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  1. Deathz Angel

    No added character slots?

    Lol your probably one of the PC players that got rekt so you came to Xbox one. Demand better from your games these mtx business models are not going to cut it.
  2. Deathz Angel

    Toxic players..

    Lol way to condone people with foul language on a game rated T for teen, everyone accepted the ToS agreement so yeah they should be banned.
  3. Deathz Angel

    No added character slots?

    Explaining things to PC players is falling on deaf ears, I don't think pvp should be forced at 50 or you have to stay at 49 until you do. I like the game, I don't pvp ever, why can't I choose not to turn the pvp on and still level up? I see your frustration with the slots, I think that we should get a slot for each character via loyalties, if some one liked a new class that said person may feel more inclined to buy pearls for said new toon for example inventory slots, costume, VP, ect....They are not going by PC version, this is Xbox one, you can see this in character releases. I agree with the OP.
  4. Deathz Angel

    Toxic players..

    Lol I laugh all the time bal 2 server has this guy named dream something, every time he mentions pve server the whole chat turns funny. I sit back and watch while I'm processing, I'm all for pve server but that guy is making my case and I don't have to say anything.
  5. Deathz Angel

    Just a suggestion

    Well we're talking bdo not other games, I'm hoping for a solution to not accept pvp or be part of it, but still be able to level up normally, get gear skills and awakenings. I like the game just not pvp anywhere, fishing is very fun, riding horses and even wagons are a blast, I do the guild quests with my guild and I'm stuck at 49. I'm not afraid of pvp I don't enjoy it that is all. Maybe they can do a pve test server and see how the players feel after trying it.
  6. Deathz Angel

    Just a suggestion

    I disagree generally pve players are more courteous and helpful when others ask questions in chat, it's my experience that the pvp crowd are the rude abnoxious ones. Generally why I don't play pvp games.
  7. Deathz Angel

    Just a suggestion

    Sounds great to me there is no guild pvp missions any way it's all pve quests in the first place so we can keep our guild it won't effect anything. I don't do node wars or seige wars or any form of pvp. I'd be happy no more toxic chat, no more crying about getting farmed by other guilds ''oh you are trash 5 vs 1 '' type of crap you see in chat currently. I'm all for pve server, until then I will have my Lv 49 army.
  8. Deathz Angel

    Just a suggestion

    Lol oh pvpers get so cranky when we mention pve without pvp. Oh yeah then you can't pk us
  9. Deathz Angel

    Weird message

    Try going to dashboard and manage game, delete saved data and start up bdx again, it should be better for you after that. No promises but it helped me after they released zarka.
  10. Deathz Angel

    The update screwed things up really bad!

    It's to be expected since they have not successful fixed issues that were in the beta and every update since. Adding more content to already bugged elements just creates more bugs. Wait until zarka fight see how bad that is still or worse.
  11. Deathz Angel

    Black Desert v

    Cm shirna can you please verify what you said in stream 7 about pve servers are coming? It would greatly ease us pve players minds, thanks.
  12. Deathz Angel

    All my friends quit

    The fact that you have to accept it or stay 49 is forced, they holding you at that level until you accept it.
  13. Deathz Angel

    Getting one of these

    Definitely making a dk and leveling up to 49 not going past yet until pve server.
  14. Deathz Angel

    To rush or not to rush?

    I'm going to take my time and stop at 49 for now, I refuse to accept pvp.
  15. Deathz Angel

    All my friends quit

    My friends won't touch it until they change the forced pvp, I informed them about it and explained it's fun doing other things but gated at 49 if you don't want to pvp, they said they might try it if they have option to not pvp and just enjoy the game. Side note I have a colleague at work that just started playing and he said he is staying at 49 for now also.