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  1. Grammaticus

    Server switching bug

    Again - Beta Event, not real thing. Don't mind me cherry-picking now, but it'd be laughable if you considered this achievement, or noted it in recruitment
  2. Grammaticus

    Server switching bug

    Just kind reminder that you only won a Beta event, not real EU Nodewar :3.
  3. Grammaticus

    How to Link Account for BETA Reward (?)

    It's pointless debating with you with that no-understanding attitude. Just cause you don't see the point doesn't mean there wouldn't be any. Beta promised rewards for participating, it stands to reason that you might need to link accounts in order to get them. Especially as this whole Linking Accounts is actually part of Beta announcement. Just FYI this question has also been numerously raised on FB. So please stop trying to play tough-boy and attacking people for no reason other than to look uneducated on Forums.
  4. I didn't mind it on my Witch, but when trying Berserker i was feeling like a drunken sailor jumping up-and-down during 8 magnitude earthquake.
  5. Grammaticus

    Can we get pen please

    Yeah the game has not even released yet so most people don't even bother to visit Forums. It's way too early to start comparing any attendance or community size. If PC is anything to judge, people generally tend to be more.. Self-involved to say the least. I'm sure there will be plenty of contributors, content makers and overall helpful people, but i wouldn't be surprised if Forums turned out more salty on long run. BD is a long-time investment and overall lone-wolf game so it tends to attract very specific types of people.
  6. Grammaticus

    How to Link Account for BETA Reward (?)

    Maybe in order to get the Beta Rewards, duh? Try to use your imagination.
  7. Grammaticus

    Can we get pen please

    Oh thanks, but it's not a lack of knowledge - rather motivation to commit to Beta :).
  8. Grammaticus

    Ugh, the control system needs some love ❤️

    LT + X Activates another Skill called Healing Lighthouse which is listed under your Skills with appropriate description.
  9. Grammaticus

    Can we get pen please

    Wow i admire your dedication if this is not exploit or bug related. I can barely keep up to lvl 30 knowing i will lose all progress in few weeks when the game releases.
  10. Grammaticus


    Yeah, please keep making fool of yourself in front of BD public. Majority of people here already have you blocked already, but i'm happy for your continuous stream of tears. You're like person who wants to play chess, but using cards and dice. It will never work out, yet you seem too stubborn to accept the fact. So instead of just looking elsewhere you stomp around like small spoiled kid you likely are.
  11. Hello Everyone, As per the Beta Announcement: https://www.xbox.playblackdesert.com/News/Detail?boardNo=211 We should be eligible for 2 pets from Beta. One for reaching Lvl 30, other for "Signing up on Web". Now my problem is i've already signed on Web earlier and now i need to Link Account in order to get my Skyhawk. Has anyone managed to Link their account somehow? When i click on Web i get the following: My question is.. Where in-game? I have seen no such option, possibly just missed it.
  12. Grammaticus


    It's 50th time you say goodbye yet you still keep on bothering people on these forums. How about you get a life and go play Athem or whichever game you currently lie about going to play.
  13. Grammaticus

    final beta feb 14-17th

    From the email they've sent: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20190214T080000&p1=1440&p2=234&p3=179&p4=136&p5=195&p6=37
  14. Grammaticus

    Controller with chatpad

    Except there is no Keyboard for BDX so chatpad is the best you get.
  15. Grammaticus

    State of the Pearl Shop

    1. Oh there is one NOW: 2. The drop-rate increase of Kamasylve Blessing translates to Silver which is going to be rather welcome at start. Extra Energy Recovery is also a huge advantage as you'll be rolling for Workers, Gathering etc to get that "edge". Having a special buff for money would go a long way. Although you might think of it as "endgame" buff, it's going to be very helpful at the very start as well. 3. Yeah there might be some "Rookie Adventurer Starter Kit", but not many bundles yet. They'll ease us up to it over time.