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  1. DeusExMachina

    Pirate's Rum

    170 ap without node investment got 10 in a couple of hours at pirates. I was at 230 rum yesterday :_(
  2. Ciao, come siete messi a dimensioni ed attività? Per ora io sono in una piccola gilda 15 persone max ma non si connette mai nessuno ed ero intenzionato a cambiare x una gilda dove si fanno boss missioni ma anche pvp, sorcere lvl 57 349 gear
  3. DeusExMachina

    Cerco gilda italiana

    Cerco gilda italiana possibilmente sia pvp che pve quest e boss. Gear score per ora ap 170 dp 179 lvl 57 sorcer.
  4. DeusExMachina

    Black Desert When

    First quarter 😂
  5. DeusExMachina

    Where is the event npc??

    I can t remember now but in game in the chat it appears also channels names when the event start.
  6. DeusExMachina

    Where is the event npc??

    I was looking for him too, i think it spawn only in the channels where the event start. Late i will try.
  7. DeusExMachina

    Anyone on EU downloading?

    I changed region to united states and started the download. Region lock won't stop us !
  8. DeusExMachina

    24 HOURS TO GO!!!!!

    20 h to go!! Can't wait
  9. DeusExMachina

    What is your Gamertag?

    DeusExMachina95 eu server if there will be any.
  10. DeusExMachina

    For new people undecisive on classes in general

    Ups wrong section
  11. DeusExMachina

    First Day of Fall

    I feel positive about the beta in fall 2018, i would say it s coming near the end of october and first days of november. Pleeeeeeease beta pleeeeease 🤩
  12. DeusExMachina

    Fyi: pax recap

    Very soon 😍
  13. DeusExMachina

    State of game on release.

    We will se tomorrow at gamescom
  14. DeusExMachina

    State of game on release.

    Agnes gameplay ♡