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  1. 170 ap without node investment got 10 in a couple of hours at pirates. I was at 230 rum yesterday :_(
  2. Ciao, come siete messi a dimensioni ed attività? Per ora io sono in una piccola gilda 15 persone max ma non si connette mai nessuno ed ero intenzionato a cambiare x una gilda dove si fanno boss missioni ma anche pvp, sorcere lvl 57 349 gear
  3. Cerco gilda italiana possibilmente sia pvp che pve quest e boss. Gear score per ora ap 170 dp 179 lvl 57 sorcer.
  4. I can t remember now but in game in the chat it appears also channels names when the event start.
  5. I was looking for him too, i think it spawn only in the channels where the event start. Late i will try.
  6. I changed region to united states and started the download. Region lock won't stop us !
  7. DeusExMachina95 eu server if there will be any.
  8. I feel positive about the beta in fall 2018, i would say it s coming near the end of october and first days of november. Pleeeeeeease beta pleeeeease 🤩
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