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  1. Orisha

    Update Complete & Patch Notes

    level cap removed but not awakening ?
  2. Orisha

    Question: Why Can’t I Equip Clothes?

    you missing 1500000 mill lol maybe is a bug , it seems the game is full of bug!!! bugs every where
  3. hit me up , I'm interested in joining a node/siege war guild... I have node/siege war experience, I main striker , will have a witch for war purposes.. discord name: darkstang#1830
  4. Orisha

    🏹POLL🏹 PC player or New to Game?

    seem half of bdx player base will be pc players... feel bad man!!!! I wonder what the reason ? -they didn't make it on pc and they are trying to feels big on xbox ? -they just play anywhere black desert is released? hmm I wonder!! what you all think?
  5. Orisha

    Grinding Etiquette in BDO

    my bad lol but yea u flag on other players after level 50 and for each kill you will lose karma , to get that karma back you will have to kill monster , it will take some time to get positive karma back tho. if you die as a red player u can lose your weapons and armor crystals , your armor can lose enchantment if u die as well and you will be attack by npc at town and cities , getting kill in the desert after killing a player will send u to jail for an hours or so but you can scape jail by finding an jail npc and talking to him inside jail. since red player 1v1 most of the time I recommend a 1v1 classes , like striker, ninja . warrior, berserker loving sorcerer etc. but that doesn't mean u can't 1v1 wizard/witch they are strong as hell if u know what u doing with it , I don't recommend trying to pk until u know all your combos, got the most important skill unlock and u fell good with your class and of course until u got gear good enough to survive a fight. but remember ones u red you will be pvping full time , once a player see ur red name they will go at you, they got nothing to lose so be ready and always keep food buff they help a little on good fights so I recommend a pve class for ur every day grind, if red its what you going for.
  6. Orisha

    Grinding Etiquette in BDO

    you become red by getting drunk and dancing on a pole.. might be fun once I get comfortable with class and gear? are you blind!!! I said ( I won't be red until striker come out and I feel good with my gear) meaning, getting my 1v1 god class and having the gear to back me up I hope u can read
  7. Orisha

    Grinding Etiquette in BDO

    well thaaa. but perma red most of the time can hold there ground, of course I won"t be red until striker come out and I feel good with my gear.
  8. Orisha

    Grinding Etiquette in BDO

    there is nothing better then watch a high gs red wizard/witch drop (bolide of destruction) after the boss is down and watch people fall. a 570gs wizard did it in pc na and it was awesome, every one on dim tree die lol
  9. Orisha

    Grinding Etiquette in BDO

    I will be a perma red , so u all trash karma bomber are welcome , just kill whoever is in front of you period, its more fun that way. if players do not enjoy the full out open world pvp then u isn't enjoying bdo at it full . but I agree karma bombers are trash!!!!!!!!
  10. Orisha

    Pay to win!!!!

    I don't discourage anyone from playing, I never said don't play the game , you make your own choices and is a fun game, I was just wondering if it was going to be the same cash grab as pc since kakao is not part of bdx . and I will hate that but there is nothing I can do. i'm I playing bdx , yes , is a fun game , the pvp , the cattle siege , node war . life skilling and yes it will be the best mmo on console so far, I'm I find with the cash grab "NO". but players don't have to spend money to just play.
  11. Orisha

    Pay to win!!!!

    this dude just compared bdo to the big titan wow and ff14 lol bdo can't even get closed to guild war 2 my man and none of this games are pay to win..
  12. Orisha

    Pay to win!!!!

    there is a lot of people here that are ok with spending a lot of money on a game just be get better then other , and I'm ok with that, is your money after all. but if you think that bdo its not pay to win you out of your mind. pay to win is not just buying best weapons with real money, it paying real money to get and advantage over the rest of the players that actually spend the hours learning and playing the game. like xp scrolls, inventory slots, buying costumes and selling them on the mp for silver , if that its not pay to win idk what it is . this game it will probably die on a year or so , due the player base been different then pc players , most of pc player are adult with rear jobs or you tuber with 5k views and earning 20 dollar every video , so they have money to spend on the game and pc released a new game once every century , but console it more like 90% kid who got a console for his birthday and will start crying every time he get pk grinding at crescent or fogans and console got game releasing all year long and once the players start failing to tri 50 times ,tet 100 time and pen 300 time they will probably leave to something else, like anthem maybe. the game is fun , badass combat system and it look good . but kind of boring at end game personally . all you do is grind over and over just to end blowing your gear but fun if you don't mind killing people, that what I do on pc for a fun 2 hours game play. I will be playing the game on console ,it will be better playing on my bed then seating on a chair after all of course I won't be spending money I leave that to you all.
  13. Orisha

    Disappointed but not surprised

  14. Orisha

    Pay to win!!!!

    good point , but people who buy pear and spend rear money will always have an advantage then people who don't spend money , also you can buy XP scrolls or bell with pear and that will help reach level 61 faster then other people and get more skill point as well. the game do not offer any way of getting mas inventory slot or weight in game unless you pay with rear money and you can buy skills costumes on the pear shop and it will give you extra XP wish means you will reach high life skill level fast and you will be able to make more money.
  15. Orisha

    Pay to win!!!!

    you all think that all the pay to win element will be implemented on bdx , I will hate that personally since its a pay to play game, one of the most money grab its the pets since you will need five tier4 pets for end game grind, you start with a base t1 and you keep breading that pet until it get to t4 , u may fail trying to get a t4 so will a total of 20 pet to get all five pet to t4. do the math ( lot of money) that with out talking about weight, buying costume with rear money for crone stones, artisan memory etc. and costumes of course because dim tree armor( end game armor ) look ugly ass hell so you force to buy a $30 costume if you want to make your character look good. of course you can play the game with out buying any of that, but good luck lol I try to play the game on pc with out spending money. get my striker up to 150ap 260dp , couldn't keep playing because the game was forcing me to buy weight and slot ,I was grinding on the desert and I was getting over weight very fast, and going to the closes town will take like 20min because in the desert your hour cant run. so I quit and been playing red redemption 2 since then lol what you all think