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  1. I bought the Ultimate best deal by far dog fogan and 3k pearls there goes ur 5 pets right there
  2. Darkside

    When will pearls be available?

    Im sure you will be able to buy pets day one of release as well as outfits thats gonna be PA main income the cash shop
  3. Darkside

    Companion app

    Idk how its gonna work on xbox but on the pc version you can send items from storage from town to town by using ur map as long as you have silver in the storage of the town u want to send from
  4. Darkside

    Skill Point Menu

    Yeah i agree the pc set up for skill tree is so much better then xbox version
  5. Darkside

    Pre-Orders Start Jan 7th!

    Im gonna have to agree with this everyone melts outfits for crons. Also i would like to add in my opinion selling pearl items on market board to me its same as buying silver with money just buy 5 outfits with pearls(real momey) list them on market make 500+ mil.
  6. Darkside

    Pre-Orders Start Jan 7th!

    I hope the biggest package comes with the same outift the pc had its my favorite outfit in the game. Glad to see progress with release.
  7. Darkside

    Node war times

    Would be great if node war times where spread out not same time every day so that players of different time zones and work schedule are able to join them. i myself dont work 2nd shift but i know ppl who do and only get to do node war once a week and wish they could do more wars
  8. Darkside

    Introduction Thread!

    Hi im darkside current bdo player been playing since pc release and looking forward to a fresh start been keeping a eye on bdx since it was announced forever ago
  9. Darkside

    Complaint regarding information withhold

    Unfortunately a couple of my friends have already decided to back out of the getting this game due to its lack of communication