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  1. Voodoo77

    Valencia and Absolutes coming 8th of May

    well i'm maining a warrior so all my gear transfers directly to the valkyrie but i don't want to SP grind on a class i have no intention of sticking with. yet to keep up with pvp i need to get those skill points so my point is still valid. skill point grind Bro its for real lol.
  2. Voodoo77

    Valencia and Absolutes coming 8th of May

    LOOK I WANT CLASSES THAT'S MY MAIN CONCERN THERE IS A LOT OF PEOPLE WASTING TIME ON CHARACTERS THEY DON'T EVEN WANT TO PLAY. Sorry for caps. but would it not make sense to add the characters now then worry about awakining. people want to start working on the main characters they want not to be so far behind it stops anyone from playing a class.
  3. Voodoo77

    Valencia and Absolutes coming 8th of May

    Does anyone if there are any new classes coming out with Valencia 1 May 8. i waiting for my Valkyrie.
  4. if these are supposed to be NA times why do they screw 2 of the times zones in NA. east coast and central get boned and miss 75% of the boss spawns i think the original times were perfect if there was issue you should have added additional boss times, not ruined them completely for 2 time zones.
  5. Voodoo77

    Zharka New times?

    These Boss times are absolute trash. you literally cut about 30% of your players out of doing daily boss fights. instead of moving the boss fights to accommodate a few players you should have added more fights. anyone on eastern or central time is going to miss 80% of the fights now. on average i would miss 25% before the change. Monday, Wednesday and Fridays are the worse ones, no one is going to be attacking Kzarka at 10AM or 11:15PM on a work day. I really hope you fix this. seriously look into it you will find that the US is about 80% of your subscribers in NA. and you literally just made it so most of them cant attend. LOL
  6. Voodoo77

    Warrior or wizard

    this is honestly one of the few skill based MMO's
  7. Who Do the Voodoo like You do! Join it! live it! love it!......... Or i'll break out my little dolls with the pins.......
  8. Voodoo77

    Looking for guild to learn and grow with

    My GT is VoodooSamuraiX on Xbox get hold of me
  9. Voodoo77

    New possibility for release

    i'm guessing around Dec 14th you will get the announcement
  10. Looking for a knowledgeable guild to grow and learn the game with. will be coming with about 4 to 8 other players. I am an extremely active player so if your just a guild of casuals please don't bother responding. I have experience in large scale PvP MMO's such as Lineage II Warhammer online, Mortal online, Ark and other games. 80% of any game is who you play with.
  11. Voodoo77

    won't log in

    any idea when launch is i cant find any info on it anywhere. I played the last beta and I'm hooked
  12. Voodoo77

    End of Beta Survey

    Its a proven fact that most games which are released for console and PC sales are more for console. more people have access to a console than a gaming machine. Look it up there is tons of data on the web about it if you don't believe me.