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  1. I'm a lvl59 life skiller witch. lvl60 striker and i main a lvl61 540gs ninja and I had grind and done every single content on this game but I'm not having fun i just log in for my dailies rewards and i log out . the only fun content (node/siege wars) can be done once a day and once a week that's it !!! what kind of **** is that!!!! RB is unbalance ghost joke and on BA is hard if you find more then 2 players. and don't you say grind or life skilling cuz i had fall sleep doing them , that's how boring they are. is it hard for PA to make 3v3 5v5 7v7 10v10 balance AP/DP arenas with flag capture and **** like that. with unique rewards . like get 10k kills and 20k supports you'll get a unique costume or a unique horse costume or color loving something. and why not make siege war for everyone all day every day example ( you click on siege war , u get transporter to a instance map with 100 other players. you ap automatic get to idk faking 220 and your dp to 300 then a count down starts and then u are transport it to you base , and let the fight begin. all this is from the game I'm currently playing not hard or impossible to do , I would like to see it on black desert because I love the combat system . i have notice players leaving and server getting empty and empty every day , i would hate to see this game fail, but PA need to change their ****, stop being hungry for money ,stop releasing more p2w item and focus on releasing real fun content ,
  2. DP is not everything on this game , you also need evasion and DR to hold your ground , but if you getting one shooter at 310DP you fighting someone with 300 AP lol and you don't know how to play your class as well as you think , every class got skill that will buff u up, super armor , heals etc. this game is not just credit cards and one punch , I have fought credit card warrior and player with more GS then me and I end killing them.
  3. there is only one thing that they add for sure/guarantee and that's pear shop items lol cuz money hungry that's why...
  4. did he just use his 100 and run back to the safe zone? lol im I the only one who notice that he only use twisted collision? if he is killing people with that skill only he is 250ap or his opponent is 50dp
  5. they implement the rng system here because they know how competitive players can be , they know once player start failing and breaking gears they will turn to the pear shop trying to minimize failing at all cost and that's money for they packet. #p2w. that's 25% rate is a meme. at the moment nothing of that bothers me since I don't p2w and I don't see myself playing this game for a long period of time, I have try everything implemented in the game from life skilling to grinding and everything is super boring, the only thing that keeps me playing is the pvp and node wars and im a 400gs striker and 400gs witch. at soon as x game come out im out. I think that we will see more Xbox player leaving once further content come out with more expensive accessories once they grind for like 4 hours to get one or two ring drop and blow them later on enhancement costing them multiples real life hours and billions of silver but there is players that's still love this system look at pc for example, the game is well populated there , is not like one of the big mmo games but is doing ok. PA won't change any of that ,they are too money hungry, if they change the enhancement rate, money will stop coming and that's not good for business. I wish you the best of luck to you all enhancing...
  6. I got x3 30fs trying to +15 my muskan boots still at +14 , run out of money ,memory fragment and black stones , my liverto Is seating at +13 with 80 dura cus muskan first but fail 2 tri witch attempt at 43 fs , got tri necklets and tri belt tho and i was able to make a duo marks for profit but I got to the point where I was about to open a hole on my tv rngesus did me good since drop rate is so low , and the rng is so bad , I will probably quit once I start failing the expensive gear. but is to early to make predictions.
  7. @[CM]Shirnaall I ask is a field boss timer In game , kzarka has it on the website why not dim tree or any other boss ? most people got a full time job here and we cant be online 24/7 waiting for the boss to spawn. PA did good by changing the kzarka spawn time ,now I can do kzarka once a day for that 0.000001% drop chance and my beautiful hunter seal #cantlivewithoutit , why not do the same with the rest of the bosses , not changing the time but only telling player when to be ready. right now we are able to get to the boss in time because the boss spawn in every channel and we are not gear enough to kill it fast but once PA fix that bug and people start getting into the 200ap+ with awakening the boss fight will last 5min and most players will miss the fight. also keep in mind that once more content and bosses are add it to the game since black desert map is big having a boss timer in game will help players get ready, into parties #gvg and get there in time. just something to keep in mind..
  8. listen man I'm just you telling you facts , thing that peoples are experiencing and talking about , if you okay with the game and how is managed that all you my dude is your money after all but don't tell me that drop rate is fine, its talking players 3 full hours to get a single earing drop. just to blew it after on a pri try, that's just sad.. i personal think that most console player will leave as soon as something similar come to marker, or they will just be casual playing or coming in and out of the game. pc players will stay no matter what , i mean they you left a 3 year progress on bdo to start the same game all over again , i mean if you want to start over, all you have to do is make a new character or a new account lol look at black desert on Xbox review and will see what im talking about. is a fun game!, pvp i really don't care ,i mean u flag me i fight you end of it, but just try to make people time a little bit more rewarding.
  9. you can call it whatever you want my dude, I can screenshot that sucker , I got 40fs on my main trying duo heve shoes and 27fs on a alt going for pri gloves.
  10. I don't think pvp is the main reason why player are leaving , I never flag on anyone but I love when they flag on me !! 1- the drop rate is too low worse then anthem lol , its taking people 400+ energies to get a single hard/shard 2- the enhancement rng still sucks . 47fs still no duo 3-big pay to win elements I was reading the Xbox store review and it seems this three topic are most common . I don't know how many players still playing the game but the population DID DROP BIG TIME. console players are never been know to be fan of mmo games , I mean we never have them only two or three a most. so if PA want to keep a big healthy population they will have to change thing around pc and console player are way different. note: bless unleash is coming out sometime this year and by the look of it , seem its going to be good/ more pve oriented ,dungeon etc.. , so if round8 studios don't fush up like on pc PA is going to have to step up and fix all this issues or most console players will leave now don't get toxic on me people is just an opinion
  11. level cap removed but not awakening ?
  12. you missing 1500000 mill lol maybe is a bug , it seems the game is full of bug!!! bugs every where
  13. hit me up , I'm interested in joining a node/siege war guild... I have node/siege war experience, I main striker , will have a witch for war purposes.. discord name: darkstang#1830
  14. seem half of bdx player base will be pc players... feel bad man!!!! I wonder what the reason ? -they didn't make it on pc and they are trying to feels big on xbox ? -they just play anywhere black desert is released? hmm I wonder!! what you all think?
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