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  1. After the tamer update, I was going to add her to my family but was disappointed when it said 13/13 characters. I have one of every class Xbox has released. Is it not possible to have at least one of each class? Is 13 the max character slots?
  2. I started as a wizard in green robes, no hat (hat visual disabled). After following Beetle into the castle, I clicked on the hot air balloon. Main menu screen immediately came up, I saw black adventurer chased by black spirit go across screen (not even halfway though). I instantly was in the tower in grey robes, with hat on. Bug? i tried to disable the hat visual but got error msg that no changes were made. I appear to be stuck looking like basic wizard now.
  3. Don’t be fooled. There’s not another beta before release.
  4. Hello all! I’m MagicalMage in here, but not sure what name(s) I’ll be running in game. I too am super stoked about BDX! My Neverwinter friends suggested the beta. I reluctantly downloaded it and BAM! Found it to be what I was missing from Xbox! Super passionate about the wizard class and all of his amazingly strong and beautiful powers! I hope to meet some other helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable adventurers in game to run along with in PvE. Will def send the heals!
  5. Yes. Sorry, but it seemed the appropriate topic name for my question. And Harming has provided a very helpful answer. Thanks guys!
  6. Whew! Good to know! I was worried that if I always invested in dp powers (lightning, fireball, etc) I may never get to upgrade others (heals, decrease casting time, other passives). Thanks for the answer!
  7. I have a question about leveling. Take a wizard for example. Once I earn enough skill points (or whatever), I can either learn a new power (such as lightning) or increase a power (such as lowering cast time). Does the game max out whereas I can only upgrade Powers A, B and C and never learn/unlock D? Or will I be able to learn all of the powers AND increase them all to their max?
  8. I feel sorta like you do. After playing the beta (my first ever taste of BD), I could not wait for a release date! I feel like I had to give up hope on it. But then, we got the Jan 7th pre-order announcement with the release date coming on Jan 7th as well. First thing I did today was see when the release date was. And unfortunately for me, it coincides with my wedding date, which means I’ll be missing out on all of the pre-access stuff (I ordered the Ultimate pack) while busy being out of town. BUT, I can see thru all of this and just know I will be content as ever on March 5th when I will finally be able to download and play BDX. The wait will be worth it, because I know they have been working hard and delivering is the best possible product. It’s hard being patient but very much worth it!
  9. What are guild wars? I played the beta but don’t recall this
  10. Thank you for this great advice, Harming! I bought the ultimate pack and I’ve learned to save those exp scrolls. Looking forward to more helpful advice from you and others in the future! Thanks again!
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