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  1. Jacs

    First....Warrior gang

    My experience with PvP across multiple titles. Unless your going against the top 1%. Just about every class has a fighting chance against the others. Unless the game is designed with classes countering other classes. Which in my opinion is shitty game design when it comes to PvP. I know nothing of BDO, but this doesn't seem to be the case. Classes rise and fall with every patch. It looks like warriors have been "bottom tier" for a while, so hopefully they're due for some more love outside the recent patch that just dropped. Maybe I should have checked out other classes in the beta, but I enjoyed the warrior. I just about always play warrior types, not gonna change now. If zerkers weren't hunched over and so damn ugly I'd give them a shot. Who knows, maybe at my own impediment I'll decide that I can't effectively grind endgame and will role over to wizard. As long as I can do it half decently, I'll stick with the class.
  2. Jacs

    First....Warrior gang

    I've always been the type that enjoys the clunky and clankiness of plated armor. Even at the expense of dps output. Something about that masculinity...
  3. Jacs

    First....Warrior gang

    Seems we're a rare breed. That's fine, it'll make us that more exceptional when we stand out.
  4. Jacs

    Classes available at launch?

    Works awesome for those on the west coast. Get off work at 4 pm, and the game will be ready to go. Hope they allow pre downloads a couple days ahead so I can hop right in.
  5. Jacs

    Keeping xbox running 24x7

    Fair enough, I like to read quite a bit. To me that's really only a minute or so. I find it hard to construe a thoughtful opinion in short form.
  6. Jacs

    Keeping xbox running 24x7

    Hate to bump an old thread, but I feel I have some valid input as this may be an issue down the pipeline. My day one xbox finally packed it in. Primarily used as a Netflix machine in my bedroom. Often left running for days on end as I slumber off and leave it running all day when I'm out at work. Honestly not that surprised, my negligence caused this. I can cope with it. Now the issue is, running Netflix is light duty compared to what BDX is gonna throw at it. Keep in mind, I live a rather mild weathered British Columbia, and is located in a basement. Temperatures typically around 16 - 18 Celcius/60-64 Fahrenheit . This is about as good case scenario as you could have. Honestly, I think having a One X would handle this much better. I would have split the time actively playing on my One X, while afk one the launch console. This would give each a good break and share the load. So maybe it's just luck would have it and it was just a rare case of hardware failure. Still, this game has afk activities as a primary focus and a draw to many players. I've personally always enjoyed passive incomes, frequently taking advantage of them in a game such as assassins creed. Now admittedly I am a console gamer these days. So my experience with games embracing afk duties wholeheartedly is limited, I know many pc games embrace this. I'm very excited to see this on a console game, but we need assurances. I'd like to see some study or evidence testing from PA or a trusted source run the gambit with this. Is it going to be safe? If so, I'd like to see some hard facts concluding so. If not, what can be done to fix this? I'd think getting a low power similiar to pc's is off the table(I believe it's run in tray at very minimal computing cost). I'm not sure at all on this, love for someone to share if they had more info. What I don't think would be that much trouble, give us a low res low detail mode. 720p with many settings dialed back. Im not sure if or how this mode could be taken advantage of competitively, but it could be useful in large scale activities. I myself would be willing to test this and potentially burn another console if no one else is going to champion this. I'm certainly not qualified in this field, but we need some light shed on this topic. Xbox is fairly tough to afk as it stands, typically rubber banding is needed in many cases. With AFK a feature, id like to see PA adress this in some fashion. They can't just leave it as is. If they do, least they can do is let us know its been tested, and everything is fine.
  7. Jacs

    Keeping xbox running 24x7

    That may not be the issue for everyone. My biggest concern is hardware failure. I would hate to hear that my house burned down and/or killed the upstairs tenants. Chances of that are not likely, but there is always a chance, if not me someone else maybe.
  8. Jacs

    Important Xbox One X question!

    I don't see the huge debate on this. MS has been so clear on this lol. The One X can tell resolution your tv is. Now what they didn't do, was allow game devs access to these tools. So it will always output all the graphical fidelity of the 4k image and super samples it down. Still going to be using all the same power as if it was doing 4k,but will be outputting 1080p. As the Xbox knows what signal it can and can't use.
  9. Jacs

    Everyones goals for BDX?

    Well that's awesome but that's not quite gonna match the style I'm shooting for on my warrior. Pegasus though, gonna be looking real regal
  10. Jacs

    End of Beta Survey

    Mhmmm mhmm GTA 5... check. Q1 2019. Yes I believe BDX will not push out to Q2. I wholly expect them to capitalize on the Christmas cash. Lots of great games coming out early 2019. Now sure BDX is unique in its own right and shooter people won't care. But console players are gamers with a variety of taste. If word of mouth is out that there is some incredible game out there, as well as BDX. That's not totally beneficial. Launch when there's a dry spell of releases. Many streamers (which can have a fairly major impact on sales early on) will be show casing this game giving away free press. Most of it will be good, the only downfalls to this game come much much later on. So you won't be getting a ton of negativity off the bat regarding that. You don't want a crowded launch window of you can avoid it. Personally if this game came out around Anthems release, I'd be taking some for that. BDX will most likely be my mainstay, like destiny and ESO have been. I still play many other games though. Sidebar, I clearly can't read German(?) but you can read English, so yeah my reply really isn't in a direct response as to what you say.
  11. Jacs

    Everyones goals for BDX?

    When we get it... I want to be the first on Glish to get Pegasus. If I end up doing that, everything else will be well in hand.
  12. Jacs

    Enforcement strikes

    Yeah we got duped. "Share your photos of the fireworks everyone! Wireless charger for the winner". Lol Were such suckers
  13. Jacs

    End of Beta Survey

    Well that didn't have anything to do with what your quoting. I disagree though with what you did say. Now it certainly isn't true for every game, but I seem to recall that games sell more on pc then a console. MMOs almost certainly have more, and more of them to boot as well. Id think with play anywhere titles or first party MS, they may sell more on consoles. Im not entirely sure I don't have figures to back any of this up. I'd think there's a vast amount of pcs out there, more then both consoles together. Games these days can run on damn near any pc.
  14. Jacs


    Yeah a central placement could work. Or do east/west and just let us know where it's located. Any half decent game does this if they have server selections.
  15. Jacs

    Beta Recap

    Player trading should not have a place in BDO. First off, it breaks the auction house. People will be spamming zone chat selling items for a higher price then what you can list in the AH, or lower depending on the circumstance. This also will lead directly to bots. True, bots aren't as prevalent on consoles then pc, but they certainly exist. Bots have existed on console ESO for a long time. Any time there is a thriving game with player trading, cash for gold and bot farming will always exist. Im completely fine with the way the system is.