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  1. So some skills require you to be in pre awakened form to use it rather than auto switching and using X skill. I'm suggesting allowing every skill that can be set in the ring menu the ability to switch exactly to that weapon form when using the ring menu option. Example: As a warrior you cannot use armor break in pre awakened form and you also cannot use piercing spear in the awakened form. With this change I can be in pre awakened form use armor break which switches to my awakened form then use piercing spear which switches me back into my pre awakened form and use that ability. We actually have this as a warrior for one skill and that is scar dusk which you can use in your awakened form (this skill is a pre awakened warrior skill).
  2. Instead of relying off of information that is not confirmed (even some GMs have stated this in chat without confirmation) can we get a true official visual look similar to how enhancement chances of the possibilities for horse breeding. Currently on Xbox we've got only speculation for the true chances of horses going up in tiers but unfortunately it's 100% accurate. So again I am suggesting that we get something similar to the enhancement window where we're able to see the chances of all possible tier upgrades when breeding mounts; An example would be me taking my Tier 5 Male/Female mounts and a percentage chart appears showing the chances (not skin types) of the foal being a Tier 5 male/female, Tier 6 male/female, or a Tier 7 male/female. The game launched with little to no information and the continual use of "streamers" or "Youtubers" as ways to pass on knowledge isn't adequate as it's the developers job to do so.
  3. Maxwell

    Weak leadership

    Oof this was painful to see, reminds me of some class rep trying to calm down a rowdy person in class when the teacher is away. They're ultimately ignored showing their "influence" in the class is non-existent.
  4. Nah the multiplier would have to be 9 which makes it the same as SEA/MENA and that would mean it is literally no point in breeding your mounts until you get a tier 8 through a reward or something. This again is an issue of confusion among-st the devs as I'm quite sure a live-stream before stated it was the mirror of PC NA so this is also a lack of information. It really sucks because I was gunning for that Tier 8 before my vacation starts tomorrow but now I'll catch my flight knowing I was defeated because of issues beyond my control.
  5. Just found out the hard way and lost my tier 6 and 7 which now dropped to tier 5 because thanks to lack of information and the assumption that our multiplier for horse breeding would mimic PC NAs (14) I unfortunately lost both of them as I exchanged the other in hopes to reclaim my tier 6 at the very least. GG and F
  6. Maxwell

    Horse Auto-carrot?

    @WizardGod Heya mate yeah you need to have your carrots in your inventory and when you go to world map use LT X so you'll see a green line to your destination; This will make your horse do the loop but at a certain stamina level (around 10-20%) it'll auto eat carrots. You can use any carrot and it'll be enough so it never runs out of stamina.
  7. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/maxwell/video/73302937 So I was wondering why I only had one half of a cloak but fortunately I noticed we're suppose to have it on both sides @CM Trent @[CM]Shirna Also the snow white basic color isn't actually applying white on most warrior costumes. The dye I used in this video is a yellow bright dye.
  8. Maxwell

    White Dyes

    Currently the only white dye aside from mixtures it the ordinary snow white one but on most armor pieces it isn't actually white but more of a gray/silver color. Why isn't it possible to simply get a true white color that works across all outfits; The snow white basic one works wonderful on horse outfits but not so good on warrior outfits.
  9. I hate the system as well, I'd be okay if I were able to store my failstacks into a valks and apply it regardless of where my failstacks on my other characters are at but.. unfortunately that's not the case. Imagine I fail 15 times I store it and try again to get 15 more failstacks; I then combine both for 30 failstacks but instead you have to try to fail just to prevail like that's truly annoying. I've been trying to Tri my Kzarka sword for the longest time and it's just not working out. I'm blown away that people on youtube somehow amass 100 failstacks on PC but if we can at-least have a system where we can just fail on purpose, then that would alleviate all of my issues with failstacking.
  10. So this badass looking armor came out and one thing that's really bothering me is that the costume is missing a glove lol like I needs a full suit of armor; this is the Achilles of costumes for me right now. Maybe I'm stupid and there's an option to locate that missing glove so if that's the case please feel free to enlighten but if not then please @CM Trent or anyone CM pass this on because I needs it .
  11. Can we not have bosses spawn at 11:00PM PDT/ 10:15PM/ & 8:15PM (PDT); These times translate to almost midnight if not past midnight & in my opinion isn't necessarily fair for us NA players who are on the East Coast. I & I'll assume many others are people who work/go to school; I'm all for the rest of the times because they're not as bad aside for west coasters may want a 8-9am rather than 7am time. The previous time were a lot more reasonable at-least based on my opinion but again the current ones are a wash for me.
  12. Maxwell

    Horse breeding & chances

    @CM Trent Can we get some specifics next live stream please? Heck even an option similar to how enhancements work would be fine; I'm okay with the RNG aspects, I just wanna know what my chances are based on the multiplier we're given in correlation with the level I have both my horses.
  13. Maxwell

    Horse breeding & chances

    @Alder I'm quite aware of that site but as I implied Xbox NA does not share the same multiplier as PC NA; I want to know the exact multiplier so I know when I can/should be able to tier up my horses. I simply want a concrete answer as to what multiplier we have so I can use those sites/apps to get a more accurate idea of what will net me a higher chance of getting a higher tier horse.
  14. Maxwell

    Horse breeding & chances

    Maybe I worded this wrong but I'm not asking a confirmation to what tiers are available as even I assumed it was t8 and dream tiers would be introduced after Awakenings. My question is when I breed for example Tier 4 M/Tier 5F; What are my chances for getting the same tier or a higher tier in relation to their levels. Some apps are out there that guesstimate the multiplier/probability of obtaining a higher tier; I'm asking for a visible odd sheet that I know is 100% accurate.
  15. It would be nice to know the possible tiers I'm able to get when horse breeding (chances of getting a higher tier or the same tier) or at the very least have a concrete answer as to what breeding multiplier does the Xbox have. The more information the better, I'm fine with leaving everything to RNG but this at-least should be done.