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  1. Kia

    Super powers

    I just want to float, not even to go very fast, just to levitate effortlessly.
  2. Kia


    What's more important, being powerful or looking good?
  3. Kia

    Reply to Dev Notes #2

    I was kind of hoping that Xbox One X could do 1080p 60fps along with 2160p 30fps.
  4. Kia

    Former/Current Ark players

    You didn't have to pay for it again if you already had it. Unless you mean you lost the account where you had the game.
  5. Kia

    Former/Current Ark players

    I was in Fire Nation and Frostborn went under the name Kia.
  6. Kia

    Former/Current Ark players

    Used to play way too much of it. Probably will get back into it for a month or two when the last dlc launches.
  7. I’d be 180% okay if PA shows up and releases it during E3.
  8. Kia

    D is for 🎶🎶🎶

    Hey, I know it's awful going through depression. But hold out, Black Desert is going to be awesome.
  9. Kia

    Interview with a team

    As much as I would love to hear from the audio team, I just really want to know what’s going on over there. I’d love some dates on anything: beta, release, anything related to the game. But mostly I just want to know what’s up over there.
  10. Kia

    Lack of commitment!!

    It just helps when people know that something is going on.
  11. I heard there was a standalone character creator before BDO's PC launch. I hope there's something similar is in the works. It'd be something to mess with while the game is being developed.
  12. Kia

    Hopes for GDC 2018

    You know it would be amazing if they launched an xbox app some time before launch so we can create our characters.
  13. Kia

    Hopes for GDC 2018

    While I’ll be super happy with a release date, I’ll be content with a beta date.
  14. I’d assume it be, but obviously at a lower graphical setting. There hasn’t been a game exclusively made for Xbox One X, yet, as far as I know anyways.
  15. Kia


    Well I’m pretty sure they’ll be talking about it at GDC 2018, which starts Monday. I’m betting on a beta date, and if we’re lucky, a release date.