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  1. I can't find what the launch price will be. Is it the same as the standard bundle? If not, then what will launch price be and will there be any included perks?
  2. A little while ago, somebody got me to actually notice the pop in. I haven't been able to unsee it since. The brightness during the day combined with the screenshake is terrible, but manageable in waves. Leveling rate from scratch seemed to go at about the same pace as PC. Node wars was ruined for me. Couldn't get in to the servers. Yea, The inventory UI needs to be increased at least 20% like nightingale said. I saw in chat a few times about the screen being cut off, didn't experience this and do not know how to fix it. Partying up worked great! Quests worked. PvP collision was definitely off. I didn't experience too many framerate drops, or I didn't notice them. My xbox did not explode during the beta Overall, I think the beta went well. Issues that arose seemed to be isolated cases, except for the server issues. Combat went well, lifeskills seem to have worked as intended. Even taking a raft out to balenos islands felt good. See you all at launch!!
  3. sorry Jacs, wasn't talking to you. I hit the wrong quote. my bad, lol. I was actually trying to quote the quote of uber that you quoted if that makes sense. New Edit: Looking back again to see where I mistakenly quoted you, I cannot determine what I did wrong or how/why I quoted you. Maybe I wanted to talk with you on something and was still on uber? beats me. sorry again
  4. Lol, I tell my kids goodbye in the morning exactly like that guy. AFKing is an option. I do not AFK anything in BDO. I also have kept up with the masses. I grind, I gather, I process, and I do GQ. That has provided me with all the money I needed to get get geared up, and still have enough left to have a sitting preorder over 2b for a weapon. If people want to afk away, let them. why should it bother any of you? Instead of pissing and moaning about the way others do things, why don't you figure out your own way. I did, and it works. I'm a console gamer, always have been, always will be. I upgraded to a newer and better computer to be able to give PC gaming a try. BDO has been my best experience and now it is coming to my home system. You bet your ass I'm going to port over here to play it. And so what if I am already very knowledgable on the game. Doesn't that serve to help people out? To understand things about the game that are confusing at first and second glance? "You can't play here, you know too much." F you uber. Maybe some of us like the rush of a fresh start. Maybe some of us prefer to play on console. Just because there is a knowledge gap between us and you, doesn't mean you have to resort to your default reaction which is insults. From what I gathered, my beta guild loved having me there. I was able to fill in those gaps and help them understand things like enchanting gear and extracting stones, good places to grind based on their level, and help them navigate the UI. Sometimes it is better than forcing them to google things. So what happened to you during the beta? You were positive and friendly when you first came to the forums, now you are all negative and nasty. Did someone hurt you?
  5. Not true in every case. Even on PC there are nice people and there mean people. It creates a perfect environment. And folks, Beond may be legit. I, myself, am a little salty that I didn't +15 everything, but it was definitely possible to do so. By Saturday morning, I had my Main +13 offhand +12, and my armors were at +10. That was with 12 total hours of playing(1 lvl 40, almost 2 level 30's) I got gold bars from missions, very nice money from naga drops. (150 of their scales was worth 100k silver. Each mob dropped 4-7 scales. Easy money). Every elite mob in the games dropped progynal bars and sometimes, stones. Enemies dropped already upgraded gear to extract. Somebody coming from PC, knowledgable of the game, could make it work if he was prepared for it. While it seems like a stretch of the imagination, I think he may have done it on his own.
  6. The control scheme is customizable. Instead of having RT and RB as your attack, why not set it to A and X? Use RT or RB as the default button for talking to npc's or confirming stuff while you are talking to them. Use RB and RT as buttons for special attacks, etc.. with this set up, LB + A could maybe still be jump. B can still be dodge/block. You do not have to use the claw method on the controller. that sucks a lot.
  7. you're absolutely right, Daniel. Back to topic: Buy the game or do not buy the game. The rest of us have made our decision and whether or not we see you in game will be your decision. The price thing was a mistake, but they are honoring the deal that some people in EU took advantage of while it existed. I wish the messed up like this in NA
  8. Casual Players can get a lot out of this game, especially if you belong to a guild. Even though you will not be as strong as everyone else, you can still get rewarded by helping your guild complete gathering and subjugation missions when you do manage to log in. Exploration will definitely take some time if you are casual, as the map is pretty damn large. There are all kinds of little secret spots. There are also places that you may find personally fascinating where the rest of us simply walk right by. I forget where this comes from but here it is: A man visits his friend that he hasn't seen in a while. the friend says "Where have you been? why do you not visit so much." The other man replies "Because it is more pleasant to hear 'where have you been' than 'why are you here?'" Sometimes being a casual player would be better for your relationship with your in game friends. If you and your friends are casual players, then coming into the game looking to do a boss fight or guild quest won't be met with hesitation, but with eagerness just to hang out and do something. Anyway, I strayed a bit there. In a lot of cases a casual player can get more out of the game than a hardcore player. Every moment you spend playing the game will be enjoyable, rather than detesting the menial tasks you'd have to do to stay relevant in the competitive realm.
  9. Gear Summary: Some gear in BDO has more crystal slots than others. Agerian armor has 1 slot per piece while Grunil has 2. Heve armor increases your max hp, while Hercules armor increase your carry weight. For weapons, Liverto(Blue) and Kzarka(Yellow) have the same ap, but kzarka does more damage vs enemies as a bonus. All green gear can be upgraded via reform stones. A green piece of gear may give you +48 DP at TRI level. but that same piece of gear would give you +50DP and 54DP respectively as you reform them to blue and to yellow. Same thing with AP on weapons. Gear diversity is a big thing. Your boss gear is pretty much your pvp gear. everything else, you equip based on the situations you are going to find yourselves in. Just grinding mobs and want to grind longer before turning your stuff in and melting useless gear? wear Hercules armor. Are you a level or two under the mobs you are going to face? wear heve armor for that extra HP. The crystals you put into gear are important as well. Out exploring? Put some crystals in your shoes that let you jump higher or run faster. There is also lifeskill equipment. Processing? you'll need craftsmen clothes to increase your chance of processing better items and increasing the exp you get from processing. Gathering? get some gathering clothes to increase gathering speed, exp. There are also accessories put into play here. While the Asula set increases your AP more than the treant set, you'll want the treant set for gathering because it increases your carry limit. I could go on and on about the gear differences, but that would require an even greater wall of text. I hope you get the idea.
  10. I'm going to just go ahead and have my family name set as StolenFamilyName
  11. Thursday cant come soon enough
  12. Same here. im too poor to get a chat pad or Bluetooth keyboard. i'll be using this cheap ass 5 dollar keyboard I got from a discount store and it's waterproof! This only means I will have to pull the sofa closer to the TV. This may have adverse effects because of the screenshake issue, but Fook IT.
  13. Even with a poop connection, this is plenty of time to download!
  14. yea, Cookies, I'm actually surprised there isn't a grand furnishing addition in the ultimate preorder. Everybody, when the game launches, by a bookshelf from the pearl shop. This will allow your characters that you are not using to gain knowledge for you. also buy a premium bed. with that, you can afk sleep to increase your energy gains. Instead of 1 energy restored every 3 minutes, it will be 3 every 3 minutes. that increases to 5 if you have a kamasylve blessing activated. that's 100 energy restored per hour for one character. 1 afk sleeping, all other characters reading a book makes for a pretty productive afk hour that results in a higher energy pool. Well worth the cash.
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