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  1. been having trouble with this quest since day 1 on the standard edition Elina Leight asks if iv came through the Northern Wheat Plantation. And if iv met Norma Leight.well i have met her Multiple time and talked with her but my amity with her is minus 77 and iv no idea why. is this the reason i can't advance in the main story?.iv done nearly all the missions in the surrounding area that connected to the plantation. id really like to play the story as im enjoying the content but i haven't been playing much because of this issue please help.
  2. So I'm probably just a noob and can't find any info on this, but under my weapon power bar the black spirit is there and its at 100%. iv no idea what it means. Also on the map, there are red face icons what are they?
  3. A 6FT Rabbit - A 6FT Rabbit - EU - Walker (Bookman)
  4. thanks very much for the quick info
  5. ok so I knew the game would launch with fewer characters that are currently on pc, but only 6? come on that has to be a micky take. I was so excited to finally get to play as a tamer only to find that she's not in the roster WTF? So my question now is when will the rest of the roster appear? please be soon causes the game feels empty right now especially without my tamer... But in all seriousness do we have a scheduled release time or something, Thanks in advance for any info provided.
  6. if there is no release date maybe we'll get another beta? i hope so cause i missed the 1st one.
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