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  1. All good I’m sure they’re working on it and refunding was stupid of me
  2. They responded I am unbanned after sending my screenshot. However I am not, and my ticket filed yesterday stating I still cannot login hasn’t been responded to yet today. Might be a day it doesn’t seem like something is working.
  3. This simply isn’t true, I’ve purchased and own both the 29.99 and 9.99 versions now. I’m out $10 which is small penalty to pay to get unbanned. I purchased the 29.99 version while owning the $10 version. The other versions also remain purchasable.
  4. Keep following up with tickets they will help
  5. *********************************************************************** Salutations, This is GM Florin from Black Desert Xbox Team and I will be handling your ticket. We would like to thank you for providing the screenshot wherein you had repurchased the Standard Edition. Please try to log into the game again as it should be OK now. In case you still cannot access the game, kindly send us another ticket. If you have other concerns, do not hesitate to contact us again. Regards, GM Florin Black Desert Xbox Team ************************************************************************ I am so thankful and appreciative of the staffs quick response and leniency. I was a salty little girl that thought after launch probs, the price switch that this was all garbage. Wrong, love this game like crazy. They responded to 3 tickets in 1 day and unbanned me.
  6. Holding events at 10PM EST is ridiculous. You're excluding thousands and thousands of players.
  7. It’s all locked down. Tell him to buy some pearls like PA designed
  8. They claim to be unable to do weekly patches and refuse to fix the current problems like our money disappearing and cursor moving all the time. They will not be pushing out any patches until they do a content update
  9. I’m curious where it states an order must clear and what the definition of clear is. It’s mentioned nowhere in their refund policy for digital items which explicitly prohibits its refunding. This refund doesn’t happen under normal circumstances
  10. It’s not hard to level up, at all.
  11. After beta and before launch posts would be locked and or deleted without comment by CM who would then ignore me. Ofcourse this is is the same company who labeled me a “unfair harasser” for telling bleeding edge reporter Gavin that CMs we’re mocking his reputation and credibility for reporting the game would launch in 2019 as Simon openly speculated a 2018 launch
  12. A honest company would of made that information available before launch. I didn’t get to make that informed decision because I didn’t know all of my options.
  13. They want you to watch the whales drop $1000 on costumes to list in the Market. It it lets you know how slowly you’re progressing against them. It starts the “catch up” mentality. You’ve already been fleeced by the preorder, so they rely on the sunk cost fallacy, you’re already invested so if you stop now the money was a waste right?
  14. Microsoft refunded me, which is against their policy normally. So something’s fishy
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