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  1. Will we be on the same patch as pc with the same nerfs and buffs. I know that we won't have the same content right away but how about balance? If it is going to be behind pc, how far behind?
  2. My bad I didn't know there were previous polls
  3. It is permanent https://bdo.mmo-fashion.com/category/database/miscellaneous-database/set-names/shudad/
  4. So if I don't renew after 90 days my character will go back to looking like what he originally did?
  5. I was hoping to see a little more information before I pull the trigger. I was wondering what is the latest I can pre order the ultimate edition?
  6. Hey Harming for some reason all of your replies show up as three dots for me
  7. I can understand wanting to be first for a competitive reasons. But they way people talk is as if you don't keep up you will be screwed. Is there any disadvantage to taking things slow? The only advantage to getting high level os be able to do endgame stuff. Does another player reaching endgame negatively affect a new player or someone taking it slow?
  8. Awesome! So If I have the value pack can I change my appearance later and use on of the templates?
  9. I'm not very artistic and the character creation is extremely complex so I was wondering if we will have the option of user made character templates to use or tweak.
  10. If I don't spend a ton of time or money will the game not be fun for me?
  11. The value packs are $15 USD a month, correct? What makes the value packs necessary?
  12. I've heard this game is really grindy and that putting extra money greatly increases the quality of life. So O was wondering if I bought the Ultimate Edition would I need to put more money into the game or would that be enough? Also what should I buy with the pearls from the ultimate edition?
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