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  1. I actually agree with you on this. How do I put this, it's to be expected?.. From a certain point of view. They are playing catch up to xbox. Its easier to catch up if your deadline stops moving forward... There's a part of me that thinks the poll for more content or optimization is fixed. They can claim they are working on "optimization". While they put most people to work on PS, and then claim they are working on performance updates for those on Xbox. No reason why we shouldn't have more of the smaller content,rankings, alchemy stones, caphras Ect.. Maybe they are holding those back for "future" updates. Like the BS wagon one we just got.
  2. So you're telling me theres a chance!
  3. They are more simple in their nature, but some look pretty nice if you aren't going for something super flashy
  4. Not end game boss gear, as they all look pretty terrible. I'd suggest for the op to go Google and find a site that has pictures of all the paid and crafted outfits.
  5. Yes... Are you serious in your thinking that they will make this change for you? From my experience most if not all classes have some sort of clippingt issues with some items or another. If we are being serious. can I has cape on my shudad outfit even when weapons are holstered? I mean other classes do. Its just some work the mesh underlay. .
  6. Welcome to video games, where items clip Highly likely it clips even without it being maxed. Worth checking out for yourself, if you have value pack, you have unlimited changes in the beauty tab.
  7. He's not... One it first launched he said he sold all his games and ps4 to get an Xbox to play bdo on. His posts on this topic and his previous ones do not line up.
  8. You dream big on the compensation, won't fault you for that . If they give out anything, most likely come in the form of a t6.
  9. The controller glitch used to happen to me every time when I turned it back on. Usually I'd have to pull a battery and connect for a second time and it would work. I don't know if it's just from the last update, but it has stopped happening to me. I turn on my controller, press a at just a regular looking gameplay screen, then the controller is disconnected screen pops up, hit a again a and it's back to normal.
  10. Reason behind doing so would be the benefit of the great value the price has per dollar spent. Especially with it being on sale. I pre ordered the ultimate, then bought the Ultimate again a couple months back when it was on sale. The two ultimates are technically 2 different products from the store, which allowed me to do so. Not sure if the newer ultimate pack will be treated the same, as they have only changed a couple of the rewards included. Mostly from one cosmetic to another. As far as your shudad goes, unless they release as some other limited time event. You won't be able to get it back. As it was a preorder bonus only.
  11. All it my took for me to figure out how different it was when I was watching a video of a warrior doing something like 16 key hits in a matter of seconds to make the warrior move incredibly fast. I tried on console, what he did is not possible on a console. It becomes so much more convoluted. Sure maybe some people can pull off these ridiculous combos with handfuls of animation cancels. But it's very taxing using a controller.
  12. I'd say mobility as a whole is tougher then on pc. Although I'm sure some classes are effected more so then others. I hear berserkers take a pretty good hit. I'd love to be able to rank them. But I have neither the experience on pc with all of our classes nor have I played all the classes extensively on console.
  13. How to improve performance. Cheapest, get an external ssd, helps a bunch with pop ins. Next would be to get a One X. That aside, this game is heavily taxing, even so on top end pcs. But, there could definitely be more done to optimize the game.
  14. 0 repercussions, "working as intentended " even if it isn't.
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