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  1. Grammaticus

    (XBOX)Mouse & Keyboard support

    Does it really? Because to me it seems like you're fishing for similarities (even in other Threads which is especially cute) to support your ill argument of making BDX into some sort of care-bear hippie community where people hold hands and pick up flowers and small roots.. Just concede the point and stop spamming around. BTW just to point out the obvious - What you are asking for is removal of core game mechanic for sake of your own enjoyment while what we are asking for is not adding support for peripheral which would go against how BDX was designed. It's not matter of price, we can all get M&K, but it would not be optional and worsen the game for everyone. But hey, if you threw away all pretense of trying to understand other peoples points and are intentionally thick i don't think you'll get my explanation either.
  2. Grammaticus

    Add Turning While Using Skills

    In PC version most people had "Mouse Movement" Turned on, although it was largely a nuisance for getting A to B. It however allowed you to Turn Mid-Skill and land it in different direction than you started. This is most notable in classes with long animations such as Wizard / Witch, Berserk etc where you start casting skill in PVP and could respond to enemy trying to outflank you before it landed or stopped channeling. This is incredibly valuable tool as some classes are locked in animation for seconds which feel like an eternity in PVP. If you are static, you easily risk someone will go around and back-damage you for extra DPS. What i would love BDX to include from the start is ability to simply turn around while casting any skill. This is much like Wizards Skill Blizzard that turns character facing while leaving you static unless you use an interrupt. I'm afraid that without this ability many players will tend to avoid certain skills as those will simply leave them open for full duration. Automatic change of direction where you are facing with your char would help greatly improve play-ability and user experience.
  3. Grammaticus

    (XBOX)Mouse & Keyboard support

    I'm personally very much against Keyboard + Mouse support. Once they'll allow this in BDX EVERYONE will have to get these peripherals to keep competitive. It won't be an "if" choice, all Siege / Elitist guild will strictly require this as this will give you immense edge over controller players. If you want to play Mouse + Keyboard i have one word for you - BDO. The PC version is around for ages and you can even play with Gamepad there. For rest of us who want to just lay back watching huge TV Controller-Only is the only choice. BDX is all designed with controller in mind and i'm sure that once you get used to it, you'll like it the way it is.
  4. Grammaticus

    Looking for pve guild, very active player

    I'm sure everyone will be happy to have you. You strike me as perfect group player and real leader material.
  5. Grammaticus

    Just a suggestion

    Deathz Angel: I'm sorry, this cube is too complicated and not to my liking.. The turning of specific parts is badly done. I want all the fun of solving a Rubic Cube without actually having to do any of the work involved. EVERYONES Rubic Cube should have all the fields white, this way everyone will be happy as there will be no need for competition or anyone feeling bad about not being able to solve it.
  6. Grammaticus

    Why was witch the rarest class to roll during BETA?

    ^^^ This, although i was kinda surprised by Witch being the least played class as despite being weaker in 1v1, it's probably one of the best and easiest starter classes. Both Wizard and Witch don't really depend on Combos that much, are very self-sufficient and pre-awa are probably the best grinding class (especially with what's available at Xbox at launch). Fact that you also SHINE in mass-PVP makes them really valuable. BTW also mained Wizard as Harming (also rolling Berserk - Please stop copying) and it's even better post-awakening, although the grinding speed and overall proficiency drops sharply bringing Witch / Wiz to the low-tier due to bad mobility and animations taking ages. On Side Note: I'm really interested in how they will handle absence of Mouse Click Turning as if you won't be able to turn around mid-cast Wiz and Witch will basically be a free-kill for everyone who comes around. I will literally just stroll around any Wiz in Aqua Jail / Bolide of Destruction, put cannon on his back and blast away.
  7. Grammaticus

    Just a suggestion

    We get your point, but this is clearly not going to happen as BDO is around for years and if anything it's heading towards more PVP not less. On bright side you don't lose anything if you die and you can always switch channels to avoid griefing. Otherwise you gotta take it as part of the game and live with it. Of course make suggestions to your heart content, we're just saying that you should not get your hopes up.
  8. Grammaticus

    BDO and BDX accounts should be the same?

    I'm PC "Veteran" and severely against any advantages of PC players. New game, new start :3.
  9. Grammaticus

    A paid founders pack

    Sorry Spot Taken.
  10. Grammaticus


    I'm OK with most of the P2W Features present on PC version, but i somehow don't think that most will transfer well to Consoles which tend to have more.. Chilled player-base that don't tend to go so hardcore. I would certainly dislike if the BDO introduced Costume Melting here. Even Artisans i'm bit skeptical about. Other than that Pets (with new ez merging system), Maids, Tent, Costumes etc are fine. Even Value Pack i'd survive.
  11. Grammaticus

    Just a suggestion

    Well you don't want to PVP and have proposed the solution to the fact (never going to 50+) although that will also mean you can forget about PVE content as well and stick to professions and life skilling. The game however is built around conflict of multiple territories and PVP is what most of people even play BDO for so it's never going to change, i'm sorry. You can still find a lot of stuff to do outside of PVP however.
  12. Grammaticus

    Is it possible?

    If fact more details about MP are in this Years FESTA: < New Marketplace > The new marketplace is available on Black Desert Online Global Lab and is currently under development. The advantage of the new marketplace is that there is no waiting time for sales and it is not a bidding system. Here is how the new system will work. It will show the ups and downs in the price of the items, which will prevent abusive transaction activities. The existing bidding method that depended on probability will be replaced by the new method that will depend on the time an order was made. This will solve many problems with the current Marketplace system. It will also be a place to store your goods from all your storages. The new marketplace system will be accessible on the web or smartphone regardless of your location. The current upper and lower limit prices have been held excessively conservatively, so sellers were in an unfavorable position. However, with the new market economy, the general transaction activities will become less restricted. The new Marketplace is a mass-scaled content which even requires additional servers. As a result, we expect some time difference among serviced regions for its launch. Source: https://community.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?threads/festa-2018-gm-note.342693/
  13. Lucky for us the Devs have nothing to do with this Forum debacle which falls entirely on CMs heads. I guess they take weekends off too :).
  14. Grammaticus

    Is it possible?

    Indeed, unless they changed something down the lane, BDO will still have centrally controlled Market. Honestly - Thanks God for that :). BDO has always been mostly about individual achievements. I believe that the Market will still remain RNG for situations where Pre-Order hits the Max Price, but we'll have to see.
  15. Grammaticus

    Is it possible?

    Again - No, that's not how it's going to work. What GMs specifically said is: "New Marketplace System The Marketplace has always played a very important role in Black Desert, but has been without any big changes for a long time. Therefore, we are developing a new marketplace that will be closer to the ideal of free market economy. The new marketplace will have a virtual account and will require you to deposit your silver and register your items, in order to trade. In order for you to purchase or sell an item, you will need to input a price within the market price range. If the item is available for that price, it will be purchased instantly. If the item isn’t available, it will only be purchased once someone registers it at your price. Additionally, we expect the new system to resolve some of the issues of the current marketplace. Once fully implemented, we will start preparing a smartphone app that will allow you to sell and buy items anywhere, at any time. " Source: https://community.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?threads/remastered-black-desert-showcase.277094/ There is no mention of getting pre-order price, you will still get only small percentage.