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  1. Ikr that's all this dude does is argue, im surprised he admitted you were right lol
  2. Ikr but hey these are the same people who gave us fishing boats that doesn't level sailing skills. New region but no caphras stones or alchemy stones, said t8s were in the game but aren't, haven't fixed invisible walls, people still dc on boss fights and can't load back in until its dead so they don't get anything, still missing valk/ kuno/ maewha. What's the next region Dreighan? Bet we don't see that until E3 2020 lol.
  3. I don't know about the cities i fish out in the world and get relics, i have 52 rn in my market storage. Of course i don't have to worry about getting ganked cause im 49 so if your 50 or up you might try fishing in calpheon city i know i seen guildie getting petals from there.
  4. It will come across your screen something like " Dastard Bheg is roaming the swamp terrorizing villagers" or something to that effect which means you go to that spot and hes there it takes a lot of people to kill them its like mini world boss. Just hit them once and wait for everyone to kill them, you can still get loot.
  5. Field bosses have icons on the world map when you get the notice head to the icon on the map and battle them. If you mean zarka and the other world bosses they have icons to but most spawns 2 at a time so for instance zarka and kutum spawns same time so unless you are super fast you most likely can only get to one so you should pick one and head to it a few minutes early.
  6. I get them fishing all the time , just fish somewhere else and see how many you get.
  7. Can we get boss timers put in game so we have time to actually get to it , im not downloading an app for the game to my phone. The game should tell us in the game lol wow can't believe had to ask for it when its something for the game to be put into the game it should already be there.
  8. I think it refers to drop rate while " grinding" in that node area. Haven't really tested it since you have to physically go there unless you have value packs active then you can do it from anywhere to any node you have points in and connected.
  9. I second that idea, maybe add inventory slots for 10 or 100 loyalty. Im stacking loyalty cause they have nothing i want, already got the dog with the Cowboy outfit on. Having something worth while in loyalty shop would be awesome.
  10. Hello friend this is marketed as rpg game but its a fighting game with rpg elements. You can quest and " lifeskill" up to 49 in peace and quiet, however after you accept lv 50 quest and use clear memory frag you accept forced PvP which means you can be randomly attacked now by anyone anytime that you are outside a safe zone. If you don't mind that you can level endlessly, like there is no level cap but its soo hard to get to 63 like year of grinding hard.
  11. Yes bring Pearl items to cm like vp, weight, inventory slots, character slots, ect.... I mean they brought pets and costumes but you can't get them for all the pre orders already up on cm as soon as whale puts it on cm its instantly gone. Way to paywall game elements for the most basic things you greedy plebs. Seriously inventory slots have to be bought per toon lol im not dumb enough to fall for that.
  12. The buff is active where does it say it isn't? Its for the whole server just same rules apply if your not 50 as it does on every other server lol.
  13. Don't worry im keeping up the good fight to get pve server into existence without PvP. Im not giving up.
  14. Yes as soon as you sell it it goes into your backpack or that towns storage, you can also put money into cm and get it from cm whatever town your in.
  15. Are they going to put all Pearl shop items on cm? Like inventory slots, weight, value packs...ect. I mean they have pets and outfits crons mem frags and other Pearl shop stuff so why not inventory slots and value packs. Im not paying real money for inventory slots for each toon i have or want to play. Had to delete musa to make room for kuno or valk which ever is coming next.
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