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  1. Yes you can do this to get S rank knowledge easily with Kzarka, among others. My understanding is they don't reward you with more energy gains past the initial collection.
  2. I don't believe you can. I have not looked mind you. Been slowly chipping away trying to 100% my knowledge. Geography/Ecology has been done for a while now. Everything else takes quite a bit of time. Was hoping there would be a few knowledge treasure troves to find
  3. Still, 6 each a month is not enough that you should bank on it. You can get that in 1-3 days easily gathering. Depending on your energy available on your characters, and if you are doing rbf for the energy replenishment. That being said, still wish there was other ways to get them. Why are they not on any loot table from mobs?
  4. While I agree the chat can get ugly at times. Do we really need another thread on this? There are two others always at the top of the page... But they don't have a poll I suppose...
  5. Beyond me as to how this game doesn't have the function any other game with text based chat has. The ability to highlight and view gamer profile. From there, we can block users using the systems MS already has set up. This isn't an end all fix mind you. Blocking one or two of the worst perps only sorta works. As you still end up seeing the responses of dozens that they incite from others, cool headed or not. Only having your guildies chat up. Well now I can only see what they have to say, and I can no longer have thoughtful conversation with the player base as a whole. This is a complex issue to deal with. Happy to see that a CM has said they are working on something. My two above ideas should already have been in place. This would have greatly reduced the frustration of the player base that are having issues. It appears to be quite clear that the CMs or GMs cant just go swinging around the ban hammer at will. Realistically thats understandable, they too need to be kept under control. Just hoping we start to see some updates that adress this sooner rather then later.
  6. Did that long ago, thanks for the suggestion anyways.
  7. Very fast way to quickly gain some knowledge. Ive found two areas with a good amount, one, the obvious library in Calpheon. The other at Elrics. Question I pose, are there any other areas like this out there where one can gain some easy knowledge? I tried looking already, nothing really in the form that would give the answer I seek.
  8. Best to prepare ahead of time before the market inflation. Im not to found of gathering logs. So ive been purchasing logs on and off for a while and have a hefty some now. I assume once the sailboat hits, those prices will jump in time and disappear from the CM for a week or so.
  9. What does one need to do to take advantage of fishing at this point? From my understanding it's not a very feasible income atm. Outside of leveling your profession, getting upgraded rods and lures. What can you do? To me fishing is really only the best way to get relic shards consistently right now
  10. Jacs

    Horse tiers

    I thought of this. But it's likely when they multiplier is on par with pc, we will have t5s in the wild. Just seems like a waste of time atm, I only have so much. It doesn't necessarily benefit my gs per say, but the money off a t5 is probably nice.
  11. Jacs

