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  1. I’m having the same problem no navigation nothing
  2. I have all main/black spirit quest done and the guy in parliament won’t give me the quest for my second character the only thing that shows in black spirit is a repeat for petrified miners I’ve done 3 times that I can’t get to go away. The mediah questline in the picture is from my main but it shows on my alt?
  3. I tried waiting a day and no one showed I raised the issue and they told me that it shouldn’t be bugged but I’ve been here for a whole cycle+
  4. Recruiting for xroads taking all applications helping new and veterans enjoy this game
  5. Is anyone else having trouble with this quest it sends me to the market but there is no meat vendor in the stall to interact with I’ve waited a while in game day to see if it’s a time frame but nothing
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