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  1. Fight was over 5:13 on NA. As a warrior just under the recommended gear score I managed 3 seals, two 1mil gold bars, and an ancient magic crystal. of nature. Awefull fps aside, wasn't too bad. Not the loot I woulda liked but seems better then what most were reporting afterwards. Just sat behind his back spamming my rt + rs down combos mixed in with scars of dusk. All without any knowledge on Kzarka. Currently trying to get S rank to increase my chances on the drop table.
  2. When aren't the servers crowded?
  3. Just my original 3. German Shephard, chuggy dog, and the fogan. Although I'm most likely buying another one this weekend. To many drops in Mediah for my trio to handle.
  4. A little disappointed reading that's how dyes work. Realistically thats the lowest reason on my priority list to have a value pack for. This can't actually be making them much money. I haven't really seen a game do this. But I have not played every Mmo out there. It makes sense, everything seems to be "pay for convenience". My personal take of course. But that's why.
  5. A little disappointed reading that's how dyes work. Realistically thats the lowest reason on my priority list to have a value pack for. This can't actually be making them much money. I haven't really seen a game do this. But I have not played every Mmo out there. It makes sense, everything seems to be "pay for convenience".
  6. I'll have to check. But I recall being able to press y on your costume and on your helmet to hide the appearance. Never checked to see if you could do so for the body pieces
  7. So what your saying is they either manually remove OR delete your account and it's subsequent data when you get a refund. I was speaking hypothetically of course in what you quoted. I'm not some cheap sob who isnt willing to shell out $$ for a game I enjoy.
  8. Yeah im curious, does that mean you could have bought ultimate, get your items,get refund, purchase $10 version of game...
  9. I'm not to well versed in it. But there is. Many people said it's not worth it, as you have to be #1 in amity with that npc from what I understand. And over a certain amity threshold. Which from I hear is super high.
  10. No typo, but I deffinitely had an incomplete sentence lol
  11. Unlikely you can just pay the difference. It's seems the community ad a whole, has had no problems getting a refund from Microsoft for whatever reasons. Do that, and get the upgrade. Edit :I'm not sure though, you'd be double dipping on some exclusive content? Unless PA retroactively takes away the deluxe bonus stuff.
  12. Jacs

    World boss

    He won't. Bosses are not in this update.
  13. I think I've each npc may date only one person. And you need a pile of amity to be #1
  14. Just discovered we got LE Shudad. Guess if I clicked on the next notice I would have seen that earlier, or looked at my mail. The cape looks awesome. Just wish it was visible when weapons are sheathed on warrior. Clipping issues? Would like nice to see cape, sword and shield when running
  15. Hard to take someone's word for it I agree. I personally play 1080 even on my 4k. It has not ever made me feel like it was getting less of a game. If the OP wants to submit some high res photos with areas he believes he can see checkboard artifacts. Then I can believe him. People are quick to jump the gun. I get a laugh when people say 1080 is potato. Dropping res does not imply potato. Super low quality textures on the other hand...
  16. Have you finished all the main quest prior to Mediah
  17. Jacs


    I agree with 2 heve 2 grunil. At this stage early only, the majority of my guild has shared the same opinions on gear. But, if you had already purchased and upgraded some gear. Don't stress over it and break down. Sure there are more optimal sets to be using. Guildies have said at this point gear selection doesn't/won't matter that much to the majority of the populace. If you know better now, work on grunil, replace two pieces that you had before. Extra gear never hurt your boss alts. 😉
  18. You have it set as your residence yes?
  19. I always thought it was just a crapshoot and you were just picking at random hoping for the best. Rng like most of this game. Are you saying you'd able to see the level of interest on the wheel for each npc.
  20. I can totally understand the op's perspective in how everything has to be just right/perfect or it won't work. I have a family member who is very much the same way. @Fury091014 Do you have any experience with mmos previously. If you don't, I'd like to say that you can expect to make many mistakes like this. Unless you are ridiculously thorough in researching and prepping yourself for this game, which you may be. I'd say maybe stick away from this game. If you are heart set on playing this game, all the power to you. I hope you enjoy the game as much as I am. I'd suggest sticking away from text chat. Lt up, right stick to the right will disable it. Gives you a much clutter free game..
  21. If you haven't figured it out ill post this for any one who can't. Go into your quest log, hit rb, select the quest regarding about something to the east. Will take you to Calpheon to talk to one of the leaders.
  22. I'm at this point to. Dont trust the guy, wanted Sarma Anin quest. I accepted quest thinking the choice came after. So confused, as it still says in my quest log that I've "...reached a crossroad, go to Sarma Anin (tried in both altinova and tarif, nothing happening) or go back to Neruda shen upon listening what the black spirit had to say". Path takes me to the abandon mine to a nobody. Did I actually accept the quest for Neruda? And now I cant go back from It?
  23. Just before I head out the door, was hoping it already hit. I wanna process some things while I work
  24. Jacs


    Lol I have a but of a soft spot other warriors. If I see another warrior impeding my grind spots, but he's not part of a guild. I can share with my fellow warrior.
  25. Jacs


    To be honest, I expect red battlefield will headline this update. I don't think a week a half in, that we get Mediah. Seems to quick for me. Lots of people don't even know how to set up their worker empire. For people with zero experience, releasing a major content batch like Mediah would set them further, something I believe PA is trying to mitigate as much as possible, without leaving those at softcap without to much to do. But we will wait and see. I got 260 GS, I could use the Mediah update. We shall soon find out though.
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