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  1. AbyssProxy

    I'd like to join your guild...but

    Yea ya got a point on that one. Didnt think about that hahah
  2. AbyssProxy

    I'd like to join your guild...but

    Sunstar why don't you just make your own guild for new players and people that just want a friend circle and company? If your online alot you'd be the perfect person to manage your own dream guild.
  3. AbyssProxy

    Boss wep.

    You must be a detective
  4. AbyssProxy

    Swimming bug

    I got board and swam out to sea for 2 hours strait. Found an underwater cave and decided to swim into it. I hit my air limit on holding my breath and the character floated to the top of the underwater cave then hit the cealing of it and just kept glitch repeating the drowning animation. I could swim a little in between the animation but my health never went down any and I never died from drowning. Took me another 30 mins to swim outa that cave while glitching.
  5. AbyssProxy

    Boss wep.

    Think ur over thinking things lol. Why would they give everyone a +15 wep on launch? Would take the "fresh start" idea and throw it away lol