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  1. Vodkanroll

    4K settings

    ... what happens if it only appears “activate” and it is already activated?
  2. Vodkanroll

    4K settings

    In the spanish version the all the on/off options come as To activate / to deactivate. But the meaning is wrong. To activate has the meaning of “to do something” when it is already activated. The correct werb time shuould be participle. It is, instead of to activate, (already) activated. So is pretty easy to turn the 4k option off, and just for a bad translation.
  3. Vodkanroll

    CM Pre Order System

    Well, atm there are 158 trades for the crow, so yes, some guys consider it profitable. I algo PO a crow, and because I didn’t get one I finally bought before it’s gone.
  4. Vodkanroll

    Black Spirit - Butler and Maid

    Now I have, like you, 2 maids and a butler. There’s no option no show them inside the house at this moment. The funny fact is that when I receive the last two, the description said that I can show them inside my house using an option located in settings. Because the game change the language, I thought that maybe PA forget to put that option in Spanish, so I returned the game to English but it is the same, there is no option to show’em inside the house. Btw, have you notice a reduction on the graph quality? I noticed it specialy when I try to see my char or any other closely. It’s like the char get unfocused and even like an aura surrounding him/her.
  5. Vodkanroll

    Patch notes mention Gamma Slider - Where?

    Hi. I have an Xbox one X and another S. This option only appears when I play it on the Xbox one S with a no HDR tv. I suppose that if you disable the HDR output from the console settings, you would find the in-game gamma option. So... gamma only would appear if you don’t want to play with HDR.
  6. Vodkanroll

    Stream #7 Up on YouTube! (Now with recap notes!!)

    Thank you. I couldn’t s saw it live... and when they upload it to youtube I noticed that last more than an hour. I have no time so, your notes are great! I really hope that pve servers come soon. I used to play with my family and we prefer to play without concerns of pks.
  7. Vodkanroll

    Linking account?

    First you have to sign-up to the main site. https://www.xbox.playblackdesert.com Then links your account through your profile in the game. The account from the forum is different.
  8. Vodkanroll

    Post Your Favorite Screenshot!

    Nice shoots guys!
  9. Vodkanroll

    Black desert spanish

    ... Y en Spanish pa’ cuándo? The game is amazing, but it would be better if we could enjoy it on Spanish. I hope the location doesn’t take too long. Como jugadores sólo nos toca usar el español en el chat y seguir hablando del tema hasta que nos hagan caso, que vean que no somos pocos. Y aunque los demás usuarios del chat se molesten por no usar inglés, pues que se aguanten.
  10. Vodkanroll

    Central Market Issues - Affecting Many of Us

    Mmm are we playing the beta? It’s unnaceptable.. really. If I had been saving silver was to buy an outfit in the Central Market and now, while I could use my silver to buy the outfit, it was available for a few minutes... how to say that.... thanks...?
  11. Vodkanroll

    Chat Toxic Situation

    PA has an Operational Policy. On it you can read the restrictions over racism, hate, ect... What we need is a GM that reads the chat or a button to report bad chat behavior. In that way PA could apply its policy and restrict some users. regards!
  12. Take a look at their Operational Policy, the link is below the main site. Read paragraphs 2 &3.
  13. Vodkanroll

    Question: Why Can’t I Equip Clothes?

    I have the same question, but in my case, I have equippable the Apprendice Trader’s Clothes. Please help us!
  14. Vodkanroll

    Internal error with market

    Every time I search for any item, that message appears. It’s becoming frustrating
  15. Vodkanroll

    Beta Feedback thread.

    The brightness keep too high. I had to play in a extremelly well illuminated room, even with all the lights on during last night in order to keep my eyes safe xD. Really guys, fix the brightness and shakiness issues. I began to feel dizzy and this is my first time feeling like that in more than 30 years playing videogames. EDIT: BTW, such a great beta! At home we loved it and pre-order two Ultimate packs. Don’t get us down, keep in the good work and please, fix the issues mentioned above.