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  1. Dendal

    Character/Ecology bug

    What’s that? Assuming it’s not in the game at the moment? It’s weird, I killed them NE of Glish in the field and it seemed to register knowledge but glitches out, I then went over where the Mudsters are and killed them there and got knowledge.
  2. Dendal

    Character/Ecology bug

    Hey Doktar, I understand, and I've been getting some knowledge purely through amity/mini game. There are just some that don't register. Another one is the annoying Jellyfish quest at Lake Kaia. When you kill jelly fish it doesn't register for the quest, you also can't get knowledge on them on water striders.
  3. Dendal

    Character/Ecology bug

    Hellooo, I'm having issues with either talking to NPCs and they're not appearing in Characters or gaining knowledge on mobs and they're not appearing in Ecology. Example would be Moss Stoneback Crab in Ecology of Serendia - Beasts. I distinctly remember it saying A then S and when I checked it still just says ???????? as if I hadn't gained any knowledge on it yet. Can start to put a comprehensive list together of what I've come across so far if this isn't a known issue already. Thanks!
  4. Dendal

    Where is the Sorc love?

    Who's ready to pew pew?
  5. Dendal

    Region / moving region

    @[CM]Shirna can you please confirm? You can switch between EU and NA or you would need to create an account for both EU and NA?
  6. Dendal

    Region / moving region

    Was answered in AMA.
  7. Dendal

    Region / moving region

    Yer man. Unless you want to start on EU and skip purchases but progress without lag until you move.
  8. Yer they said they won't do it straight away, but soon after, most likely after early access has passed.
  9. Dendal

    Region / moving region

    Characters yes, but none of your purchases will transfer if you’ve bought anything from the pearl shop.
  10. Dendal

    Warrior or wizard

    I’m brand new to Black Desert, I’ve always played magic type roles in the past. I was gonna go Wizard but last minute thought I’d give Sorc a go because to me it looked the most fun despite everyone saying how hard it is to master and play. I loved it and I’ll probably go Sorc main and just learn how to get better. I guess point being as above, go with what’s funnest, I guess Warrior in your case? I like that it’s a skill based game and that the good players will be able to rock whatever they’re playing.
  11. Dendal

    Most expensive version of the game

    Got ya. I'm only asking cause some mmorpgs I've played have an area in the store where you can claim "already purchased exclusive items" on each new character that you make. They weren't p2w at all and mostly cosmetic. But if they're class specific I guess that makes sense.
  12. Dendal

    Most expensive version of the game

    Noob question - when they give you special items for purchasing packs, is it a one time one character use thing or it let's you reuse them on each new character you make?
  13. There were no confirmed details on when we would get a release date or package details, this instagram post confirms both. Thanks for continuing to be negative about absolutely everything!
  14. Woohoo! Gotta be happy with that, so on the 7th of Jan all of our burning questions will be answered. I'm now excited to focus on the game itself! Let's goooooooooooo
  15. Dendal

    Release date

    Oh sorry I thought we were in the general discussion forum.. Wait, we are! Cool. Thanks for your thoughts man, I'll take em on board. If I have more feedback on top of what I gave from my Beta experience I'll be sure to discuss that in the relevant channel... I get what you're saying but it's not news or constructive man. If people want to vent about a lack of comms then let them. Stop reading the thread if all you're going to do is be abrasive.