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  1. I'm having a hard time picking between Ranger, or Witch for a main. They are the classes I want to play the most and they happen to be starters. I don't want a super basic class and I want some mobility. But I did play the Witch the most in the beta.
  2. I think deluxe is the worst value. I'd just get the lowest version in your situation and use the extra money left to get some of the essentials.
  3. Thanks! Sorc and Ranger are not too skanky, I guess. Still not 100% on my main, but it's between Witch, Ranger and Tamer. Too bad the Ranger is the only one I'd use it on. Lol I know, but it's a bummer still. Would be whatever if classes were not gender locked, but pretty much every class I think looks cool happens to be a chick.
  4. Was wondering what it looked like on the females. I don't like the armored skank aesthetic that most of their cosmetics have.
  5. Yeah, I can't agree with that, but it's all good. Obviously I can deal with it enough to still buy and play. Off topic, but did they post a picture of the Shudad set anywhere? I want to see what it'll look like.
  6. That's good to hear we get some more base inventory and weight to work with. The 60 fps is whatever to me, since I'm running the oldest Xbox one ever. I wont praise them too much still, paying for inventory and weight in a buy to play title is pretty scummy still, but I knew what I was getting into. Plan for the worst, hope for the best, I suppose.
  7. Ah, you're one of those. Picture books and memes when talking to you, got it. I'll try to be less wordy in the future.
  8. Didn't play PC, but from experience on other games, bad players tend to group up to the point where 90% of them are fodder. Just have to outplay them.
  9. I think you've wildly misunderstood me. I really don't think you've made any effort to understand where I'm coming from, same as your friends.
  10. And anyone who doesn't parrot my exact viewpoint is a negative nancy trying to derail the post lmao Been sitting on the forum for like five months. Picked a great time to sign up and actually interact with people.
  11. I really hope so, I have a very specific look in mind, but not sure if it's possible. Plus, don't want to spend the first hour of launch on character creation lol
  12. Good to know! I plan to run white and black on my Witch.
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