with Loyalties... please. Here is one of many articles reporting the story, enjoy: https://variety.com/2019/gaming/news/black-desert-reaches-1-billion-in-gross-sales-1203184579/
  9. Hey, this sounds like my kind of guild, doing stuff, but not doing too much or making demands. GT: rok klimer I have a 56 witch, 55 musa, my lahn, striker & DK are at 45, rest are around 15ish. I like life skilling, and I'm trying to get prepared to hammer out an Epheria boat when they release. I'm also preparing for when the CP turn ins release. Have 4 pets, one is a hedgehog. Would love to run boss scrolls and help with guild quests when I can. (Have a full time job M-F)
  10. Rok_Klimer

    No added character slots?

    The one character slot reward for 200 hours on a single character is one of the time based rewards. You can scroll through the full list all the way to the 5000 accumulated hours (pet) and 10000 accumulated hours rewards, there are no other character slots as rewards for time played or any other progression based rewards. (1st thing I checked after loyalty section when the new classes were released) It is possible they could offer character slots as rewards in the future, however, it is equally possible they will not. Thus this statement washes out, it doesn't sway the argument in either direction. Regardless of what might be offered at some undetermined and unconfirmed future time, the reality is there is only one way to get max character slots currently and that is to pay for them. Since many of you are struggling with this, here is another colorful story to help: You go to a 5 star restaurant and order the $150 seven course meal that everyone says is the best food you will ever eat. The waiter brings you out the first course, the salad. Its the most beautiful and delicious salad you have ever eaten. You eat some of the salad, but restrain yourself so that you don't fill up, after all, there are 6 more courses coming. The waiter takes the salad away and shortly returns with the check for the full $150. You explain to the waiter that you were only served the salad, there must be some mistake, you should have 6 more courses coming. The waiter explains that you can only get one course per visit and you will have to return to get the other courses, or, if you want more than one course now, you can pay $45 extra for each additional course you want today. No one would accept the above scenario, we shouldn't accept the character slots situation.
  11. Rok_Klimer

    No added character slots?

    I never said they should gift the character slots to us... If you think buying character slots is OK, then by all means, buy them. If my argument gains traction and the devs add an alternate method for obtaining character slots, this will only benefit you when more classes are released. Why would you oppose something that could only benefit you? I am also not greedy, nor am I cheap, I bought the game, spent some money on pets, and plan to spend some money on certain things from the Cash shop. As for suggesting that you cannot like all classes or play all classes, I disagree with that as well, I currently have all 7 of my characters located throughout the map, each has a specialized purpose and most have life skills, not to mention their energy pools which I never let reach 100%. I am literally using 100% of the 7 characters I currently have, why should I have to either destroy FOUR of those seven characters, losing all their progress, or pay to have access to the full game's content? Anyone who doesn't agree with us, please, recognize that you only stand to benefit from us pushing back on the devs, if we fail, nothing changes for you, if we succeed, then you have more options to choose from in the future, including the option you are currently satisfied with.
  12. Rok_Klimer

    No added character slots?

    You must have missed the part where I did the math for you and showed the issue was not about $3, but actually $30-60, and more specifically you didn't read the primary point which is that they promised they wouldn't do this and are already doing it. Allow me to make this really simple for you with a quick story... You go to a Lamborghini dealership, you have worked really hard in life and are finally in the big leagues, its time to enjoy it. You see your favorite Lambo is available at an unbelievable price, so you ask a million questions to ensure you are not going to get tricked somehow. The salesmen answers all your questions, so you pick out your favorite Lambo, fill out all the paperwork and eventually the salesmen hands you a set of keys. You walk out to your Lambo and hop in, you flip the switch, press the button and the engine screams to life, you are ecstatic. You drive towards the dealership exit and take a right out onto the street, you put your right foot down hard and in the blink of an eye you are at a red traffic light. You flip your left turn signal on and when the light turns green start to turn the wheel only to find it will not turn left. You try everything you can then decide to pull off the road into a small driveway on the right.The wheel will not turn left past 12:00. You decide to turn around and head back to the dealership right away, you attempt to put the car in reverse... it won't go into reverse. You try to engage the parking break, but it also will not work. You call the salesmen who tells you if you want all those features of the car at the same time, you will need to pay more, otherwise, you can turn the car off, then apply the parking brake, or turn left, but you cannot have the car running and turn left or apply the parking break at the same time. He gives you similarly odd instructions to use reverse. The salesmen then assures you that you were sold a complete Lamborghini and all of its features are available to you... In the above story the salesmen promised you over and over, you were getting the whole package for that price... no one would accept the above scenario, we shouldn't accept the character slots situation.
  13. Rok_Klimer

    No added character slots?

    No, you do not have full access, at most you have 70% access to the full game's content at any one time without paying, while if you pay, you can have up to 100% access. Please do not defend this with the argument that you can delete a class to create a new class from scratch, that is not a valid argument. If you could change an existing character to another class easily with no additional cost, that might be a valid counter argument. Suggesting players commit hundreds(thousands eventually) of hours into developing and leveling a character in an RPG then just delete it to start over with a new class... that is not a valid argument.
  14. Rok_Klimer

    No added character slots?

    I agree with the OP, locking the new characters behind a pay wall is unacceptable. They pulled the discounted loyalty character slots on PC late in the game and it still upset everyone, I suspect they thought they could start without it with this player base and we wouldn't know any better... wrong! Here is my problem with it, they have been bragging since before launch that they would never charge for future updates or content, but this is a contradiction to those promises. If you want to play all of this games content now, which has 4 new classes, you have to pay. I'll describe it another way, this game now has 10 classes, a player can play 7 of those, if said player wants to play all 10, they have no other choice but to pay... which equates to locking content behind a pay wall. Pets (arguably the most required pearl items) are not even locked behind this tight of a pay wall, they have been giving them out, and you can buy them in the Central Market. The best solution would be to offer the character slots via loyalties and pearls, this way they player could choose between saving up their loyalties or buying with pearls for immediate convenience. Additionally they could allow character slots to be sold on the Central Market, or add another 3 as reasonably achievable rewards in game. Here is an example, level up any new class to 55 and get a character slot as a reward. This would allow players to earn the 7th slot for the 200 hour reward, make a new class, level to 55, make another new class and repeat. If the player doesn't want to go through that or spend loyalties or spend silver, or they want the slots right away, they can buy them with Pearls. There are 17 classes on PC, if we have to buy 10 more character slots it will cost each of us at least $30 more if we buy them on sale, or up to $60 more if we buy them for full price... $30-60 to be able to play all the classes is unacceptable. This is the same as locking the new classes behind paid expansions, there is no difference from the player's perspective. They are breaking a promise they have made to players who bought their product based, in part, on those promises, we should not stand for this and demand it be corrected. If we allow this, whats next, the desert expansion comes out but you have to buy a desert access item for pearls to go there... we need to put a stop to this right now. @[CM]Shirna CM Simon/Shirna actually joked about locking content behind pay walls during Stream #7, saying they would never do it, yet here we are.
  15. I'm glad I'm not the only person this happened to. This will be my third time linking my account, hopefully they can see at least one of them and toss me a free pet. If you are reading this post thinking, "I'm set, I know I already linked my account," you might want to double or triple check...