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  1. The fun classes are going to be released sometime after launch would be great to see a accurate release schedule of the other classes, tamer, valk, kuno, dark knight, lahn, mystic all will be what I role
  2. PA has not responded to the community instead they stay silent and announce nothing nor give you a heads up. They use 3rd party sites to give official news instead of the official website lol. They might be working on PS 4 version so they can get as much money as they can before the game fails, feels bad like quick cash grab bad, look at the signs since they announced it to release early 2018 back in 2017 and still have not gotten it yet in 2019 ,see a trend yet. My bet is in 18 months it goes free to play unless they toggle pvp so you don't have to participate if you choose not to. OK PC butthurt comments ready to be recieved lol.
  3. Deathz Angel


    Actually the only thing that you need gear for mainly is to pvp but without having to worry about pvp you can do and play how you want to, it's a good game without pvp so why not make it optional. Look how much PA has not responded to the community and has not been transparent they need to take some notes from bio ware. Without pvp this is literally a game you could pick up and play anytime, get your awakening at 56 wouldn't have to worry about getting ganked while gathering or doing boss scrolls, world bosses, you could grind for materials and upgrade them at anytime but no pvp is not optional right now, it's not crying when you share your opinion that comment just shows how butthurt you are, kudos keep up the banter loving it.
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    And you do realize Anthem is bio ware, the devs have been transparent answering our questions about the game what has PA done for bdx, oh yeah nothing but delays. But you can't see the truth when it's in plain sight lol.
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    Lol I won't leave the forum I told you already I'm going to stay on the forum until they change the pvp I just won't be playing the game. I really don't care what you say or think about me it's just words.
  6. Deathz Angel

    Delete This Post CM

    Why would I stay at 49 if they turned off pvp for a server. You need the awakening at 56 for your skills, like I said I will be on here awaiting news about pve only server that they will put in eventually but until then I'm not going to be playing this game I have Anthem lol.
  7. Deathz Angel

    Delete This Post CM

    Game is OK but with the pvp everywhere whether you want to or not is the lame part, I got Anthem to play until they show me something worth spending my money and time on. I even suggested one or two servers that had zero pvp in them for players like me, I mean they have a pvp server so how hard would it be. But alas it has fallen on deaf ears so I am going to wait until more classes and content come out and a huge price drop / pve servers implemented before I get this game.
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    Lol not leaving the forum but nice to see the haters leave something
  9. Deathz Angel

    The division 2 and other new games

    So I didn't enjoy the division at all, the 2nd one looks even worse I mean you talk about bullet sponges that is the game in a nut shell. Crackdown 3 lol no no no, I don't like pvp so apex legends is out of the picture, bdx beta number 2 still sucks lol, kingdom hearts 3 pretty sweet game, outlands the new obsidian game looks like crap won't play it either, so unless a good RPG game is announced by summer or maybe we get announcement for borderlands 3 then I will be playing Anthem can't wait.
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    Have fun with your broken game so glad I got Anthem so this is good bye. For now
  11. Deathz Angel

    Banned Names for Family or Character

    Really since its Xbox one you should not be allowed to make another name it should be your gamertag that's how every other game online for Xbox one works.
  12. Deathz Angel

    Q? About the deluxe and ultimate pack

    They share storage, mounts in the stable, pets, maids, tents, residences, guild quests. Just FYI if you have a horse out on one character and log in on another character that horse will not be available to the 2nd toon. But if you put it in a stable and switch toons then you can use it just go to the stable. Horse flute is character bound instead of family. Hope this helps.
  13. Deathz Angel

    PC Vets - What is there to do in Black Desert?

    If you want to know what bdo holds for you check out you tube videos from a guy named king vox he makes it very clear.
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    What music your listening right now!

    I'm listening to Anthem soundtrack, super relaxing
  15. Deathz Angel

    Beta Preload is Live!

    I'm letting it download while I am at work, I still have the first beta on my Xbox, still waiting for my horse armor there CM shirna.
  16. Deathz Angel

    Shudad Outfit on tamer/valk

    That is correct it will only be able to be used on the classes that are available when the box is released not for future classes even if you save it. If you want the outfit later on for a class that is released later on then you will be paying real money for it via cashshop that is how this game works.
  17. Deathz Angel

    Pre-Download the Beta Client Now!

    Thanks downloading it now while I am working.
  18. Deathz Angel

    Next Gen Plans

    Wait why are people comparing this to other games being that there are only 3 games for console that I know of that are online only live service games. Let's see Defiance was, Anthem is, and bdx with the only exception is that bdx does not have a physical copy, where as the other 2 do. So I would imagine that bdx will be playing on the next gen Xbox, since nothing has been confirmed or denied about it coming to PlayStation. I have a couple games that are physical copy but I mostly do digital download from Microsoft store, or I go check out a copy at my local library. Digital to me is better because I don't have to wait until it comes out to download a game, I just purchased Anthem and it's downloaded right now so on the 22nd I can jump right in don't have to wait for it. Hopefully next gen systems will be able to do that still and maybe better.
  19. Deathz Angel

    Xbox Live coming to switch!?!

    Sweet I said that years ago to my friend he had a Xbox 360 and I had a ps3 we wanted to play a couple games together I thought man I hope they would make that happen one day, yeah so this is good news. I love my Xbox one, was hyped for Scalebound since there is a lack of good rpgs for xbox one, they cancelled it but then I found a little gem called dragon's dogma dark arisen love this game. People will be like what about Eso, skyrim, fallout, ff 14, blah blah blah, those are not good rpgs , however PS has a lot of good ones dragon quest, breath of fire series, tales of berseria, vesperia, god eater, legend of the dragoons I know ps1 but you can get it from the PS store, ys, final fantasy series, ff 7 remake if it ever launches.... Ect where am I going with this, they are starting to bring games that were on one system only over to other systems like example tales of vesperia was PS and they just released it in Xbox live store, can't wait to see more rpgs make the move to. Just a dream but I would crap a nugg if they announced hyrule warriors for the Xbox one lol.
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    Xcrov, you go to account, account settings, see the other option subheading, notification settings and there you can turn on news and update notifications. When something new is posted you get notified.
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    It's called notifications you know like on this site when new things are posted it alerts you, why should I have to go to another site for bdx news that is the point.
  22. Deathz Angel


    Why don't they post information on this game here on the official site not 3rd party sites like twitter or reddit....... Ect... Not everyone has accounts for these things and come to where the news is supposed to here on bdx site.
  23. Deathz Angel

    Pre-Orders Start Jan 7th!

    How come all the news and announcements are coming from 3rd party apps and website's and not this website that says for all news and information this is the main source. Something is wrong with that picture.
  24. Deathz Angel

    Pre-Orders Start Jan 7th!

    No they said they will not be carrying progress in beta over to the game, but there are events in beta that give server wide rewards for launch if they get completed during beta.
  25. Deathz Angel

    Pre-Order Black Desert Now; Launches March 4th

    I'm not sure I'm going to buy this at all but if I do it will be the cheapest version, I don't pay real money for items in a game I would rather buy the cheapest one and be able to purchase other games or accessories for gaming with the extra money I save. You can buy what you want it's your money I only buy the basic games like Anthem I pre ordered the standard Edition I don't care about the deluxe edition all it had was 4 skins. Black desert items don't interest me pet they give you a kuku pet just through the main quest and a maid, it's pretty scummy putting inventory spaces, weight, character slot expansion all behind a paywall. You have them saying OK George here's money give me the things I should not have to pay but going to anyways. Lol smart gamers.