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  1. Would love to join, playing Wizard and played PC Xbox: Kiue Disc: Klues#8681
  2. Klue

    Node War

    When is the Node War test? Was in the red battlefield event (60 people) and was pleasantly surprised at the minimal lag, however this is not on the level of node wars. At the end of the day everyone knows this games success or failure comes down to can it handle node wars.
  3. When will the old moon event go live so we can start really getting some black stones and how will node wars work during beta?
  4. Klue

    Grinding Etiquette in BDO

    Karma bombing is so dumb. Not only do you waste your time you waste the other players too. If you can’t kill the person challenging for spot and they clear faster, you aren’t making any money, making another spot (or the same spot on another channel) more effective. Conclusion: Don’t karma bomb
  5. Inferno and Daniel are very lucky they aren’t NA lol, y’all would get farmed in game til the game was unplayable outside of safe zone
  6. So far all I have seen is people either making fun of people wanting to be the highest growth, telling people that they should focus on other things, forming completely incoherent points, or talking about how toxic the community is. None of these things are reasons/benefits for a hard cap. If someone’s goal in playing is to be the highest growth then let them chase highest growth (which is not possible with a hard cap). No hard cap!
  7. This game loves shooting itself in the foot
  8. Klue

    Disappointed but not surprised

    It honestly requires skill to mess up and fumble as many times as this game has.. hoping the game is better then the constant fumbling leading up to it
  9. Klue

    Start date is 1/3/2019

    I agree with this completely I won’t preorder til the last second, not spending the money just to get played... again regardless of when you get charged I want to make them sweat about player count so they market it hard
  10. Klue

    Start date is 1/3/2019

    This games ability to disappoint at every turn is actually impressive lol.. still happy that we got a release date
  11. What better way to thank the community for waiting then to make the release a long wait away.. lol happily disappointed
  12. Klue


    Arsha Arsha would be a great addition to BDX. Would keep the noobs with no info on BDX from getting slaughtered at grind spots by more seasoned players. And would be super fun for PvP in general.
  13. Klue


    Arsha I know it won’t happen by launch but maybe soon after. Anyone else really want an arsha sever?
  14. Klue

    Is it possible?

    If you notice on the PC version they are starting to put player caps on wars which could help this This is very interesting as the caps on players in wars is on the PC and renown was not on Xbox which is very interesting, also they could use 1v1 siege mechanics like what EU had However taking a year and a half to catch up to PC seems a little long
  15. Klue

    Is it possible?

    We first saw BDX at E3 on roughly June 11th. The projected release time was early 2018. As most regions launch with three start regions (ex. Calpheon) this means the devs thought they could be done (with three starter regions) by, at the latest, March. This gave them roughly 9 months to complete the 3 starter regions. Assuming they had nothing done prior to launch video. After they decided that couldn’t be done they delayed again to mid 2018, missed that deadline, then delayed again to beta late fall 2018. The most sited reason for delay was improving UI. Which means from roughly March 2018 til now they have been working on UI. I call bull that a company that size takes that long on UI. All this leads to the theory of is this games siege mechanic possible on the Xbox? The problems of siege lag could be not only delaying this game but making it impossible to create. Thoughts?