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  1. I truly believe this would allow warriors to bring more to the table without giving them too much of an edge where others would cry foul. First off, Frenzied strikes needs an SA. Its a new PvE skill that mobs easily interrupt by stunning you and the ability is about 1-2 seconds long + it cannot be animation canceled; I also think extending the crit damage buff by 1 second or increasing the damage buff from 5 to 8/10% would be nice (Its damage is highly reduced in PvP). Second would be an SA on shield charge/double shield charge. This would allow for a safer movement without giving up our only iframe to traverse the field safely. Third an SA on takedown is much needed. It finally allows us to stop being stunned while we're in the midst of stunning someone else with our grab. Fourth Downsmash on Spinning slash (Cooldown). Spinning slash is a good ability for PvE and PvP it can help but it never quite gets the job down and this would allow it to be more of an execute like ability. Warrior succession has this but it also added a very non PvE/PvP friendly issue which was the ability to cancel the ability. Fifth rabam shield tide affects being applicable to both PvP and PvE. Currently its PvE only but this would give us a float that is semi protected thus opening up more combo opportunities. Sixth Fix the iframe lock when you are blocking attacks from multiple attackers. When you are being hit and are blocking more than 1 person(s) attacks, you are unable to use your iframe. This commonly happens when you are blocking the Witch shock AoE and another players abilities especially a 2nd witch using shock AoE or her golem. Seventh and final, I believe adding more health to the shield block gauge is necessary. As I do not have an exact number for shield health I will suggest 15-25% more shield health being fair. TL;DR Frenizied Strikes SA SA on shield/double shield charge SA on takedown Downsmash cooldown for spinning slash Rabam stuns work for both PvE and PVP iFrame fix when blocking multiple attackers More shield health for blocking @CM Trent@CM_Valtarra @[CM]Shirna @GM_Calpheon
  2. The breeding rates are 12 as your multiplier they recently increased it for us on Xbox when they made t7 more easily obtainable. As a breeder I can confirm that the multiplier is 12 on xbox right now but it should be 9 for you guys.
  3. I don't like it but voted wrongly because the wording of the question is terrible i.e "Who like it" which sounds like a sarcastic rhetorical question; I suggest making your wording more clear.
  4. Yeah that’s correct the guild boss doesn’t not drop it according to loot tables posted by PC players & it has not been updated since. If you fought the boss you’ll also understand how terrible the rewards are for a guy that can drop you regardless of your DP & level.
  5. Boss scrolls like Puturum,etc are pretty fine although I feel each boss scroll should award way more hunter seals/black stones but that's another topic. The main issue is scrolls like [Awakened muskan of maddness] yeah no the current loot table for that is just terrible like really really really bad for the work you put in on a boss that can 3 tap/1 hit a lvl 61 300DP warrior lol. My suggestion is simple instead of 100k bars they should be 1mil bars with a potential RNG drop at muskan boots, all BON/WON/JIN (not just Bon hysteria), minimum 100 black stones of armor/weapon and each kill should be around 300 hunter seals minimum. Those who aren't familiar are probably wondering why the hell should it have that much well the thing is it requires you to get fury (15x) they're only awarded for doing I believe medium and higher kill guild quests with an exception of a few of them. It means you have to do 15 on one character because they cannot be traded with a guildy nor do I think you can store them. The bars is a must have and so are the RNG drops added, the only thing I'd say can be picked around would be the black stones and hunter seals. If nothing changes then for sure the boss scroll for collecting essence of fury is just worthless and has no real value other than selling them. @[CM]Shirna
  6. Maxwell


  7. @Prometheus I mean I can't really say you're wrong since after the stream there has been nothing about it like no "Hey we're extremely sorry for the misinformation that cost a lot of you time, pearls, etc; We're currently working on a way to make things right for those affected". Doesn't have to be word from word but at-least that.
  8. I get that but I'd rather not go through all of that for a game I just feel it would be better for them to either give us back the pearls we spent on horse related pearl items and something for our time/attempts (Tier 8 horses), give a dream horse box like PC had, or simply give me enough materials to make a lot of attempts at a dream horse after I get my t8 through breeding.(1 of those options not all) The last option would ofc make us buy more pearls to level the horse up faster and to make more attempts but it's also a path that greatly favors the people who really spent a lot of time on getting a horse to level 28-30 (3+ days of 8hr+ AFK sessions per horse). @CM Trent Said something on stream about looking over compensation but what I've yet to see is any apology whatsoever to the many of us breeders who wasted months of time, exchanged/bred our max t6/t7 horses for a t8 chance, or even real life money that went to more attempts/level the horse faster. There should literally be a main page apology about it even posted to their social media accounts.
  9. Yeah I do but its just the amount of time invested and attempts made, pearls wasted for breed resets it's just a lot for them to even give that kind of compensation especially as they were strongly advocating that they were certain it was in.
  10. I'm aware of that but the cost of even trying to take a company even if it were to small claims court would outweigh the money spent. If anything I would prefer the following. Two T8 horses one Male one Female with 10-30 skill change coupons. 1 specialized box that can give me a T8 or a dream horse give me enough materials to make 10 attempts for each dream horse. One of these would be welcomed in my opinion with the last being the fairest in my opinion as it'll still cost us $$ to make more attempts.
  11. Yikes bro I think I spent around that amount too for breed resets and in some cases mount exp and they were adamantly sure that there were t8s in the game. I'm not developer but I'd think it would be pretty easy to check with a game developer to verify that information before continually putting out that kind of misinformation.
  12. Yo I'd be so mad if that were the case lol
  13. As many have pointed out, we were told false information based on information GMs perceived to be accurate. I do not know where they got the information from that came to the conclusion "T8 horses are in the game and can be obtained through breeding or exchanging" but I feel its pretty messed up not really reaching out to those affected by this i.e those who've bred t6/t7 horses in hopes of getting something that was impossible to obtain. On the stream CM trent stated something will be done to rectify this mishap (to put it lightly) but I'm not sure what they can do as many players (myself included) wasted pearls for extra chances at breeding for t8s and even exchanged plenty of horses well worth over 30m a piece in hopes to get another shot at a t8 horse. Many breeders are only going for t8 horses solely to make them a dream horse (by chance) but now they're delayed. What do you think can be done to rectify the issue that has cost players pearls (real money), silver (exchanging horses), and time that could've been invested elsewhere.
  14. So some skills require you to be in pre awakened form to use it rather than auto switching and using X skill. I'm suggesting allowing every skill that can be set in the ring menu the ability to switch exactly to that weapon form when using the ring menu option. Example: As a warrior you cannot use armor break in pre awakened form and you also cannot use piercing spear in the awakened form. With this change I can be in pre awakened form use armor break which switches to my awakened form then use piercing spear which switches me back into my pre awakened form and use that ability. We actually have this as a warrior for one skill and that is scar dusk which you can use in your awakened form (this skill is a pre awakened warrior skill).
  15. Instead of relying off of information that is not confirmed (even some GMs have stated this in chat without confirmation) can we get a true official visual look similar to how enhancement chances of the possibilities for horse breeding. Currently on Xbox we've got only speculation for the true chances of horses going up in tiers but unfortunately it's 100% accurate. So again I am suggesting that we get something similar to the enhancement window where we're able to see the chances of all possible tier upgrades when breeding mounts; An example would be me taking my Tier 5 Male/Female mounts and a percentage chart appears showing the chances (not skin types) of the foal being a Tier 5 male/female, Tier 6 male/female, or a Tier 7 male/female. The game launched with little to no information and the continual use of "streamers" or "Youtubers" as ways to pass on knowledge isn't adequate as it's the developers job to do so.
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