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  1. Lucky5hot7

    Video game awards thursday

    I just want to read both sides of a topic without needing an aspirin because I had to decipher English.
  2. Lucky5hot7

    Video game awards thursday

    Thanks, I have trouble knowing the difference between then and than, and the 's are a bit fuzzy. My complaint was more for people using the wrong tense and or adjective, conjunction, verb or English in general. I don't mind being corrected on a topic, but I would like to at least understand what is being said. Great comeback, Thanks!
  3. Lucky5hot7

    Video game awards thursday

    Does anyone in this thread know grammar? Other then pun's, it is terrible trying to read some of the posts as I don't know when one thought ends and another begins. The worst offenders are the long posts that come across as circular thinking by repeating the first sentence two or more times by just changing the words here and there. That's not even touching the poor spelling or lazy text speech
  4. Lucky5hot7

    Release date

    Sorry to disappoint you but RDR has two marks against it in my book, the first is it's a western and the second is it's developer. I will never support them due to GTA games as I have a family that have worked in law enforcement and the stories that weren't too hard to share give ME nightmares, any game that paints Police or Prison Guards as targets can go burn in hell with the people that thought them up. Thinking of positive feedback what do you think the game needs from the beta to full release, as in what could be improved or what was missing?
  5. Lucky5hot7

    Open Letter to Pearl Abyss

    With less than a month till the end of fall I don't see much time for pre orders. As for founder packs I don't see them happening at all as they tend to be for games that go free to play on the xbox, example being Tera, Skyforge, Defiant 2050 and DC universe online (xbox version again) I instead expect tied editions like most full release titles, Base then deluxe then super