    Horse tiers

    It's post like these that have me holding off from doing any sort of breeding atm. Once we get the multiplier at pc level, I'll be all in.
  12. I totally agree with you on the CMs, I've only had great interactions with them. They are on the ball with the community and seemingly push a lot of our input on the devs. That being said, the ticket system is a complete joke. Im almost tempted to believe that they have some algorithm that scans key words and gives automated reply. Then they close them. Every time(3) times I've submitted a ticket I get what is most likely a copy paste response, that doesn't actually work as a response to input actually was. If it's not automated, highly unlikely that it is but damn, it's awefull. They must not be native English speaking persons. It's like there prerogative is only to close as many tickets as humanly possible in work hours. This support team is likely the worst one I've ever encountered. Sure I've seen my share of copy paste replies when it's a known issue and they are likely seeing tons of traffic in regards to the same topic. But, when I have a one off issue and their reply doesn't adress anything I actually reported. It makes me wonder. I hate to to say this for the CMs sake, but your better off trying to contact them with your issues.
  13. I'd think that most people don't ask is two things, it's a bit clunky to bring up the message box, and second, if someone has some weird offbeat name, like most people, hard to remember exactly how they spell it. What I may do if I can see it's a lowbie, I'll flag up and stand in front of him for a few seconds while he's clearing the last of my mobs, if he continues,hes gone.
  14. Passives as other mentioned. A warrior has Passives that adds +1 to range, melee, magic per skill point. I haven't tried all the classes, but it seems to be unique to the warrior at this point. While not being officially registered to his gear score it's still there, making him a bit tanker. Also they seem to be a have bit more health, not as much as a boost as zerker. That will also change the way you see hp % drop. Not sure of the actual number for damage taken. As I look at the general state of the hp bar in percentages.
  15. Unfortunately this is par for almost all mmos. It generates more cash then your typical 60$ expansion packs. Some aren't so egregious as others. Really teaches you how to maximize your time and effort put into the game which isn't a bad thing. It can make you a better gamer. But, someone with unlimited funds versus someone of equal "skill" with have a leg up. I can't necessarily compete with the top .1%. Where I chose to grind, I do just fine defending my spots. Just have to know where your niche is. With a lack of any hand holding, you really benefit from learning from the players with past experience. There will be bumps along the way, but the satisfaction of getting over them are quite rewarding. Especially if the cash shop offers a way to cut corners and you didn't have to take it.
  16. Well the game is $10. Thats about as low as an entry point you can get. So I'd expect a hefty cash shop to be included. Also when it comes to "console tax", yeah thats a thing MS has their cut as well. Now, I have 0 hard facts to go off of, I don't know how the money from purchases is split on pc between Kakao and PA. I'm going to ASSUME that if we have higher prices, it's to make up the difference. I'm assuming here that MS takes a larger cut and that PA has raised the prices so their income is matching theirs off of the PC. I have nothing to back this up of course. Also prices tend to be higher on a fresh launch, which we are. They could come down later on. They are a business after all, with a fresh start, the people that are going buy these items regardless of a few dollars difference. They intend to make more money off of. Do I support thi? s no, not entirely. But it's the world of video games that we live in these days. You don't need anything really from the cash shop. My shitty 4 tier 1 pets are doing OK enough. All which is get from participating from beta and the ultimate package. Which had a great value. My GS is just fine, I don't feel like I have to buy anything to get myself better. Artisan frags aside those are nice, but I'm holding out for loyalty rewards for those.
  17. Other then the beta reward and Skyhawk. Is there any free pets yet? I suppose the dog/cat at 5000 hours is free
  18. Jacs

    Horse tiers

    Yep they are possible. Just not worth going for it at this time in my opinion.
  19. A little contradictive? If you have no idea who he is, how could you know his post are "good constructive ones"?...
  20. Wont come in here and say just "git gud". But there is some truth to it. At first, I didn't know combos and really what the hell I was doing when it come to PvP. After getting some help from guildies and just practicing, never running away from encounters, even if im out geared. Just stand your ground and learn from every encounter. My most memorable encounter so far is when I was able to successfully able to defend my rotation from 2 players simultaneously multiple times. Remove that away, this just becomes any other RPG out there of grinding mobs. It burns at first stick with it and pvp is the best part of the game. Learning and not being good at a particular skill is tough to overcome at first. You need the fortitude to learn to deal with it and better yourself. This is something most people should learn as an adult. You can't just drop it and turn your back and complain if something doesn't go your way or you aren't good at it. Life lesson right there.
  21. A week ago id agree with you. I hardly seemed to get any drops from bottling water. I actually thought people were lying/misinformed. Until I managed to get one. Mind you, I was using 1000+ energy 2 days of a week. I was never getting them at a decent clip. Since this last patch I seem to average 1-2 shards/hard per 175 energy (my current amount) when using bottles. It seems they brought it in line with other gathering drops, as before I fealt personally they were a much lower percentage.
  22. Get your node lvl 5+, that helps quite a bit. I got a belt and another earing today as well, both within an hour and a half. Keep on grinding away. 3 hours no drop is a bit uncommon, but its rng. Depends on your pets and clear speed as well.
  23. Make a bunch of blue tanning knives, they are the cheapest. Use whatever worker has the best luck, and gather with the lucky tannin knife. You can sell the regular ones. Find an area with a high density of animals. People like Lynch Ranch. Its heavily contested though mind you. There are other spots with similar density. Id share, but you know how that goes. Like others said though, AFK would be to gather water. Make as many alts as you can, and use them as well. Mind you, you only get around 20 energy per day on an inactive alt. But its better then nothing.
  24. Deffinitely gonna give her a go. Thankfully my warriors gear will still be relavent on her. Will I main her? Will have to wait and see.
  25. While I agree their should be a couple times changed, still, these times are as fair for the east coasters as the first set was for west coasters. The priority should be one time a day that's fair for both est/pst. You should not be expecting to get every single one, as great as that would be. I work 8-4 like many people do. Throw in an hour commute which is pretty typical. I have days where I miss completely out. Doesn't really bother me. We got an extra spawn thrown in on the weekend as well.
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