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  1. Breeding is crap at the moment but I did luck out and get a T6K Male and a T5A Female from breeding the ult edition horse and quest horse, so gonna work those and see what I get next.
  2. As the title states, I feel this would be a nice QoL addition for the game. Sort of like brushing up on some combat literature while auto pathing.
  3. Alright I'm on now, suppose I'll go do some testing. Much appreciated.
  4. So the likeskill quest that reward sharps and hards are confirmed in game?
  5. Dredgious

    Skill Guide

    I prefer using addons that are tied to skills I use regularly....Fierce Strike, Beastly Wind Slash, and can't remember other one right now. Anyways it all depends on what you want but general recommendations are...crit chance up (self), at least one AP against monster +20, attack speed up, attack speed down (for enemy), movement speed down (enemy), or pvp attack up (for self). It's a matter of preference really but you can never go wrong with more crit chance.
  6. Hopefully this clears things up for those struggling to activate it. The key binds for skills on certain classes have "appear" to have an override when using certain skills. Example with a berserker: You press RT+RB+LT+LB+A (Emergency Escape), well what will generally happen is, Raging Thunder will activate, then Elastic Force, etc. Almost everything but Emergency Escape. However if you attempt to use that Emergency Escape while knockdown is applied to you (might have to spam it a few times) it will generally activate. I think this is because while CC'd there aren't any other key commands that can actually register an input except Emergency Escape so give it a try. If you wanna test it out find a buddy at the arena or try it in PvE, Rogues for stiffness test, golems at helm and cannoneer at sausans for knockdown test. Also some classes appear to be able to use it without having to go through the whole CC req but 🤷‍♀️. Anyways hopefully this helps.
  7. I'll be happy when they come out so everyone can stop complaining that zerker is OP, it'll be same song just different tune. "That mean zerker grabbed me and tossed me like a rag doll" Enter Striker: "Give me your face so I can drag it across the ground" Essentially those that know...already know the combat formula: CC, SA, IF, FG, etc. Those that don't are gonna gonna learn eventually. This isn't a pvp game of stand still and lets play whack-a-mole, highest dmg/hp pool wins etc.
  8. Haha I know your pain, just wait till you have 24-45 FS on main character and alts...but you are only trying to get some gear from pri to duo. Books when? 😅
  9. I kill people rather well without grab chaining tbh but most zerkers do rely on them. In my opinion stiff and knock down are more reliable than the desync plagued grab chains but that's just my personal experience.
  10. @Uberkull Appreciate the link will give it a good read while afk lifeskilling. It seems they went the Aion route but one step farther and removed name plates too.
  11. Appreciate it, changed it these days to where it has a red glow where they red dye is, kinda like evil tron lol
  12. Hmm, one MMO I played years ago...Aion I think it was called. Anywho this game had a feature where you didn't "instance" away people separate from your party but you could toggle their character off but it would leave their name tags visible. It was mainly used for the sieges which could get upwards of 150+ people per side. Could still attack, heal, or revive them even with only their name tag visible. It greatly increased fps when you would toggle the feature on. I wonder if something like that would be easier to implement than taking away player collisions.
  13. Was doing some exploring on berserker found a nice little cave with a waterfall.
  14. For those asking for a more PvE oriented game I don't know what type of luck you have when grinding that every time you go to farm you are getting PK'd. I have a friend that is guildless and only gets PK'd if she wanders into someones rotation for too long (which is normal, its easier to kill a random in your rotation than to stop, type hey leave, then have an argument if they don't). I myself am part of a war guild I rarely get attacked by randoms can actually count on both hands how many times randoms have attacked me. Enemy guilds sure they attack all the time but that's a choice I made with being in a war guild. For those asking for karma to be removed....smh yea I got no intelligent response for such an outlandish suggestion.
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