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  1. I would like to see more added in the loyalty added in pearl shop. I feel the 400-500 dollars I've spent on the game is enough. Why not let me spend some of my loyalty points for worth while items. Similar to the PC's loyalty items. Starting to feel a little dirty. Games starting to treat me like one of my ex-girfriends. More Money Please! I'm giving more than receiving. Ooooh another mem frag. wooo hoo!!! Told a fellow gamer co-worker about the $50 dollar tent I have. He got a kick out that. Any feel like some virtual camping this weekend? BTW he got the vibe that I make a lil more $$$ than he does lol.
  2. completely agree. Bad move! I spent my energy on my alt and deleted. Now I was planning on buying full weight and inventory for him. Now i'm not sure if i'm gonna make him my main. Only leveling for the free stuff. Wouldn't be so bad if we could use loyalty points for character slots like pc. I haven't seen much worth buying in the loyalty shop period. Except when they had their loyalty shop event.
  3. They are thinking...... How can we milk them out of pearl shop items the most effective way? Duh Not that I don't fall for it. I'm out atleast $400-$500. So far. I love the game but I can see they try pretty hard to get our money. Sometimes I feel like damn I just spent money on pearls now I want this...ect.
  4. I like that idea Darth. Seeing how they don't allow pvp during boss times. Why not instance it and allow us to que for them. Once a day per boss.
  5. We need multiple way's to aquire boss loot. Maybe long tedious quest lines. I'd also like to see an instanced node war battle ground. A mini version of real node wars where you solo que and get a random team. I love node wars but attend them due to my work schedule.
  6. ya I wish they could cater to both east coast and west coast for event's/node wars. starting at 9pm for node wars is late. I wish I lived in pst. Seems almost all mmo's are pst based. think LOTRO was the only east coast based mmo company I know of.
  7. This times are terrible for est. 1st shifters. Went from being able to fight zarka everyday to only once or twice a week.
  8. http://www.somethinglovely.net/bdo/ very helpful site for pc....i'm assuming a lot is the same. Very overwhelming for new folks but it's a good site. some nodes on xbox are different and/or have nothing at all on them. but this still shows where the nodes are and maybe a hint of what is on the node.
  9. you can have it out with other pets....just can't have more than one penguin out at the same time. The PC penguin was a free pet. they wouldn't allow multiples of the same out. they later gave a dodo pet. which you could only have 1 dodo out at a time. I believe all paid cash shop pets can have multiples out at once.
  10. ty...they don't have to be in a residence now. it was on cooldown when I checked the ring menu....working now
  11. I clicked to use the storage maid and it disappeared. Nowhere to be found.
  12. Nothing is bound when you open. You will get a warning if you click to use asking if you're sure. You can put the pearl items in the storage warehouse to swap to the character you decide to use the character bound items on
  13. amity is used for the knowledge amity game....certain venders have items discounted if you do the amity game. also there are other hidden npcs amity games that provide buffs or sell certain items not listed. cosmetic....it uses pearl slots...you can equip it and still show you're regular armor if you like....it goes in you're pearl equip ment slots.....so you still have you're regular armor it's just a skin that gives buffs
  14. pretty much all pearl costumes give %10 skill/combat xp also -%10 death penalty and +%10 amity
  15. you will be fine. Personally have a X but friend of mine played with the S and didn't have any problems. Graphics just weren't as sharp. Couldn't tell much difference. But we didn't do node wars / world bosses. But I wouldn't run out and upgrade just yet if you already have an S
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