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  1. Ikkkene

    Shadow arena

    Does anyone know if we will have the shadow arena at launch? I been assuming that was reason for the delay, well that and the new market place.
  2. I know on pc you can, so I don’t see why they wouldn’t do it on Xbox also.
  3. Ikkkene

    Pearl Shop

    So we should be looking at the cash shop for black desert sea? Isn’t that version published by PA?
  4. Ikkkene

    Just curious

    Lol I’m half expecting to see a lil elf girl named Beyoncé or troll named Bob Ross next.
  5. Ikkkene

    Just curious

    I’ve never played bdo on pc but I have watch probably like every video remotely related to bdo on YouTube. I’m starting to notice a trend..... how many famous people are npc’s in bdo?
  6. Ikkkene

    Simon answer please

    It looks like the [cm] Simon account got a name change.
  7. Ikkkene

    before i preorder...

    I really hope they change their minds on leaving out tamer at launch.
  8. Ikkkene

    Ultimate Pack breakdown.

    Why does it say the release date is February 28 on the Xbox site?
  9. Ikkkene

    The joke is on you PA

    🤫 they’ll move it to March 2020.....