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  1. Hello, so I have a question let's say I buy the standard edition, but then I change my mind can I upgrade to Advanced or Ultimate directly ? Thanks.
  2. KOR


    Thinking of joining, but I have a few questions if you guys don't mind. So far from what I saw you look like to be the only EU guild that is promising and has proper setup/management. But that makes me think in first place : Will we have separate servers like EU/NA/SA(?) or it will be a global one ? Because I don't see that much guild, but not that much players either or maybe I'm just really bad informed which I hope not haha! ( Put me on the right way ) If YES, well then it would mean you will be the only challenging guild ? or literally guild with a true core ? (Most of the threads doesn't specify the region) Because why would I join your guild if it's not gonna have any fun in terms of PvP I hope there will not be a single guild owning all the regions [Jordine Grind <3] If that's the case I rather bring some mates and put some competition there >:) Otherwise like someone said on my topic, maybe more guilds/players will show up with throughout the ads/pre orders etc.. How do you guys feel so far?
  3. Meanwhile I understand that I would need to find the same kind of people with the same mindset as I have starting a guild is a not a problem managing it is okay as well what worries me is finding players with the same interest and experience I don’t know if there will be many veterans players here if it is not the cas I’ll have to myself change the way I planed to get the guild working and it’s goals but yeah definitely not a bad idea if some are up to open one ! Also how come Harming got temp banned ? EDIT : Also how would we manage a guild, I mean on PC it's Discord / TeamSpeak meanwhile here it will be clubs & parties I believe that's not convenient to me
  4. Hello everyone, with the upcoming release of BDO on Xbox, I decided to grab myself an Xbox One which was highly discounted. And so here it is on my hands, and i was wondering if there was some guilds that would eventually fit for me. Here who I'am I'am a 20y male gamer who played BDO since Korea, moved slightly in RU being on BlackSails guild and after EU release I've done guilds like GRIND -> Futiliez -> EXCESSUM -> ShadowElite -> Harmony -> -> DiviumFuror -> Resillience pretty much top guilds. Then MENA/TR server came out, and I decided to give it a try it was a short period however pretty fun if you ask me, was part of the only english speaking guild called "Exit" hi to @Harming which was in MENA too after leaving Exit he went to Disaster, which I did too after main English players left the server due to language barrier .. ( Exit was one of the best Siege Guild with Disaster ) so here again top guilds. And so I'am here not to show my epeen but to join a guild that has the goal to be the best guild in terms of PvP and has a big knowledge of the game. I have myself experience in Shotcalls if you need someone like that. Please let me know though PM's ! And well if no guilds good for me well then I'll make my own haha!
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