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  1. First you need to make/log in to an account on http://xbox.playblackdesert.com Then, under support, there should be an option to "Submit a Ticket". I'd put this issue under "account". They have yet to lift my suspension, so I'm just considering a full refund at this point.
  2. This error has basically shown up to everyone who refunded a version of the game, then bought another. It does not matter whether or not these were pre-orders, it seems. The Xbox GM's have more or less said that unless you buy the originally ordered version, you'll be unable to play the game. In this case, they'll want you to repurchase the deluxe edition. I put in three tickets on separate occasions about this, and this was the last one:
  3. After three days of waiting and showing them that I had not redeemed the deluxe edition like they claimed I did, GM more or less told me to spend an extra 50$ or shove off. What kind of shoddy damage control and issue service is this? Not only has Pearl Abyss failed to implement a system that allows for package upgrades, but they also punish players for the flawed system that they implemented in the first place, even if they player did not exploit the game in any way. Truly disappointing to think that I had high hopes for BDO on Xbox. Unless Pearl Abyss somehow fixes this, I'm getting my money back and leaving BDO behind me.
  4. Yeah, the exact same thing is happening to me, but I tried to upgrade the Deluxe Edition. The problem is, I haven't even touched the bundle included in the Deluxe Edition!
  5. I've had this error as well. I submitted a ticket, but I'm currently waiting for help. Man, that's too bad, I was really looking forward to making my Striker!
  6. Glad to see you got your own guild, Legion! Good luck out there, wherever y'all may be 😁
  7. It's up to you, honestly. When boss armor drops, go for whichever boss you want armor from the most.
  8. To those who are interested, House of Iron is still recruiting! If you send me a message while I'm online, I'll be on Balenos-2
  9. Alrighty, I'll add you two as soon as I get back online
  10. Sounds good! I'll add you on Xbox later tonight and I can invite you then.
  11. According to a Reddit post I found, days last for 200 minutes, while nights only last for about 45 minutes. In total, one full cycle lasts about 4 hours, each.
  12. It'll update, don't worry
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