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  1. It's the opposite. All of your alts share your total available energy but each alt uses its own energy independently. CP is what is shared between all characters.
  2. GTA 5 was released mere months before the xbox one came out so of course the already had plans to port it. The new xbox is only speculated at this point so it is highly unlikely that microsoft has informed developers of the specs because that is how leaks happen. GTA 5 had to be ported to work on xbox one because its client side game. BDX has dedicated servers so it won't matter what version of the xbox console you have, as long as you have the same microsoft account you can log into your game. If you don't understand this i can try to dumb it down for you even further. I actually answered the question in this thread in the first(unedited) post yet you chose to bring up a completely unrelated game from a different time period that adds nothing to the discussion. Do a little research on microsofts plan for future consoles and you will see how actually retarded this thread is. I'm kinda glad that you've been watching me though, much love to my fans.
  3. So you are willing to admit that you’re wrong now?
  4. The point that you are very clearly missing is that gta v uses peer to peer for the online portion where bdx will have dedicated servers. Think about that for a minute then get back to me.
  5. Fortune


    You create a useless topic to spam and now you want to take the high road? Lol By the way you could have just set an alarm to wake up at 4am rather than stay up for it but logic is hard.
  6. GTA is not a MMO and thus a horrible analogy for this scenario.
  7. Fortune


    NA is obviously a bigger market which is why they opened an office in Cali and not anywhere in EU. If you want to be catered too then play one of those great MMO's developed by european companies. The stream time was published well in advance so if you missed it just watch it on youtube once its released. If it was that pressing to you then you should have stayed up for it. Roadmap is coming, you should've have lost the war.
  8. If they are backwards compatible(likely) then most likely it will transfer as your account is linked to your microsoft account, not a particular console. However this question cannot be answered accurately until we know more about the next generation of console gaming.
  9. This boi out here spreading misinformation. You should probably make sure that you know what you're talking about before you try to "help" someone else.
  10. Please link where you found out that character transfers have been confirmed.
  11. All things confirmed in another thread, justify it however you want though
  12. If you have something that you’d like to say to me please use your words.
  13. Insulting other people isn’t going to get you want you want. Please calm down.
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