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  1. LordDante

    Gear Question...

    Being new to this game, I'm not 100% sure on what armour I should be going for as there is not that much to pick from, set's etc from what ive seen so far, atm I'm running fall Agerian but have not upgraded it as I was told to save the stones, so what should I being going for, for when I hit level cap?...
  2. LordDante

    Xbox Achievements?

    Normally by now True Achievements would of picked them up on there site, and in some rare cases only when the game gets played the list gets shown, so...has the game got Achievements? and if so what do you think some of them are going to be...
  3. LordDante

    Day One Patch?

    That's what I worried about, I want at lest one of my names I use, and more so my house name...
  4. LordDante

    Day One Patch?

    That's why I made this post, as I said with my client for some reason, 9/10s it would redownload the client as well as the new update, so I hope they release it before the 1st....
  5. LordDante

    Day One Patch?

    With a week to go, with most game these days, they normally come with a Day One patch, so is there any Day One patch planned before release?... Reason why I'm asking is, when ever I do an update for this game it makes me ALWAYS redownload the client in full, don't know why, but as long as if there is a patch please release it before Friday...
  6. LordDante

    Can't start the game!

    Are we going to get a fix before the beta ends?...
  7. LordDante

    Disconnected from servers, can't play

    I have managed to get into the game once, but other then that error 800C000B all the other times, over 48 hours and still not sorted....
  8. LordDante

    Can't start the game!

    Don't work here...
  9. LordDante

    Can't start the game!

    As its an EU thing, you sure you haven't got Theresa May sorting out a deal to fix the problem?....if so there is no hope....
  10. LordDante

    Can't start the game!

    still not fixed...……..
  11. LordDante

    Can't start the game!

    Said on Discord... [CM]Shirna-Worst PvP'er in BDXToday at 1:08 AM 800c00b is supposed to be close to a resolution but right now we're not sure. The devs are looking into it
  12. LordDante

    Can't start the game!

    Why are some accounts timing out and others are not?, at first I thought it could do with nat but it's not, was going to try and redownload the client but my dummy account works but my main wont... Just hope I don't have this problem on releases....
  13. LordDante

    Beta Preload is Live!

    They said in the last stream the old beta will get am update to the new client for this beta test, the update is making me download the client in full, 32GB worth...
  14. LordDante

    Xbox one x 60 fps?

    You get what you pay for, same if you cheap out on a PC, someone is going to have a better rig then you...
  15. LordDante

    UK stealth price increase - Why?

    You should of got it when it was £64.99, I know I wish I did, but I payed the new price of £78.49, get over it, I did....