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  1. Maxwell

    Combat updates

    @[CM] Simon Thanks for the information, do you know if there will be notes that describe changes as the launch of the game starts? Also maybe if you know if there'll be a disc version of the game too.
  2. Maxwell

    Combat updates

    Yeah I'd love to know although I'll still be running the warrior setup till Musa comes along but it's good to know some specifics in advance just to better plan things out IMO.
  3. Maxwell

    Combat updates

    So as far as I know the game starts off fresh i.e no DLC content yet but I was wondering what about changes to the class themselves? On PC classes have been changed quite a lot (from my understanding) and people on reddit were talking about how warrior is weak and that I'm crazy to choose that class. I don't know if that's hyperbolic but It did have me thinking about if this version of the game would follow a different approach to combat updates or would it implement the same combat updates that PC has from the very beginning.
  4. Maxwell

    Pre-Orders Start Jan 7th!

    @[CM] Simon I've been hearing a lot of negativity towards Black Desert with people warning us XBL players of the rampant P2W the game has become. My question to you is how will this games version differ from the PC (Korean version); Will there too be more pay to win and how will the enhancement process go i.e will things have a chance to be destroyed?
  5. Maxwell

    Pre-Orders: January 7th, 2019.

    So yup this is in-line with the rumors of a Feb release (2nd week). Thanks for this piece of information mate.
  6. Maxwell

    Let's resign ourselves here.

    @Kasai Lol call me old fashion but I just prefer it that way instead of having it downloaded. Never knew it was an age thing (not even 24 yet lol).
  7. Maxwell

    Let's resign ourselves here.

    @CubicVariable42 I like my games to have a physical copy, it's simply a matter of personal preference honestly.
  8. With soon to be less than 3 weeks left I'm just about 90% sure the game will not come out this year and this all stemmed from the recent Dev note which pretty much peddled this letting you down easy theme. I still believe that this game will come out early 2019 more likely in February but January (mid) would also be a obvious choice. I do want the game to come out as soon as possible, primarily because I had fun playing it and I'm a sucker for MMOs where I can invest my time and grow my character in. I do wanna say this last thing and that is, I'm alright if it is delayed to 2019 because that just means there are things that still can be done better so we can have a smooth game with few bugs. I still want a physical copy but I'll settle for a downloaded copy.
  9. Maxwell

    Is it possible?

    The only way for them to handle that kind of lag is to off-load the computing power to multiple cloud servers and that would be costly.
  10. Maxwell

    Everyones goals for BDX?

    My goal is to git gud at the game as a warrior main then go to musa afterwards.
  11. Maxwell

    Release date

    I doubt it'll release this year but I strongly believe it'll release Feb 2019.
  12. Maxwell

    What will be available at the start?

    Thanks for all of the responses, I was curious because I plan on going for warrior first + awakening then Musa afterwards thanks to the anime called "The Kings Avatar". It's a bummer if there isn't a physical copy since I'd like to support the game immediately upon playing but then again there's an in-game shop so we'll see.
  13. To clarify my title I was wondering what classes/content will be available from the start. I'm new to BDO (loved the beta) but after doing some research I saw there were many more classes other than the ones provided for us to test out in the beta. I was wondering when this game finally comes out, will PC/Console be on the same page in terms of content or will PC lead console since it's obviously ahead. I also do want to know if this game will feature a physical copy for us Xbox owners or nah. Cheers & also my first post :D