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  1. Sure thing, sent an friends request.
  2. GT RisedAgainst I've never played BDO but I grew up on mmo's and I purchased an Xbox just for this game. Totally ready for the grind fest, and having vets to guide me in the right direction would help.
  3. RisedAgainst

    Ethereal Realm's Recruiting

    I might be interested, I would probably play a wizard or a warrior until striker comes out. I have a ton of experience with MMO's, but I haven't played black desert before. Grew up on mmo's pretty much lol. I purchased an Xbox just for this game though, so I fully plan on grinding and afk grinding 🤪 GT RisedAgainst
  4. RisedAgainst

    Video game awards thursday

    The game is pretty much going to be released when Microsoft wants it to be. The little things that they are ironing out seem to be things they could easily release a patch for week one, which I'm sure there will be plenty of patches early on. Microsoft isn't stupid, they paid a lot of money into this game and I'm feeling like they'll say something about it Thursday. PS4 is dropping a ton of release dates, MS knows they have to compete.