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  1. Then BDX looks a little laid-back. Just have a look to the PC version!
  2. Our guild plan to play on EU. I'm from Estonia, so NA seems should be laggy then. Otherwise, you can play on empty servers and all spots belong to you
  3. Mostly I prefer to increase trade & nodes. And I hope latest fishing changes come later to XBOX P.S. We are looking for PvE newcomers & BD pro farmers. Welcome to our community!
  4. You are welcome. Going to make some coin?
  5. Sure! We'll be waiting all you guys in the guild!
  6. We'll bring more details close to release date. Also just wondering. How many people there are interested in guild events and what kind of events do you prefer?
  7. Sure. But things related to PC (bot farms/gold selling) are far from Xbox environment as far as I know. @CM Valencia what do you think? Is it possible?
  8. Hi there! I'm Alan and I've been played in BDO on PC for 3 years. Me and my friends are playing ESO until BDO release. Can't wait to play with all of you. In BDO we plan to create cool PvE guild and play together. Glad to see such friendly community here!
  9. Black Desert Team! Do you plan any improvement of trade system? Between 2 players. Basically, more freedom for players. I'm looking forward but this question important for many PvE oriented players.
  10. Who we are Community of peaceful people who prefer to trade, grow plants, kill monsters and make some serious coin. We aren't interested in conflicts and have only one reason to fight - protect ourselves. What do we offer Our benefits are good enough for calm and purposeful players: PvE oriented guild perks Help, advice and social features at any time Fair guild salary Wherever you go a group of good guys No stupid scum Who we are looking for There are lot of guilds and you can choose any. So be wise: You don't need to conquer the world You really like money, perfect equipment and valuables You aren't interested in wasting time You are good in trading, grind, fishing and monster slaying
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