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  1. 0 repercussions, "working as intentended " even if it isn't.
  2. Confirmation? From my bit of playtime. I thought I had noticed an increase in xp per hour when Bell's were active. Small sample size and mixed pvp interactions mind you.
  3. Jacs

    BEC_001/190 authentication failed

    Did you recieve a refund the first time from Microsoft? If you did most likely your error code is that of a ban. Submit a ticket on the website with the info. They'll tell you what it's for and how to be reinstated. Make sure to clarify your user errors with the purchase. They should unban if this is the case. Don't be surprised if they try and make you fork up for purchase that was refunded.
  4. Jacs

    Tamer when? Pve server when?

    Is it possible for you to create any other threads not involving PvE server requests and asking when classes are coming? All of that info is there, or not. You are privy to the same info all of us on here have. It goes without saying we know nothing more about future classes then what they have last stated in either a live stream or in an update. All readily available for you with just a few clicks.
  5. Jacs

    Cross Platform Idea

    If memory serves correct, the main reason was because MS would not allow you to play the game without subbing for xbox live, and then the game sub on top. While Sony had allowed their users to play without Plus, just the in game sub. The devs did not want to force their player base into paying 2 monthly subs.
  6. Jacs

    PC v. Xbox shai level rewards

    Im fine with this, not being forced to power level a Shai. Can play with her at the pace I want.
  7. The man himself Phil Spencer also eludes to this frequently. There's many interviews where he gets asked about cross play. He believes you should be able to play together regardless of the system. "Blue box or Green box" comes to memory from one of his recent interviews from e3. We'll get there as a whole at some point. A staggered release certainly hurts the cause in the case of BDO on console. But who knows, if numbers get to a low enough threshold on both consoles later down the road. It's a possibility, with a vocal desire from both parties.
  8. Jacs

    Server Removal

    Marketed as a MMORPG, pvp is damn near a given in this genre. If you can't understand this,skyrim and the witcher are still good games.
  9. Jacs

    What is the best class for pure PVE?

  10. Yes i've never failed an attempt in the manner you describe . Only times I have done so is when I try to far from the waters edge. When you do this, does it just keep auto casting and failing repeatedly? Or are you continuously trying yourself? I was not aware that failing a cast used durability. Try different rods? Different server? Another character? There is another thread with a similiar issue. Maybe the most recent update is causing a bug.
  11. Jacs

    Cannot fish

    Daniel listed a few good resolutions, hopefully. Mind you, deleting local saved game data will erase any bindings you have for the ring menu settings. I try to avoid this like the plague. Switching servers may be a fix as well.
  12. I just stand on the dock right near the banker. Never had any issues fishing there.
  13. Jacs

    Any Asian region player here?

    Trying to get over both your name and profile pic. Genuinely cringe. Anyway, @Bnews757 I believe plays in Korea, haven't heard him mention the game being unplayable.
  14. I understand the reason why people prefer monitors. But, xbox is a console, the vast majority play on tvs. There is only a few monitors that support hdr from my recollection. At those price tags you may as well get yourself a LG OLED. I play on a Vizio P series myself, it looks fantastic, has great color depth, and in game mode has a very reasonable response time. Although I do have a gaming monitor as a second screen right beside my recliner. Still, the tv is my primary, and the monitor is used mostly for active AFK duties when I'm watching shows/movies on the big screen.
  15. Jacs

    Remove PVP! No one wants it.

    As I'm sure your aware, you have been banned a couple times from what you said. Once you create an account and start ticking off the agreements in regards to the EULA. You are waiving your right to free speech basically. Not saying that having an opinion on PvP is "cancer" is against that. But calling people "special eds", That certainly falls under their harassment terms. No clamoring about freedom of speech is gonna change that.