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  1. Klue

    Is it possible?

    If you notice on the PC version they are starting to put player caps on wars which could help this This is very interesting as the caps on players in wars is on the PC and renown was not on Xbox which is very interesting, also they could use 1v1 siege mechanics like what EU had However taking a year and a half to catch up to PC seems a little long
  2. Klue

    Is it possible?

    We first saw BDX at E3 on roughly June 11th. The projected release time was early 2018. As most regions launch with three start regions (ex. Calpheon) this means the devs thought they could be done (with three starter regions) by, at the latest, March. This gave them roughly 9 months to complete the 3 starter regions. Assuming they had nothing done prior to launch video. After they decided that couldn’t be done they delayed again to mid 2018, missed that deadline, then delayed again to beta late fall 2018. The most sited reason for delay was improving UI. Which means from roughly March 2018 til now they have been working on UI. I call bull that a company that size takes that long on UI. All this leads to the theory of is this games siege mechanic possible on the Xbox? The problems of siege lag could be not only delaying this game but making it impossible to create. Thoughts?
  3. Klue

    Video game awards thursday

    Lol see you all in 2020 for release
  4. Klue

    Release date

    We have waited over a year. 4 different project release times have been missed. And we still here but you right we are impatient. On another note, if they were to come out and say it’s releasing in Jan everyone would be done complaining.
  5. Klue

    What will be available at the start?

    Should go striker for desert dust buts that’s none of my business lol
  6. Klue

    What will be available at the start?

    This is gold lol
  7. Klue

    What will be available at the start?

    Define “accelerated” lol, will be interesting to see how quick that really is
  8. Klue

    What will be available at the start?

    Theory crafting: based upon the game being delayed for a year it is possible we see more stuff at launch or stuff very quickly after to try and catch up to the initial launch time line
  9. Klue

    Another Open Letter

    Honestly even if they give a release date I’m not trusting it, lol, they have given 4 times and missed them all.
  10. Klue

    Black Desert When

    Yep, the odds of them hitting a launch window is the same as me hitting PEN lol
  11. Klue

    Black Desert When

    @[CM] Simon is the official launch window still 2018? I’m not asking directly when it will come out just asking what is the current official stance of BDO.
  12. Klue

    Black Desert When

    BDO will release Q1 2018... (checks notes again)... Uh I mean Q1 2019
  13. Klue


    I really hope you are right lol
  14. Klue


    I would expect a Q1 (March) launch, its when they launched PC (NA) and when they planned to launch Xbox originally
  15. Klue


    Please go easy on the pay to win at least for the start. Let all the new players come in and not get drowned out by costume melting and artisan memories. I can’t think of a signal Xbox game that is P2W that has been successful, and I really hope that this game turns out been looking forward to it since it was originally supposed to come out. Plus look around releasing cosmetics that aren’t pay to win is a viable business model.