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  1. So, if you haven't heard, the Ninja Awakening will be available for us on July 24th. Hopefully, there'll be a lot of level 55 ninjas by then!
  2. Ouch. I don't suppose anyone has any tips for a level 52 Sorceress to quickly reach to that level?
  3. As long as we're talking about Awakenings here, is the level requirement still at level 55?
  4. So my level 52 Sorceress still can't get the quest for my Dim Magical Armor. Do I have to do a certain quest line to unlock this quest? For example, I haven't started the "Many a Pickle Makes a Mickle" Quest line. Is completing that quest line a requirement to unlocking the Dim Magical Armor quest?
  5. So, anyone got any updates on this issue? Cause I really need the armor if I'm going through Mediah.
  6. Any luck on getting the Beta Reward now that the game's out?
  7. Also, is it true that 3 of the 4 classes are releasing at the same time?
  8. Well when you put it that way, yeah, I can totally justify playing her now. Though I still don't know if the lore of each class's awakening is tied to the actual character and not some other NPC version of their class.
  9. So I read the lore of the Lahn class and I have to say I'm bothered by the fact that the Lahn in the lore is a psychotic, innocent-killing villain and if the Lahn in the lore is the same one as the one you play, does that mean all along we've been playing as a villain? To be honest, I'm more into playing actual heroes in games and playing as someone that villainous does give me quite the guilt trip. Also, if they are the same person, does this mean all the class's Awakening lore characters are actually the playable characters?
  10. I was absolutely psyched for the Ninja class to be coming... then this showed up. Eh, at least the DK's coming soon. Also, isn't the Lahn (lore-wise) a psychopathic killer when you unlock her Awakening? I don't know if it counts for the Lahn we play as, but I really want to know before I think of trying her out.
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