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  1. Personally i want to hit top 10 in any category, then top 10 in all/as many as possible. Then top 5, etc... more of a self serving goal than anything. Also i want to build a trade empire that lets me have leverage to play in the market That being said, i wouldn't be against watching people struggle against certain pieces of content or any other funny things you could catch newer players doing or to do yourself that the more veteran players could point me towards 😂 (Areas of interest work too)
  2. It was in between the pvp lords for me but i want to play maewha the most. I'm growing attached so i'll probably main Ranger regardless unless male Archer makes me switch but i won't even worried about that as he will probably come after everything else .
  3. You have no idea how much i appreciate this, this info is perfect. Straight to the point and let's me easily go more in depth if i just search up sections of what you wrote down. I severely underestimated the grind as i'm starting to feel it just reading up on upgrading, but this seems like it'll be some great fun Also with that tidbit on flipping i'm starting to see a very abusable trend 😋 Either way, thanks! This is almost priceless for me
  4. I'm kinda on the edge of that statement, because as it stands the failure to live up to the expectations of the hype they created and couldn't control just lost them a solid chunk of money and playerbase, both current and future. Even if they do recover, they've started a pretty big dumpster fire and people have been adding onto it ever since the announcement including ex-devs. Other than that i have no real opinion on the matter, and in all honesty, i hope this pushes more players into BDX when it releases. The more people we get, the more support the console version can get and the more populated the world and eco will be 😏
  5. Suuuuuuuuuper late. But i did have three nice little questions seeing as you have experience in server growth multiple times. 1. Any major advice for the next few patches other than what you've already wrote in the thread? Primarily the first 2, just so i have a general idea of what to expect as we get updates. Like should i have excess of any supply ready, a certain gear type/set for the new areas, or an alt of another class as mine may struggle that particular patch? (I'm going Archer) 2. Any more secrets or resources you could point me to read up on like the weapon selling for new classes in the market you are willing to share? 😉 Or any advice on being a merchant? I always enjoy that in games with a player economy, and would muchhh rather have my silver be invested to gaining more silver than sitting in a vault in some city across the map. I'm probably going to get a market maid to help this too. 3. If you know, what should a fully geared archer look like gear wise going full AP before any of the patches hit? This is more of a sort of goal after release. I hear a lot of people avoiding ogre rings and don't really understand why other than that they are tough and some saying low drop rate. But i'm fine with going for that as a last piece against the RNGods if that'll help max my potential DMG. (I should note i like glass cannon type builds, and would rather use kiting/dodging/iframes as defence) Edit: Appreciate the response ahead of time! I know i kind of have a LOT to ask here, so i apologize for that. But i'm going in without touching the game before and want to set up a guild for my buddies IRL, so it'd be nice being able to help them as they will be going in blind other than a few guides. I'm also a little competitive and love grinding-type games. This of course will extend to any newbs worse off than me i see struggling in the world if i'm able to help them.
  6. Like what Makeum said, i usually do that as well. Though there won't be much done with saving power that way. That being said, the xbox does have a sort of lower power mode, but i'm not sure if it'll be compatible with afk-ing in game. It's when you tap the power button to shut it off with power mode set to instant on. Essentially the xbox is on the entire time on minimal power and still maintains it's connection (like sleep on a pc, but with a connection). This lets the xbox update games, apps, and it's software while you have it "off" and actually keeps your last session on so you can pick up right where you left off. The only games this doesn't really work with are online games where afk-ing will cause you to timeout (destiny 2 is a good example), and even then it opens right up to the menu screen with the timeout message. Which makes me wonder if BDO would timeout as well, or just leave your character skilling since the game hasn't actually been exited, just minimized. But if anything i'll test if it works myself and reply back when the game releases to let you know if it works with instant on.
  7. Damn. Yeah just for an input buffer that's quite a bit of time when you get to the upper tiers of energy. Pretty sure you've noted it multiple times, but you are right. Most people don't realize the effect because it's a simple .74 second buffer to one action. But times that by however many times you'll have to do that for everyday tasks and you'll realize it REALLY bogs you down. Moreso if you don't have a pet or two too because now you'll also have to do it for loot from grinding. It'll probably be more prevalent to people as they hit higher levels. Then it might cause a little ruckus, but i'm hopeful it gets changed before that point. And while i'd heavily prefer a tap function because of how often it'll be used, changing the numbers with the buffer would work. Take the button buffer time out of each material's gather time. If a gather would take 3s on pc, make it take 2.26s + buffer time 0.74 for a total of 3s. This also wouldn't fix how much of a pain it'll be to manually loot, but i guess one could say pets would alleviate that. As well as that the main problem was how it affects gatherers. Overall, i like berkayselcuk's idea best with a twist. You could keep everything the way it is, and implement an option in the controller settings to change the tap/hold Y function to exactly as he explained earlier in this post. This lets those opposed to it enjoy the control scheme the way they've done so in the beta, and alleviates how it would harm gathering/looting for everyone else. We can have the Hold Y as the default layout, and have another one labeled "Gatherer" as a controller layout with that change. One could use it permanently, or simply take a half second to swap controller layouts before going to do their gathering runs or to loot more efficiently when grinding mobs. Also appreciate the numbers, definitely helps reinforce the point.
  8. A lot of people don't seem to understand, this is literally the only post that finally got me to create an account because of the multitude of people against this in favor of, this is console so it's fine. (Voted click btw, button doesn't matter) It's not about being comparatively better/worse/different/similar to the PC version or another MMO. I haven't played BDO ever and ended up missing the beta due to work. So this will be my first venture into this game and so i'm reading up and studying a lot of info. But if i know anything about mmo's over the years.. Any MMO with a player driven economy, the more harder/inefficient you make things to get, regardless of the means and methods the more expensive it will be in the long run for everyone. The end result of having a worse gathering rate will at minimum; Have Potential/Experienced gatherers forgo gathering in favor of methods that would grant them more silver consistently/faster simply due to efficiency. Due to this, there will be a lack of certain materials only available through gathering, as well as a surge in the price of those materials when in stock. (This can encourage constant hoarding and price manipulation if quantities are low enough). Because the potential gatherers will be doing other methods and competing to purchase the same stock that they would have originally been the suppliers for. Nontheless, not having played the game i can't crunch the numbers on materials players would need, profit per hour, etc. So i wouldn't know how severe it'll affect the economy. Maybe heavily, maybe slightly, but it'll have an effect. Maybe the eco balance will still be the same, but gatherer's prices will be raised to account for input time, that's what i'd do as a gatherer.
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