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  1. I consider myself a bit too picky so i can not decide and "feel" a class. i like almost everything about dk: her attitude, idle animation, skill animations, costumes, face and body potential… but i dont know if i can manage her mana (i had a break and before that i had a big mana issue). i dont know if she is really powerful or just her big nukes seem to be so, since i never compared classes side by side. and on the other hand there's lahn. her attitude is good, her armors look good, eventhough she doesnt have a lot of costumes and she has an "asian" style (which i dont prefer i prefer "edgy" things like femme fatale dk). but i always loved chain blades (i also loved magic probably more than chain blades). at first when the game was in close beta i loved sorceress but then i learned that she was the hardest class so dk seemed similar to her with "edgy" spell caster style. when i played dk it felt slow (i saw musas running like speedy gonzales) her animations took too much time. (i even thought of playing a kunoichi but then she seemed hard for me and i couldnt get her to 56 or so to actually have a taste of her) i dont want to get bored when i play a class. im a visual person i care about visuals maybe more than 90% of players. so if i dont like the way i look, the animations, the way my character moves then i cant feel immersion; i feel distant. i also only play female characters to reflect myself. im playing this to have fun too so i want to feel satisfied when i use my skills or when i look at my character. i dont want anything too easy like "faceroll" but i cant press to many buttons and im not a fan of combos and such i prefer freedom (i never tried to follow a combo though) lahn seems fast and powerful eventhough i heard thag it takes time to kill with her whereas dk has burst dmg. i dont know if i would want to pvp but i dont think i can be successful in 1v1. but i dont want to die to people who wants to take the spot from me. actually i have been searching to find something to make me say "thats it! i have made my mind; this is the class that i will use to reflect myself into the game!" but since i havent i wanted to ask here not just dk or lahn but if you think i could like another class please let me know (really really sorry for the incredibly long post)
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