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  1. My issue has been resolved, I did extra quests before hand as a precaution to make 200% sure I didn't miss anything and it allowed me to "redo" the quest I needed to make the pure crystals. Sorry for the false alarm and thank you for your time.
  2. Platform: Xbox one Gamertag: GrimReaper6352 For a long time now, this issue I have had has not resolved it self as I have hoped. I have completed the quest "Materials for Skills" from Vatudun. (All 4 quests in fact from Vatudun) My current Gather level is Professional 7 and my current Processing level is Professional 9. When I attempt to craft said "Pure Zinc Crystal" I am instead informed of "It is not working at all" as I have attempted to use more than 3 Zinc Ingot and more than 2 Metal Solvent. I have also enabled all Quest Types to ensure I have completed said needed quests and do not need to repeat. This problem still occurs with know solution. Please help me understand why this is still a problem...
  3. I'm just saying Ark survival evolved was like that to start with on console before Unofficial PC Season was implemented. People had to buy another Xbox one in order to run thier own server, ratio at the time was $300-500 so hell no
  4. I'm not paying $100s just for another console in order to play a game on a main console that's just ignorant
  5. Recruiting for preparation to succeed.

  6. I am the current leader of The Nation the platform we perform on is the Xbox one currently when the official game is released. My gamertag is GrimReaper3652 if you'r interested to be notorious for something greater. Kids below 16 will not be accepted in due to immaturity and lacking the desire to succeed.
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