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  1. Soon as they realize how much money will be made off pearl sales for them.
  2. Well, yes you should get 1 seal If you don't know how to play your class correctly.
  3. If they chose the amount of regional servers based on general pop then they would have servers in China. That's not how it works.
  4. Microtransactions aren't p2w in small amounts, but when you get to the 10k+ USD macrotransactions then it becomes p2w. The rate you can progress in a small time determines whether a game is p2w. Not the fact that you can get an exclusive costume in the PS.
  5. Abysmal luck. I 2 tapped tet armor and 1 tapped my tet Karka at 60/65 fs. #1 tapper NA.
  6. Looks like McLovin and sounds like a smurf. What’s not to love about that guy.
  7. We don’t operate on hearsay in NA servers. Pics or didn’t happen.
  8. Did not know the MAGA community was so big on BDO.
  9. If you're below the bottom 70%, you don't get loot. Gear up, learn a rotation, and don't die.
  10. Your thread is hard to follow since you type at 3rd grade level.
  11. Yes and the lifetime of your console has diminished and doesn't perform as optimal as it once used to. You may not notice now but you will when you reach a certain point.
  12. Leaving your xbox on for extended hours for afk processing and worker empire certainly isn't good for wear and tear. Despite the console being designed fairly well to preserve itself, it still pales in comparison to a PC and thus should have features to minimalize the wear/tear. For example, worker empire continuing to generate/craft mats when offline and offline processing would go a long way.
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