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  1. They said they know its an issue but wouldn't be fixed by launch but shortly after
  2. Click on the standard edition in the Store scroll down and youll see "Whats Included" there you can click the 9.99 base game and buy it i jist did it this morning
  3. When I was younger. Graal Online ive spent more time with than any game ever. Besides my brothers I've never even met anyone that knows what the game was (Im 33) Ended up being a GM, even made a full website dedicated to it. Had my own house in there, almost got a dungeon put in. Man that game was so awesome, sparring (once DSL came out I was untouchable), guild wars, AIM (instant messenger lol) and is actually what taught me how to code and make websites because I was so hooked.. Perfect World International some years back. Was pay 2 win for sure but the guilds and Territory Wars were awesome. 2 years easy. And never minded spending real money. Order & Chaos 1 on mobile. Could not believe a real mmorpg could be played on a phone. Great fun with awesome people. Played from launch until release of O&C 2, which just didnt do it for me, and my guild seperated so it wasnt as fun anymore ESO isnt for me, TERA on xbox just has horrible network issues so I dont play much. BDO seems like my next go to. And If I like a game I will absolutely spend real money on it to support..and to have sweet **** lol..$30 here n there for a pack of smokes n some alcohol or $30 on a game I play anytime im not at work or sleep. Here's to BDO!
  4. On/Off would be great. Me as an adult personally I have no problem with profanity aside from racism
  5. This should be more than a consideration. It needs to be fixed
  6. Nah i have a 4k 55inch and have it cut off..not an issue for any other games even without adjusting borders. just this one
  7. Heya. Maybe I'm not too in tune with the controls yet but I was thinking this last Beta too.. There is alot to do in the main menu, especially when learning to understand everything. Yall should make it so when you're in a submenu and you press B to go back, you return to the main menu with the submenu you were in still highlighted instead of it closing all the way. I'd rather press B twice to exit than to have to keep opening it again. Just a QoL fix.
  8. Dont know if this has been suggested, but during the beta a little thing annoyed me, when going to the menu and selecting whatever, when you press B to back out you have to open the menu all over again. Theres a few games that I wish would just change this. I'd rather press back twice to exit the menu than for it to exit and have to reenter it, Especially when trying to learn all the different menu options. So pressing back should go back to the actual menu then press again to exit
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