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  1. Jacs

    Extra Servers

    ... What do bodies mean?
  2. Jacs

    Adventurer Survey

    Well the rewards are shite, could care less about them. I just hope they listen to mine and others suggestions, particularly the ones I made an extensive bullet point list of. Dont even get me started on the lack of tutorials lol.
  3. Jacs

    Extra Servers

    There isn't 3 channels per server on the EU? I was under the impression the population only slightly favored NA.
  4. Jacs

    Game is laggy and buggy

    If they invent exactly that, theyd never need to make another video game. Every dev would pay to use this system in large scale games.
  5. Jacs

    Operational Policy - Change

    It's only a few dollar difference at a straight conversion rate. But they should be better value anyways. So add a couple more dollars. Still, not much, but I try to speak with my wallet.
  6. Jacs

    Operational Policy - Change

    Most likely I have a ban pending for buy 10 1000 pearl packs over the 10,000 pearl pack lol Whatever reason,they dont know how to translate to Canadian currency, the smallest pack is the best value. Which is a bit stupid, as you should be getting a better deal the more expensive the pack. Par the course for USD shop and just about every games cash shop.
  7. Jacs

    Game is laggy and buggy

    This would mean loading screens. Which tells me it will never be a thing.
  8. Jacs

    Operational Policy - Change

    I would think it should be a partial if not full refund. I'm thinking it probably means absolutely nothing if you refuse. Maybe they slap you with a ban for lulz.
  9. Jacs

    Game is laggy and buggy

    They are over crowded now. Give it a couple weeks it will even out. It is the combination of the Valencia update and game pass release so close together that we are having these issues. They won't release new servers until they have hard evidence even after the player count drops off showing that we still need it.
  10. Jacs

    Authentication failed error.

    Yes I found I was able to log in still. It's very hit or miss mind you. Must have come along with the Valencia update I imagine.
  11. Jacs

    Afk on Xbox

    There has to be an issue with the setting within your xbox. Mine is set to never to turn off, I believe that's the only setting you need. I afk all night and all day at work with no issues. I start fishing, processing / whatever, pull my batteries so my pets don't knudge it. Never fails. Do you have it on a power save mode by any chance? If thats a thing
  12. Came home from work to see this error, "Notice Authentication failed. If you recieved a refund for an item bought through the Ms store, try repurchasing the item" I have never asked, wanted, or recieved a refund. I've submitted a ticket, but this could take days to weeks for a copy paste and closed reply. Any one else have this issue? Cleared save data, reinstalled the game. Still the same.
  13. There is something to be said to this. This is how I personally feel. When your gear outclasses everyone so not much skill is involved, it takes away all the enjoyment of winning an encounter. But there are many who enjoy the opposite, of just steam rolling with one to two attacks and onto the next. I still would love to have seen the majority of classes rolled out before we got tet/pens. It will be very tough to compete with a class released later down the road for people who don't have all the time in the world to rush to 60+.
  14. Inevitable with their track record. If it was just Tet at this point. It'd be easier to live with. Granted there will only be a handful of people with pen weapons. But you will notice them in node wars. I feel awakening and more classes rather then Tet/Pen would have been a wiser choice.
  15. Jacs

    Screw Valencia! :(

    He's a streamer if I recall correctly. First week he took all proceeds from his stream and put it all in the cash shop. Made him a force to be reckoned with day 1. Think it was something like $10k