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  1. youre proving my point bro. Listen to yourself. Lets say they knew they were getting rid of renown why would they put it in xbox version they wouldn't youre right. But lets say the xbox version launched when it was supposed to and they didn't have renown and they had the new marketplace because these are all changes that are planned wayyyy ahead. Then that would make the xbox version like a year ahead of pc since pc wont get those changes till early 2019. This is what I was getting at.
  2. tell me how good the wheel works when your standing still to use an ability and get destroyed lol, and actually yes LT is the same as RB AND LB its used as a combo key. technically they could use all the triggers and bumper and make them into the d pad wheel. Or they could just do I like they already did once on pc and not go through all this hassle. lastly, as for easier mmo ive played plenty of bdo on pc with A CONTROLLER <----- key part right there. And was able to keep up with kbm players. Everyone who hasn't played before doesn't understand the significance of being mobile and using abilities. and before anyone comments "welllll this is not pc blah blah blah" whether its pc or xbox that doesn't change the core mechanics of the game those are the same and always will be. that includes ccs, and how to keep yourself protected while using abilties whether you are killing people or adds.
  3. they didn't announce the removal of renown until like 2 weeks after beta ended? and you guys obviously didn't not listen to the devs when they said they want the xbox version to be as similar to pc version as possible. Also as I stated before but ou obviously didn't read I was not talking about ahead of pc on content ( areas, characters, node wars, rifts stec) I said ahead of pc patch wise. As in class balance ui which idk if you have noticed but pc ui looks like the xbox ui and the xbox ui was shown 6 months before pc changed it to that.
  4. Yea no no no I was saying they are catching PC up to Xbox in the current balance of classes and **** like that. I didn't mean that we would release with all the areas and ****. I was just talking about things like UI class balance and renown score. I would agree
  5. It's possible but siege isn't released at launch if I'm not mistaken so therefore launching the game and working on siege while we are capped can be done and there would be no reason to delay for that. Now as for my theory which I have been saying since day one. I think it's getting pushed back because they want the PC version and Xbox version on the exact same page. They are making alot of changes to the PC version some which idk of you have seen but made the PC version look like our Xbox version. I think the Xbox version is ahead of PC and they need to catch PC up to us before they release. One example is they just announced on PC that they are getting rid of the renown score. If you recall in the beta for Xbox we did not have renown score. Coincidence? Idk
  6. You obviously haven't played this game before because not all abilities can be used with button combinations. And I was not referring to the previous video when I said 4 hotkeys. You said pushing 1 button on the d pad to use a skill. And that's only if you have 1 skill on there unless you wanna love around with the ring menu. Which means then you have only 4 hotkeys left down right up. There is much more to hotkeys in this game than you would know trust me.
  7. Did I even play the beta? Haha. 1. Putting one skill on a single d pad key is aids because then that allows you to ONLY have 4 hot keys skills. Other wise you need the ring menu and that is buns to use. 2 you contradicted yourself because you said lb and RB was already used for skills. Obviously they were but that doesn't mean you can't remap then to another key because you think I'm dumb but you said lt was used in the previous video as a modifier. Well guess what bud lt was used for skills in the beta. How can that be???? you obviously can't read and I already said this wasn't my idea. This is how the controller config is to play the PC version with a Xbox controller. And also lb and RB were just example you could use any 2 buttons. But I figured it would be easier to transfer over a controller configuration that was already flawless rather than developing something as trash as a ring menu
  8. Since the game is not release this year obviously I was curious about how its taking so long to release a game with a shitty wheel system control scheme. Playing the beta it wasn't too bad because I didn't have to use the hotbar but I was thinking about it. Later in the game you will have to use the hotbar for things like rabam skills , elixers , drought for node wars and other certain skills that are hotbar only. So I'm just wondering why use the wheel when you can just use combo keys. For those who don't know what I'm talking about let me explain. For anyone who has played PC with a controller you'll get what I'm saying. But for example instead of hittin left on d pad and trying to pick the skill you need as fast as you can you can simply hit 2 buttons and do the same. Example: LB and RB as combo keys. This would give you 20 hotkey buttons and still leave you access to single hitting the d pad (left d pad won't be occupied by one of the rings same with right down and up) . Example as follows , LB X, A, B, Y, RT, LT, DPAD LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP. and would be exact same as for RB. So say you need to pop a health pot just hit LB X say you need Mana LB A. You wanna pull up you inv RB Y maybe you need to call the black spirit just hit RB RT. I'm not sure how many hotkeys we got with the ring menu but this setup gives you 20 and still leaves you access to using your d pad without having those locked to the ring menu. That's more than enough hotkeys for what we need to do on Xbox. Also they would be 100% customizable and would make it easy to use Z buffs and rabam skills. Side note I'm not sure who did the controller compatibility for PC but if I was PA I would of just transferred that right over and skipped the 8 months of wasted time on how to do the controls and then maybe we would have the game by now lol. @[CM] Simon your team is letting us down.
  9. Patient? Patient? I've been waiting a whole year for this not a few weeks. I'm done being patient
  10. @[CM] Simon only 4 weeks left till the end of the year. How long are you guys going to wait and let down the whole player base AGAIN before you announce that it's not being released this year and being pushed back yet again. Still hard for me to understand why it's so hard for pa to give a release date when the beta ran great. You guys have so many loyal and devoted fans to a game that majority haven't played that much other than the beta yet you guys love killing them off with lack of information of a release date. People have families and jobs and want to sort their schedule around to play at launch but there is limited time left this year so what you play on announcing the release date a week ahead of time. I mean I know pa is notorious for that on PC but you would think they would have a little more courtesy for the Xbox player base since they are on track to lose them before the game launches. Just a thought Simon I don't mean to get on you because you don't have much pull but at least you could relay the message for me and the rest of the player base. Feel free to lock this post too
  11. What do you mean get around combos and the wheel lol how else are you going to use abilities hahah
  12. thank you very much @[CM] Simon. also can you change the key imputs around? like say I want LT to be The A button instead can you customize that?
  13. Bro I am telling you for a fact there are certain abilites that are ONLY hotkey skills.
  14. You do though. You'll have to use the wheel for hotbar only skills. Some classes have more than others
  15. that was kinda my whole point. The pc version of this game has what they call combine keys, which are LB and RB so in order to use your hotkeys its LB and xyab rt lt and all for d pad buttons. and its this for LB RB and LB+RB, and I didn't understand why they didn't do it this way for the xbox version. essentially it can give you 36 hotkeys if you were to do it that way which is more than enough
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