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  1. Toxic cancerous PvP at it's definition lol
  2. The drop rates are crap now so why not give us pve servers, wow did and all types of their servers are full even in classic. Btw i play on pve server and do battle grounds because its not forced on me when i want to pve so its fun to que up and be able to quest until it pops.
  3. Yes they should wear t shirt and pants its game you should not want less clothes on fictional toon. So many pervs trying to get their kicks on games.
  4. Xbox should have them everyone is crying how Xbox is just ported straight from PC argument when its not. You can see it in the details. Im not buying inventory slots for everyone of my toons yes i want inventory slots but not that badly. Its not a true port , everything is different from pc version, down to class releases.
  5. The game is rated T for teens so it should be more censorship on other classes not just Shai.
  6. I know this has been issue since kzarka even on Xbox. You die due to lag then can't get back in until after the thing is dead not to mention you only get hunter seal for all your Frustrations. Instead of fixing these issues they keep adding more crap that in turn make more bugs .
  7. They need a pure pve server . lots of people would play if they brought this into reality and functional.
  8. Yeah i know some might have a few pens but im talking full PEN like mrp2w.
  9. So i don't see how you can say game isn't p2w? That's not going to change since that's what is keeping the company afloat lol. Change comes when its talked about for long enough and people complain enough. So im doing my part complaining about PvP and will continue in my mission until they change it.
  10. Drop rates always suk in this game, enhancement system is trash too i mean seriously if accessory fails its gone? Lol that's the definition of trash. The p2w PvP system is trash too. The same people who are maxed can come into someone else's spot and kill them just to " farm" highest paid items for cm. Pve server would fix that bs, can't force someone out of their spot. But alas then the PvP players would throw a hissy.
  11. Its not doing well at all, if you haven't noticed you can't down a world boss because there isn't enough players lol but you say it's doing fine open your closed eye's. Mrp2w is the definition of p2w
  12. This is Xbox and ps4 not PC, its whole nother beast what they can get away with on PC won't fly for console. Either they adapt to console players or get left behind , there are many many players that have quit because the cancerous PvP thats forced upon players. They need pve server if they want the players to return.
  13. How do you think change happens? Someone speaks up and says something about said thing. Im just suggesting more choices for the game to make it better/ appealing to a wider player base. Whole bunch of people want pve server and have quit/ waiting to play because they don't like PvP . I can't help it if they don't want a thriving game but instead have decided to do cross play because they don't have enough players anymore to keep the systems seperate lol.
  14. Lol yeah instead of playing hes on here white knighting
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