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  1. You can buy Grunil real cheap in Altinova. Google amity game grunil armor. Park a few alts there. Pieces are <100k. Best way to get dozens of pieces easy.
  2. If you can manage one during each week day. That's all I was ever able manage so far.
  3. Well I can't see how they did. I work a Very typical 8-4. I can now make every single Kzarka boss. Edit Should mention im on the west coast. This might, not work to well for est people.
  4. If your xbox actually died from this, its a very serious issue both the devs and Microsoft should be aware of. Take a screen of the error if you come across it again. This sort of thing should not be happening. Im sure if you send it in for repair and tell them what happened they will give it a thorough diagnostic of why its died. The error I recieved I no longer get,and it was in regards to transferring items at the warehouse. I have heard of users with error pages popping up from the xbox itself telling it to close the app as its overowrking the system. That I have not seen and is very troublesome.
  5. I This is what I am thinking. It's not uncommon to see if I afk on my regular xbox one. Only 8gb of memory, and not even all of it. Havent seen it yet on my X where it has access to 12gb of memory. I would think it's a ram issue, and not disc space.
  6. Mine was buggy as hell when I did it. Someone else had managed to bug the two brothers into the pillars. They could attack you and you could not hurt them. They stayed there even on my last fight. So it was actually 5v3...but the two npcs I recruited didn't actually spawn in for the fight. On top of all that, I had someone waiting to gank me when I got below 50% health. It was quite frustrating. I died twice before I had some guildies waiting to deal with the griefer once he jumped in. Super annoying but made the reward that much sweeter.
  7. Thats up to you. No one will think any different of you if your 4 grunil, or 2/2. Do you want that extra bit of Hp? Or 2 more ap?
  8. While I personally have no clue how it actually work. My daily payout is 180k. Just under 20k Contribution. Second contract with the guild. This one for 180 days. My payout is more then some players who have 4x contribution more then I. Not all, but some.
  9. Abyssal is at lvl 55 in altinova, at the arena there is an npc you can get the quest from. Asula rings and earrings you get from helms. Necklace from abandoned iron mine. https://bddatabase.net/us/ A great website for all your needs BDO. Type the item,quest,npc and it will give you all the info you need
  10. How high can it go? Not to sure, apparently it goes into the millions on pc. I know people with a half mil daily. I'm about half that. Im not sure how it's determined. Im sure it's related to your guild funds to what your max payout could potentially be. Then up your to leaders to determine what they actually want to pay the individual.
  11. Go 2 piece heve, and just one crunch a bunch of stones till 15. Shouldn't have to repair durability more then 3 times. It's not to expensive. Then get two piece Grunil. You can get it real cheap through the amity game. 80-100k depending on the piece. Bring alts there and use all their energy on getting the gear. Google Grunil armor vendor altinova guide. It will show you a near fool.proof way to get lots of gear real fast.
  12. Yeah ill be honest, never once been to the rewards page. Had a ton to collect.
  13. Jacs

    New update

    I had to struggle for 2 hours trying to log on. Got home from work, Kzarka down to 25% dcd, got back in after a few more fails to no loot. Took many attempts to actually get back in. 2 hours of trying.
  14. Glad to hear that. Even if it didn't, rewards have only been out a week or so if i recall correctly. Wouldnt have been a huge loss.
  15. Hmm possible. I'm thinking it's the same thing that I had missed with heating. Had to complete a quest where they required you to do it before I could actually do it. Back to Velia!
  16. Thanks for the help. Once I can actually log into the game. I'll take a look, and feel like a fool most likely.
  17. I see the reward page in the pearl shop. Is this in game yet. With the 19d+ of game time, I have yet to recieve a single point or 100. People are saying they are recieving them. Should I be opening a ticket with PA. Thanks for your input
  18. If I had only tried that numerous of times!
  19. Jacs

    Warrior PVP Tips

    Practice Practice practice, the only remedy to being a poor pvper. Itll take a while to get the flow of things, especially in regards to how all the classes manage you. Take the time now to figure it out while there is still time.
  20. Don't worry, I still can't even figure out how to dry fish to this day. Regardless if the sun is shining I can not do it. Must be some knowledge from a quest I need to gather. I have more pressing needs though. Maybe next toon I run ill stay a little longer in Velia.
  21. Yes I just found another post that listed all of the repeatable quests and how to get them.
  22. I had a similiar problem with a couple lifeskills. Had the levels just could not get a quest from ficy. Spent the better part of two nights to figure it out. Had to go back to Velia,and talk to the alchemist. He starts a chain of life skill quests. Did all these, came back to Heidel, and all was well.
  23. No but it does completely fix the fps. A band aid solution? Yeah probably. This isn't the fix that should be employed for node wara/sieges. But for boss fights? Totally acceptable in my books.
  24. Well appears we got just that,and I do say, it helped majorly with frame rates. Other then server issues the fight was very smooth. Very glad they introduced this.
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