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  1. It is not unlikely this will be introduced in the long-run, but not any time soon i'm afraid. We're rather ahead and it'd be a lot of work to get this working.
  2. Grammaticus

    Should I buy

    Yes it's the best you can do on Console and pretty much PC as well. Game is real huge and you can find MANY ways how to enjoy it.
  3. Grammaticus

    Bring PVP for Levels below 49

    As stated in the Topic - There is no reason why PVP should not be auto enabled for everyone since lvl 1. I believe it would be fun to experience PVP from the very start of the game to get better at it early on and just over-all get better at it as your class progresses. There is no logic to why PVP should only start at certain level and people constantly have issues with the flagging quest, this would eliminate these trouble and Tickets entirely. There is still Karma mechanic which can protect you from harassment so there is no need for additional safeguards.
  4. Grammaticus

    Game Review After a Month

    Oh please don't even check these forums, just go away somewhere.
  5. Grammaticus

    Used all my rng for this month lol

    That is merely an assumption, as it is spelled out the chances have been moved around for sure, but these tiers still exist.
  6. Grammaticus

    Used all my rng for this month lol

    No, that's not how it works. There are Low, Mid and Top Tiers depending on DMG and your chance is better the more damage you deal. You are probably quoting the Patch Notes from the past, but same Patch Notes mention existence of these tiers. You can even see in-game that your loot changes with the damage you deal. The drop system for boss weapons has been reworked so that more Adventurers can have chances of getting them. In a World Raid Boss session, Adventurers within the top 80% of damage dealing have a chance of obtaining the items. (If 100 Adventurers participated, up to 80 of them can loot the boss.) The drop rates have been leveled so that more Adventurers can have chances at the boss items. Looting chance for the top damage dealing tier has been lowered by approximately 60%. Looting chance for the mid damage dealing tier has been raised by approximately 20%. Looting chance for the low damage dealing tier has been raised by approximately 300%.
  7. Grammaticus

    Used all my rng for this month lol

    Every day you stick to sub-par weapon is a day you lose money you could have gained by Grinding. Unless you get that Dande super soon, you'll actually be paying it many times over by losses when you can't defend your spot, can't kill that group fast enough.. Not even mentioning the fact you'll be Mid to Low tier on Karanda DMG list when that boss Actually arrives so chances are you'll have to wait longer.
  8. Grammaticus

    Wiz/ witch buffs pve

    I bet it won't be any time soon and the sad fact is that it's meant to address much deeper issue with Flows and Wiz / Witch High Tier AP Scalling which is just.. Sad on Awa skills. Basically you are OP low-mid tier, then you go straight Trash. Nice example:
  9. Grammaticus

    When someone enters your rotation lol

    That's a Free Jail Ticket for you sir.
  10. Grammaticus

    Skill help (Lahn)

  11. Grammaticus

    Lost 100 fs today on accident

    RIP. I'm sorry, but ... Why do you people Enhance in such a rush? x..x
  12. Grammaticus

    Satisfied or rerolling

    I love Lahn, she's real beast.
  13. Grammaticus

    I Crashed Ur Market

    Fine by me, sold my Weapon Blackstones at ~200k/piece before the price dropped again.
  14. Grammaticus

    Night Vendor Glitched?

    OFC we don't have some of these yet, but for the ones we do ranges are correct.