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  1. x22


    The option isnt there only on my 1st toon
  2. x22


    How do i delete a character? I made a new character 2 days ago but the option to delete it isnt there
  3. x22

    Question: Why Can’t I Equip Clothes?

    Well if you read the item it says "casual clothes made for apprentice cooks"
  4. x22

    Show Us Your True Self Event!

    Thanks took 1hr and a fish suit
  5. x22

    Show Us Your True Self Event!

  6. Geez all i wanted was to know what i could with my friend
  7. Apart from the endless grinding/pvp what is there to do with friends?
  8. x22

    Roadmap of 1st Half 2019 Screenshot

    As long as lahn or dk comes out before any other class i'll be content and continue playing the game
  9. x22

    Your Last MMORPG?

  10. x22

    Life Skill Leader Medals

    Are there any perk for being number 1?
  11. x22

    Quick question

    Will the toon presets in the beauty album transfer to the full game?
  12. x22

    Shudad Outfit on tamer/valk

    Where can i view the outfit on different classes?
  13. x22

    Beta question

    Thanks for answering, guess theres no reason for me to play the beta
  14. x22

    Beta question

    Will progress or family names carry over?