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  1. x22

    Happy new year!

    Full game comes out in October. Jk. Happy new year
  2. x22

    Pre-Orders Start Jan 7th!

    Oh snap it actually happened
  3. Doesnt matter what they do your still going to buy the game
  4. x22

    Mmmmm Spam

    In a can, or on your plate?
  5. x22

    Official Pearl abyss Facebook page

    But is this going to get my Ex love back?
  6. x22

    Let's resign ourselves here.

    But then you cant license transfer with a friend and have twice the games
  7. x22

    Video game awards thursday

    bdx confirmed to release after half life 3
  8. x22

    D-pad + LT combo

    Most likely, but from what i know on Pc some abilities will do less damage if you hotkey them, but others have to be hotkeyed
  9. x22

    Everyones goals for BDX?

    Download the game and play the dk at launch.. Oh wait nvm
  10. x22

    Release date

    Thats why i think its going to be released early spring, with no ads or mention of a date and most of the staff if not all will be out during Christmas it only makes sense that they'll push the release date way back
  11. x22

    Loyalty system

    I could have sworn seeing some npc romance/dating maybe they wont add it on Xbox right away
  12. x22

    New possibility for release

    Nah, they'll release it fall next year
  13. Most likely it'll be the same classes as the beta
  14. x22

    Black Desert When

    If theres no news of release during the 3rd- 4th week that follows the beta then high chance there wont be a release this year
  15. x22

    Bdo forums

    Im just hoping simon lets us know a little early in "news and announcements"