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  1. 58 429 GS sorc, and have several others at that gear score or higher (up to 460) looking to merc every Saturday and switch to different guild for nodes If interested Discord is Klue #8681
  2. 58 429 gs sorc looking to join for Saturday sieges, would switch to another guild during the week for nodes but would always make siege Have a few others interested in doing the same, all 420+ some are wizards Discord is Klue #8681
  3. Kzarkas move DC is too strong and is taking down to many people. Please nerf the move DC.
  4. NA ALL SERVERS Go to buy something and it gives the this area has already been explored message, this happens on workers and general products(sugar, mineral water, etc..) have lost two professional workers to this bug not allowing me to buy
  5. Klue

    Listing Bugs

    Pearl shop processing outfit does not work because you can’t select to process from storage while wearing it near the storage heidel houses not allowing access even tho it had allowed acces before and has all my stuff in it while in the inventory you will be pushed back up to the top while trying to scroll down or sideways Unable to attain Ficy quests/any life skill quests because the life skill quest option won’t stay active i have tried switching servers, turning xbox on and off, waiting a day to see if it fixes no luck, please fix these things NA all servers
  6. Has anyone figure out how to process from storage using the costume? I hope that they didn’t put something in the pearl shop for people to buy that does work
  7. Would love to join, playing Wizard and played PC Xbox: Kiue Disc: Klues#8681
  8. Klue

    Node War

    When is the Node War test? Was in the red battlefield event (60 people) and was pleasantly surprised at the minimal lag, however this is not on the level of node wars. At the end of the day everyone knows this games success or failure comes down to can it handle node wars.
  9. When will the old moon event go live so we can start really getting some black stones and how will node wars work during beta?
  10. Karma bombing is so dumb. Not only do you waste your time you waste the other players too. If you can’t kill the person challenging for spot and they clear faster, you aren’t making any money, making another spot (or the same spot on another channel) more effective. Conclusion: Don’t karma bomb
  11. Inferno and Daniel are very lucky they aren’t NA lol, y’all would get farmed in game til the game was unplayable outside of safe zone
  12. So far all I have seen is people either making fun of people wanting to be the highest growth, telling people that they should focus on other things, forming completely incoherent points, or talking about how toxic the community is. None of these things are reasons/benefits for a hard cap. If someone’s goal in playing is to be the highest growth then let them chase highest growth (which is not possible with a hard cap). No hard cap!
  13. This game loves shooting itself in the foot
  14. It honestly requires skill to mess up and fumble as many times as this game has.. hoping the game is better then the constant fumbling leading up to it
  15. I agree with this completely I won’t preorder til the last second, not spending the money just to get played... again regardless of when you get charged I want to make them sweat about player count so they market it hard
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