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  1. Most likely I have a ban pending for buy 10 1000 pearl packs over the 10,000 pearl pack lol Whatever reason,they dont know how to translate to Canadian currency, the smallest pack is the best value. Which is a bit stupid, as you should be getting a better deal the more expensive the pack. Par the course for USD shop and just about every games cash shop.
  2. This would mean loading screens. Which tells me it will never be a thing.
  3. I would think it should be a partial if not full refund. I'm thinking it probably means absolutely nothing if you refuse. Maybe they slap you with a ban for lulz.
  4. They are over crowded now. Give it a couple weeks it will even out. It is the combination of the Valencia update and game pass release so close together that we are having these issues. They won't release new servers until they have hard evidence even after the player count drops off showing that we still need it.
  5. Yes I found I was able to log in still. It's very hit or miss mind you. Must have come along with the Valencia update I imagine.
  6. There has to be an issue with the setting within your xbox. Mine is set to never to turn off, I believe that's the only setting you need. I afk all night and all day at work with no issues. I start fishing, processing / whatever, pull my batteries so my pets don't knudge it. Never fails. Do you have it on a power save mode by any chance? If thats a thing
  7. Came home from work to see this error, "Notice Authentication failed. If you recieved a refund for an item bought through the Ms store, try repurchasing the item" I have never asked, wanted, or recieved a refund. I've submitted a ticket, but this could take days to weeks for a copy paste and closed reply. Any one else have this issue? Cleared save data, reinstalled the game. Still the same.
  8. There is something to be said to this. This is how I personally feel. When your gear outclasses everyone so not much skill is involved, it takes away all the enjoyment of winning an encounter. But there are many who enjoy the opposite, of just steam rolling with one to two attacks and onto the next. I still would love to have seen the majority of classes rolled out before we got tet/pens. It will be very tough to compete with a class released later down the road for people who don't have all the time in the world to rush to 60+.
  9. Inevitable with their track record. If it was just Tet at this point. It'd be easier to live with. Granted there will only be a handful of people with pen weapons. But you will notice them in node wars. I feel awakening and more classes rather then Tet/Pen would have been a wiser choice.
  10. He's a streamer if I recall correctly. First week he took all proceeds from his stream and put it all in the cash shop. Made him a force to be reckoned with day 1. Think it was something like $10k
  11. Having similiar issues. Noticed lots of lag spikes, mostly when I'm in combat.
  12. Yeah that's why I think we got it. It's just a race to your wallet. When all the new players see guilds only recruiting 500+soon and how they get smacked around easily. They'll quit or pony up to continue on.
  13. That's how I feel. I don't have a ridiculous amount of silver sitting around. So it is worth my time to melt costumes for cron stones. Even then, not like I have hundreds of Hards or shards. Nor do I just buy buy buy until I have em all upgraded. I spend either 50-100 each paycheck. That hasn't really gotten me anything more then just tri gear and a few QoL purchases.
  14. I'd like to see the communities opinion on this. It's out in the wild now, no going back. I'm a bit of a mix bag myself on this. We will need the higher AP for the new content this will do that, for some. That much is understood. I feel like we would have been better off with awakenings to do this. They claim to want to do things to help new players. Are we past this point now? I'll most likely be able to get Tet piece(s) out of my tri gear that I have by the weekend. Are most of the newer players at this point as well? After reading server chat, people seem pretty divided. Is it further widening the gap from vets-new players? I personally agree upon that. Yes there are many players who are non pc vets who are ready for Tet+ gear. I just feel like awakenings would have been the first to roll out. Pen gear in first three months? Seems a little fast.
  15. This was pretty common more so at launch. Been a while since I've heard anyone having issues launching the game. Try clearing your local saved data? You shouldn't really have any though at this point mind you. Also, don't know if this is a thing,maybe you tried to install during a maintenance update? Check in your games tab if there is any updates you need to install.
  16. There are some fair points here. Ill break it down to this. Yes there will be players who will delete your before you even know what's going on. It won't happen much though. Grind at places suitable for your gear score. You'll find most players will be around the same GS as you. Just about all the good players are at pirates/sausans,so they won't be at many of the intermediate spots to bother you. Mind you, anywhere with blue accessories dropping. You will find the super high GS players. Just have to find the suitable spots for you, and you can find competitive pvp fun. That all being said, after this event with all the free shards/hards. You should be able have at least all pri gear. Not everyone is rolling full boss gear tri. There are many players around your level, but, many above. A quick litmus test that takes a moment, if your feeling a little hesitant. If someone is encroaching on your grind spot, take a second or two to see how fast he's clearing mobs. If it's similiar to yours, flag up and enjoy. Don't expect tyour gonna win em all. But the best way to get better is to simply keep throwing yourself at pvp situations.
  17. Tell me about yourself.. What qualities do you have for them to want to want to offer their friendship. Assuming you find the right one that may have the answer to your question of course. Which we do not know. I hear theres an app for this sorta thing.
  18. Haven't played pc, but with enough alts with high energy, there is a very good chance you roll one, from my understanding. Now, if you have none, your odds go up for a piece you need, if your looking for a specific one, well that could take substantial time.
  19. Well id think with your timeline, you should have made it in time for the process to take place. I'm not sure exactly how they do it. They may have a cut off date where if you aren't X amount of days in before the maintenence, you will get pushed to the next one. Either way submit a ticket. Only way you MIGHT figure out what happened. Most likely you get a copy paste response from them
  20. This is the world we live in I agree, I can ignore the trash when it comes around. It doesn't bother me. What does bother me is you can see the potential of the community. You see it get burried by irrelevant garbage being spewed by some players. If you've played other mmos, you may know how pleasant and mature channels can be. Now im all for competive smack talk amongst guilds and pvpers. Maybe what we need is more selections for chat. A pvp/competive one. General chat(it's current semi lewd state), another for those posing questions or those willing to share their knowledge, and anything else the community feels we need. This is nothing new. I feel like this is a better solution. Swinging the ban hammer is just a band aid, one which you will consistently apply over and over again.
  21. The only way I could see it playing out in a manageable way. Is if allowed Xbox players the chance to play on pc servers,and not the other way around. This way you could test yourself against the best if you figure your that elite. This will never happen though. Market place, unless they put a restriction on us so we couldn't use their CM. Or take part in their events. There would be way to many caveats if we did it this way. Simply put it will never happen. Although, years down the road, if the next gen systems are given more graphical options and we can put out higher fps and the devs enable keyboard and mouse. Id watch a tourney of Xbox vs PC. Still I think we'd be outclassed HARD
  22. Even the best player would get smoked on xbox. Someone rocking some pen gear, lvl 63/64 on pc, we wouldnt stand a chance.
  23. Hells no. People with 4 years on us? Fps to 240? Mouse and key board? That's one way to instantly kill xbox player base
  24. Accessory melting is an OK way to do it, I guess I just want to have my cake and eat it to. As for the golems, those are the elite ones? I wasn't aware you could gather on them. These are the same ones you can find at helms?
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