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    Oh thanks! I’ll give that a try now!
  2. Arriadne Illenial


    The only issues I’ve run into, aside from the lag spike, is no option to turn the chat off - Im not a fan of cluttered UI, and that after level 30 quest tracking stopped appearing under the mini map, but this was probably on purpose. 💁🏽‍♀️
  3. Arriadne Illenial

    Beta Recap

    The beta was a blast. Can’t wait for the full release. Keep up the great work guys.
  4. Arriadne Illenial

    A paid founders pack

    Depending on what is included, I could get on board with this.
  5. Arriadne Illenial

    One last suggestion ^_^

    It sounds like even if it's not implemented formally, an individual could offer payment-for-support to entice players that might be willing to do so. *shrug*.
  6. Arriadne Illenial

    Please allow chat box settings to enable hide and minimize

    I agree that the chat log should be hide-able in some fashion. However, I do wonder if requiring voice chat to be "on" by default when a headset is detected would cause many conflicts with the Xbox Live party chat feature. I know many players that prefer to use that over a specific games' chat features.
  7. Arriadne Illenial

    Black Desert When

    I would be alright with that, as well. Do we have any idea what time frame "coming soon" encompasses, btw?
  8. Arriadne Illenial

    Please turn down the volume on the Penguin pet. Or add an option to mute it

    There was a penguin? O.O