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  1. Lucky5hot7

    Share Your Gamertag, Region & Family Name!

  2. can not shar pics or video on xbox live
  3. Lucky5hot7

    How to change profile pic?

    cool customization, I like it
  4. Lucky5hot7

    Click sound every few seconds

    a temp workaround is to lower the sound effects level, it lowers everything unfortunately, but it helps with the clicking
  5. Lucky5hot7

    Click sound every few seconds

    you lucked out then, it's preventing me from enjoying the story
  6. Lucky5hot7

    Shudad Armor Clarification

    my understanding is both, the classic now and the newer one a little later
  7. Lucky5hot7

    Click sound every few seconds

    I have it too, the only fix I found was to turn off all sound effects which sucks
  8. Lucky5hot7

    Grinding Etiquette in BDO

    Got a question concerning the asking for a duel, from what I understand the chat window will have a feature to turn it off thanks to feedback from the beta, I plan to do so as there were a lot of either jerks or idiots (not players who don't know but want to learn, but the players who spouted non sense just for attention) will duel offers show up in another way or will I just have to deal with flaggers?
  9. it kinda sucks that the ping drops between servers. I have friends the will end up on the eu server while i'm on na. we do plan on playing together but I don't mind losing ping if they can be happy with the game
  10. Lucky5hot7

    deleted from discord

    I can see your point. hope things get resolved for you quickly. when it comes to discord I don't trust it mostly because it's another form of talking that I don't need to manage
  11. Lucky5hot7

    deleted from discord

    just tired of whiners ruining good things, so sorry this came out against you. was just reading the forum post about grinding etiquette and was wishing several of the responders xbox's would die to remove them from the gaming world as I hate people that screw other just for fun
  12. Lucky5hot7

    deleted from discord

    Right, you may of crossed t's and dotted i's, but your spelling sucks. and with a name like numnutz I wonder why you haven't been removed from the forums as well. and quit being so demanding, they have better things to do then change your diaper
  13. Lucky5hot7

    What Server Are you playing on

    from my understanding of the news released bdo will handle characters on servers, like eso, does this mean you can play both servers at the same time? what I mean is are you locked to one server when you start or can you switch between them as I have friends on both that I would like to play with
  14. Lucky5hot7

    Razer Turret for Xbox One

    Hopefully no keyboard and mouse. it sucks that Microsoft supports using it on consoles