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  1. Great put me on since you obviously didn’t understand DONT TAG me in anymore of your **** posts thanks. We have nothing to talk about.
  2. John snow? What’s that make you McGee?Whatever man think what you want. This is far from a skill based game it’s not the least complicated you can be killed just as easy as anyone else can in equal gear either way I don’t care done with your conversation don’t tag me in anymore of your posts. Can’t argue with someone who knows it all.
  3. Right and it falls under successful but not elite like wow ffxiv from a sub point active players count bdo definitely has more players than the 1000 people who play Star Trek online on Xbox I know I play it. It’s pretty low populated. Like WildStar had more players and shutdown. There’s been a big backlash on console gaming with microtransactions and stuff being put into games this last year the companies are getting greedy. TERA launched on Xbox less than a year ago people got to the cap found out at max level you pretty much need to buy stuff with cash to continue and the updates where to far apart and now it’s a ghost land.
  4. This game is no more complex then the 80 other Korean mmos out there lol almost follows TERAs model to a T pre wrath WOW and WildStar is way way more complicated than this is this is like dynast warriors with a bunch of people running around the AI is brain dead and success fail rate on modifying items encourages grinding and or spending money just like every other free to play Korean game. There’s not a big mystery anyone with half a brain can go look up pathing online and cruise right on thru. I don’t get where your thinking this game is complicated it isn’t lol.
  5. I hate to bring you down we know how highly you think of yourself but who doesn’t hit lvl 50 in 5 hours my first character hit 55 in about 10 hours and I did zero research for this game before I played. But I also came from raiding and high end pvp in wow and aion even new players are going to hit 50 in 8-10 hours so I’m not sure what your boasting about.
  6. Would be nice I see them dropping it all at once one huge patch to get the most out of there money in CERTs hell within a yea ether could be caught up to pc or it could be a barren wasteland all depends on how they handle the game honestly.
  7. I think you have a mental disease how the love did anyone ruin it for you pearl abyss made the game and made it for Xbox dont like it go play pc how did we ruin it? Your seem like a very insecure entitled little brat. Wahhh there’s a level cap but I want it now. Fact is it is what it is don’t like take it up with someone at pearl abyss o that’s right they don’t care about your opinions either they have there launch plans and that’s that.
  8. Yep a patch a month maybe until they see how it cuts into there revenue but honestly the games not really complete atlaunch no If it launches at the awakening patch it would be cool but seems it’s going to be a while before it gets really good.
  9. I’m sure you do your the best player ever right well when you have 50 people camping you don’t go whining to momma either way as I said I’m going to laugh at you idiot while you kill the game right at launch saves me money so go for it.
  10. Read again you idiot I said they will kill the game off not me Jesus what’s with all the LOPS in here I don’t personally care if it’s still around and fairly populated by like June I may check it out I’m sticking to pc until it’s proven to have some legs behind it.
  11. You won’t ruin it for me I’m not buying this until it’s around for more than a few months been burned by Xbox mmos and this is looking like it’s probably going to bomb because of elitist dork faces like you. Your definitely a kid. I hope trash like you gets ejected quickly.ill stick to mopping you up on pc
  12. Seeing as how you said your going to disrupt the game until they uncapp the level cap because your mad I think of a CM saw that post they would prob ban your account since your threatening to damage there game because your a big crybaby FYI protesting doesn’t work in real life they usually get beaten and leave.
  13. Well be warned you will kill the game off and then you will have wasted your time. See Tera on Xbox went from 8 full servers to 2 low pop servers in less than a year so you go ahead. And there won’t be no river at all just you all standing around complaining there’s no one in game. No biggie.
  14. This the no lifers are mad because no matter what they can’t our level and pk you and they will be wasting a majority of there time grinding for nothing. They already have a full version must no be able to hack it on the pc version I guess. Think there going to just come over to console and rule it. It sounds so stupid. There probably going to kill this version off then they will have really wasted there time.
  15. Not that but what he says makes since if you like the pc version and hate this version go play that version it’s the same game. I’m guessing some pc players are coming over so they can pk all the noobs because they can’t on pc. Why all the complaining I’m waiting to buy this until they sort all the stuff out definitely not buying it while it has a cap. Some of you guys are right on both sides. With Xbox CERT process it may be every month hit or miss won’t be more than once a month 50 will be the cap for at least a month at most 3 months depends how much money they want to pay to update. Play or don’t play but why sit and argue over the same **** your right and there right on certain things and your wrong and there wrong on certain thinkg. loving hell.
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