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  1. x22

    Next update

    Honestly a good way to kill time is getting borderlands 3. its what some people r doing including me
  2. If it makes u feel better getting a boss weapon to tri can go about 50mil- 200mil it all depends on ur luck and if u fs correctly, even then you gotta be lucky, but tri is easy once u get used to the game. Anyways its better to buy from mp, and If u do the Bs quests u can get some items to help with gs
  3. Some time between this month and whenever
  4. I named mine T8 horse, does that count?
  5. Region: NA Shai Character Name: Yuki_Dream SNS Post Linkhttps://twitter.com/x22player22x/status/1141807502243377153
  6. Pvp is basically if you dont upgrade gear forget about it, after that 1v1s are going to be 1st to cc wins and node wars are interesting
  7. x22

    Sexism in MMORPGS

    Go play another game simple as that
  8. x22


    What guild is he in?
  9. First off dp doesnt matter in pvp if the other person has high ap, second you dont. Its going to get even more into a burst meta as the game goes on. first to cc wins
  10. They're pushing for June
  11. During the stream the GM's said both would spawn at the same time but looking at the patch notes they spawn at different times. Is this a mistake or did i miss something?
  12. They put in for the try hards, so they may feel like titans stepping on ants. Ive only seen 1 person get pen, completely forgot his name but he got it like 20mins after servers went up
  13. Nah fool you got to open up that wallet if you want that luxury
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